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  1. scommy

    Back from a year break

    Same old smoke campers dominating. Used to be Belfast now its Samson. I was away for a year - now I remember why I just cant stick with this game its stupid - smoke campers totally dominate.
  2. scommy

    Smoke farming

    So Benson and like can simply sit in smokescreens and farm opponents with impunity. What kind of mindless boring shyte game rewards this kind of gameplay? This game has great graphics but the actual gameplay is just stupid.
  3. scommy

    Why this game sucks?

    Is it the devs curious obsessoin with British cruisers camping smoke?
  4. Like how? This Belfast thing is so overpowered!!!!!!!
  5. The cheesy easy way to win. Why have WG made this incredibly stupid tactic the cornerstone of the entire game?
  6. scommy

    Queen Elizabeth problems - fires

    Thanks for all the replies. I agree with the AP damage thing, I gave up using it and the HE seems well kinda hard to play with only 8 slow guns. Just a POS its gonna sit in port doing nothing
  7. This ship seems to catch fire the first time it gets hit. It also never seems to bounce shots - just takes huge damage. Torpedoes always cause flooding. Turrets traverse is snail like. How the hell do you play this steaming pile of horse poop?
  8. scommy

    Making the game less boring

    Hehe - great post lol. I will take note.
  9. scommy

    Making the game less boring

    Some excellent replies. @ahwai82 A clan is a good idea tho I doubt I can get into one with my Winrate XD. I am actually getting curious to see how low my wr can go tbh. @PeterMoe1963 , Gummilicious and Fenrir I have to be honest, I find it excruciatingly painful (as in root canal pain) not to just log another ship when my team is down 2 ships within 2 minutes. Just gotta grit teeth and suck it up I guess. chicony56 Is the radar thing anything to do with Belfast? When I see a belfast on other team I used to sigh and get a coffee. I used to enjoy the Japan DD line got quite high up T8, but gave up once Belfasts appeared and seem to destroy me with consummate ease. Now I only play 3-6 simply to avoid Belfast. @harpoon I dunno, I do not recall winning much once my team is down 2 ships early. I will keep a log of it from now on to try see how the stats match up. But in my exerience as a BB/Ca player once my team has no DD we are pretty helpless and we are blind and just get outspotted.
  10. I find I play a couple of games, if they are losses I cannot be bothered trying after that. 20 minutes to lose a game is a big investment of time and deflating. Most of the time I know in the first 2 minutes if we are going to lose which makes it all a bit pointless. I notice lower tier is pretty low player base, so it appears the game is already struggling to retain people. What can be done to improve the player experience?
  11. scommy

    Turrienne warning

    Interesting to hear - thanks I might give up on the line - I might be cursed (again). The funny thing is I had a horrendous losing streak in WoT with the BDR-1 T5 french heavy. My WR never recovered and I got permabanned from WoT for raging at it. French aint my thing it seems.
  12. I am nota great player, but I try to win and do the basics, angling etc. but what I feel is some people try to lose. They run away or refuse to cap.
  13. scommy

    Turrienne warning

    I dont know why - since I got it my teams just seem to be trying to lose. Is there some benefit to losing games? Turriene seems ok I guess, decent range and speed. Just constant losses.
  14. scommy

    Turrienne warning

    Do not get it. I got it and it sparked a 15+ match losing streak and counting.
  15. scommy

    Congratulations World of Warships

    that geezer is a funny actor - I feel better now