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  1. YamiKami

    Ship stuck "in battle"...

    My Atago came back to the port. All we need to do is stay calm, guys.
  2. YamiKami

    Ship stuck "in battle"...

    I've re-installed the Client but my Atago is still stuck "In Battle".
  3. YamiKami

    Ship stuck "in battle"...

    Me too. Issue: A ship stuck "In Battle". Ship: AtagoMap: ZipanguOccurrences: This is the first time. After one of the match that doesn't get recorded.Tested: Restarting client doesn't help. Still "In Battle".Severity: Can't use the ship.Details: The ship stuck "In Battle" since yesterday but the other ships are playable as normal. The battle never get recorded for that particular match.