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  1. Fadhz

    Zao becomes even more OP

    I should try this now for the luls. interesting analysis though
  2. Fadhz

    British cruisers are garbage

    smoke? only for 2 puffs man (7 secs emission time), RNCL's cant move freely in is smoke due to the smoke radius itself . move>out of smoke>spotted ( if there are ships within its detection rang). 2 puff smoke also means the RNCL's in general needs to slow down drastically to be able to get that 2 puff smoke or else youre gonna overshoot the smoke you laid. And at that timeframe, you are vulnerable to shots and you cant maneuver as well. Very weak armor too (esp mino). and If were gonna talk only for the mino, her citadel is huge and considering the weak armor. yeah. RNCL are very dependent on its smoke, and considering the emission time and the fact you need to drastically slow down to smoke. you need to know when its safe to smoke up , its not like a DD where it is still ok to pop smoke and still go fast ( though you have to slow down in the end, but not as drastically as RNCL's as soon as the smoke pops) Hydro?, standard hydro. nothing special there mate , its very useful but again nothing rly special compared to other cruisers hydro. Heals are very excelent but with its weak armor and large cits that sits above the waterline ( mino & neptune), you are just going to get damaged again after the heals are over. What I meant is, its not as forgiving as other cruisers. Hence the high risk high reward. a small slipup can cost you alot. I do highly suggest playing the RNCL's ( starting from the leander) and try it out yourself
  3. Fadhz

    British cruisers are garbage

    just free exp to the leander lols
  4. Fadhz

    British cruisers are garbage

    Have you try to play the RNCL's yourself? . like drakon said , they are OP in some areas but lacks in others. Its not a very difficult ship to use but its very challenging in the sense that you need to get your timing/positioning etc to play it effectively. They have a lot of weaknesses that people can exploit.
  5. Fadhz

    Furutaka's stock guns need to be removed

    Why are you comparing it to the scharn in the first place, besides furutaka's stock guns are OK. you can even do some serious work with them if used right
  6. Hello all So Basically I did recolours for premanent camouflages in the game ( though for now only the Myoko's one , I have the NC and Iowa's perma camo on WIP) . Based on the historical camo colors. Using Photoshop for finding the RGB values and Notepad++ for editing the xml files. Any feedback is appreciated, and feel free to ask for requests which I'l try to do in my spare time ( though might need help to test the recolors for ships I dont have) IJN Cruisers Downloads [ if you dont have any mods that edits the camouflages.xml file]: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bwtbboby3ad5776/camouflages.xml For manual editing of the xml files [ for those who had mods that utilize or tweaked the camouflages.xml file] . please refer to this thread made by Battleship_YamatoKai ( awesome guide right there) on the NA forums: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/90685-guide-creating-custom-ship-textures-and-camouflages/ As for the future, might also expand into moding the standard camo or reworking camo patterns. but lets see as time pass on
  7. Fadhz

    Which L4 commander skill for Clemson

    I personally Use AFT, though again you do need to learn the gun arc characteristics first at a longer range. once you got that in the bag its pretty much fine with AFT around. Used AFT up to the Mahan, no problems whatsoever , the trick is you just need to learn the shell arc patterns a bit more further. Well if its hard to learn don't force yourself though
  8. Fadhz

    No more nerfs for NC pls :(

    To be fair, with practice you can hit targets at long range with the NC as well. you do need time to adjust to the dispersion though.
  9. Fadhz

    The FurryTaco

    atsf's vid already provides the basic guidelines for playing the taco anyways. The key is to plan ahead and use your ship's maneuverability to counter the turret traverse itself. When playing it stock i do suggest to play more as a support role though
  10. Fadhz

    How can u enjoy this cowardice meta

    I agree on this one and it should be provided for new players at the start, and available for existing players to watch as well. the videos should involve the community as well to make it more interesting for players yeah it will be hard to drastically change the meta , Language barriers selfish plays etc and most importantly the will to actually change one persons play style for the better. But at least we can do something even though its small such as teaching other players to be better like you said above. Quote updated. ~amade
  11. Fadhz

    How can u enjoy this cowardice meta

    I think the way to counter this is to post more encouraging materials such as good videos on a good high tier battle where the teamwork is present, like Leng said before. or guides in the forums and such that encourages good team play and play styles in higher tier battles . Its going to be hard to break the current meta as individual players has their own preset playstyles of their own and changing that will be hard as it depends on the willingness of the players themselves. But at the least we can give inspiration and ideas for other players by posting such positive contents , so eventually more people can follow the good examples instead of sticking to the current meta. Back in the CBT days it was all fun in high tier matches where the teamwork can be seen and matches were intense and exciting. The game does need a high level of teamwork in order to get things done , dosent rly matter if you dont get any kills and such but if you already play your role in your team that is already enough.
  12. Fadhz

    The FurryTaco

    http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/7891-furutaka-a-basic-guide/ Here's a guide that I made some time ago , might be usefull.
  13. Fadhz

    Cowardice and Incompetence - Asia server meta

    Well for me personally the only way to change this meta is for players to know their ship roles properly, playstyle is a different thing as each player has his own playstyle and you cant rly force it to change ( a playstyle will only change based on the player itself, not by being forced by others). But by doing the roles of your ship properly , it leads to more teamwork and more dynamic gameplay. A BB will tend to stay back if there is no support from friendly cruiser to ward off DD's and so on unless if you tend to take the gamble at times . So yeah the point in my opinion is if everyone in the team understands their role properly, the gameplay will be more dynamic regardless of playstyle.
  14. For a premium ship, its best to decide on base on your ship preferences and playstyle. Also nation , if ur gonna use it to train your ship crews too. If youre more into credit grinding with those premium ships i will recommend premium ships from tiers 5-8 as there good at credit making. But again for the choice just based it on your preferences , the premium ships on that tier range are fine ships and can do well too. Alternatively you can use that doubloons for premium acc which increases exp and credit gain on your regular ships
  15. Well premium ships do have more benefits ( with their special perma cammos ) like chawp stated above. But if u do want to buy it esp for a ship you like and or is going to stay in your port for a long time . Well I guess its worth