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  1. Trapper

    Completed the Kongo Challange and...

    just incase others get to wonder, support states the 3 stages of the challenge must be completed in order to "win" the ARP Kongo ship. Seems i must have missed that somewhere in the breifings, which is weired to me as the "win crate" for the first stage says you win the Kongo upon completion of the first stage, and additional crates for next stages. Ah well shit happens and now its not the important to me as just having some fun playing. Will pay to read text next time slowly next time. http://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/wows_arpeggio_collabnowlive/
  2. Trapper

    Completed the Kongo Challange and...

    ok so I won the ARP Kongo, went to yokosuka port, still no Kongo in my ship display panel. Reloaded, refreshed, tried other ports and battle modes, waited a couple of days and still no ARP Kongo in Y port. re-read news bulletin and followed video again & again x5.Still have one available ship slot and still no kongo. Any other ideas before i submit a ticket? ty.
  3. Trapper

    Any Kiwi Players out there?