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  1. karl0ssus1

    Two brothers map

    My tier 4 and 5 stuff get a few tier 7 matches, and thats where Im seeing it. iirc, have yet to see it in a match where the top tier was a 6 or lower.
  2. karl0ssus1

    Aircraft Carriers is more evil than wot arty

    No it isnt. Both count as a loss, but one is a lot faster. Cruiser players will start escorting BBs when BBs stop going to places where Cruisers can do nothing but try and dodge the incoming death. This is World of Warships, not World of Fleet Actions, providing AA support is difficult, not especially rewarding and generally restricts your ability to positively contribute to the game.
  3. karl0ssus1

    Do people enjoy feeling irrelevant?

    New player syndrome. The individual has less carrying potential in boat than they do in tanks, which tends to leave you at the whim of your teams. Given all the newbies who havent worked out the game yet, you get a lot of teams doing stupid things. Thankfully its a bit less pronounced in the higher tiers.
  4. karl0ssus1

    Two brothers map

    Ocean is, but I havent seen Arctic (shame, one of my favourite CBT maps). I think they might be tier locked, Ocean is infrequent and has only occurred in tier 7 matches to my recollection.
  5. I seem to recall the CBT turret survivability being fine on the New O. The broken barbette patch did pretty bad things to it, but during the other patches it seemed fine (you really start to pay attention to these things after enduring that shitstorm). My biggest issue with it was more along the lines of the DPM being anemic compared to the 6" Mogami and the Dakkaland.
  6. karl0ssus1

    Two brothers map

    I think the biggest issue with it is the way its domination mode is set out. Each team has a guaranteed cap point (because who's insane enough to push through the middle?) and then they tend to both grab one of the middle set as well, and the game is decided by kills more than anything else. They need to get a bit of an imbalance going again, force players to have to aggressively contest a cap point rather than playing it safe. Ive not really had it in standard mode for some reason, so I dont have too much of an opinion on that, but I have noticed a tendency for BBs on both sides to go east, and get a bit bogged down in a stalemate there which keeps them in easy return distance of the other flank and forces the DD/Cruiser group to be a bit more cautious than they used to be. Also, does anyone else get this map stuck in their rotation for 3 or 4 consecutive runs? I seem to simply not see it for ages, then get a bunch of domination runs on it at once.
  7. karl0ssus1

    Match making tier range ?

    I cant really be bothered being drawn on this Steel. Suffice to say the only class that is suffering under the boats MM is BBs, and only at low tier because WG didnt realise that they are all useless and gave them +3 MM anyway. Given that tier 5 and 6 are where the grinds take more than 10 battles to complete, those tiers are probably going to be more heavily loaded with players compared to the rest of the server, which is likely going to cause tier 3 and 4 ships to be bottom tier with unusual frequency and give BB players a massive headache. To be honest, playing at tier 4 and 5 Ive scarcely noticed any MM problems. The matches are balanced, I have no real issues with where I fall on the tier distribution because unlike tanks, bottom tier does not mean useless in boats. The only time Im unhappy about being bottom tier is when I try play the Myogi, and Im unhappy in that ship even at top tier because its completely shit and needs a rebalance. When the threads regarding MM imbalance messing up matches surface, then I'll start waving the pitchforks again, but for now my pitchfork arm is tired, and the MM is working well enough that I dont rate it as a problem.
  8. karl0ssus1

    Match making tier range ?

    FFS Steel... The population shape has been skewed by the reset, its not unsurprising that MM has struggled a bit when dealing with small numbers of tier 7+ online. Just means that BBs tend to wind up being pulled up tiers more frequently then theyd like. Its not like its delivering broken one sided matches, so it really isnt worth writing that many words on. If you want to rant at someone about WGs MM policy then go find someone who actually wants to hear it, Im as sick to death of the topic as you claim to be, Im just willing to cut them some slack where unusual circumstances are concerned.
  9. karl0ssus1

    Match making tier range ?

    You get the odd fail down as low as tier 4, the MM populations spread isnt as even as WoTs yet, thhere arent enough tier 6+ ships available currently for MM to work properly at those tiers. Give it a few months, and it wont be a problem, but for now its going to be a bit janky,
  10. karl0ssus1

    Bismarck and Tirpitz preview!

    Works better at short ranges though, due to the way its angled. She'll probably take a bit of a pounding at the more typical BB engagement ranges in this game.
  11. karl0ssus1


    No we dont, divisions larger than 3 are too OP and and can completely dominate a match. For randoms thats not really a good idea, which is why there are separate team battle modes in WoT.
  12. karl0ssus1

    Kaneda's 500,000 ton Battleship

    That ones almost definitely an internet creation, mounting big guns next to the flight deck is a bad idea, the guns would likely cause severe blast damage to any aircraft and equipment on the flight decks when they fired, and the layout of the funnels and masts is bizarre.
  13. karl0ssus1

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    And that problem is increasingly shaping up to be you. You've ignored stats, professed to getting your squadrons shredded by a Myogi and cant understand how a BB several tiers higher might be able to put a big dent into your squadrons? It really seems like you dont seem to have the a good grasp on how the mechanics actually work, and thats probably the root of all these issues. Carriers actually require a bit of work to get right, Im utterly useless at the things and most of the people I know who have given it a try have either rage sold them, or needed to spend a fair bit of time playing co-op and working out how to use them properly. Used properly theyre devastating, used improperly theyre not going to be particularly effective.
  14. karl0ssus1

    Bismarck and Tirpitz preview!

    Think that was when they were considering adding it to CBT, before the Germans got knocked back down the priority list. Things may have changed since then, and it wouldnt have made much sense anyway given theyve pretty much committed to naming regular tech tree ships after class leaders.
  15. karl0ssus1

    Something needs to be done with the carriers

    Theyre likely pulled direct from the WG API. And its not like we havent seen CVs as a class be pretty potent ever since their introduction.