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  1. Yo_burn_baby_burn

    Off-topic posts

    What? Don't tell me you don't know about history of WWII and what the japanese did? They killed a few of my relatives and till today my parents hated them.
  2. Yo_burn_baby_burn

    Off-topic posts

    [Content removed] Insults/Derogatory (Severe). Post edited, user sanctioned. ~Syanda
  3. Yo_burn_baby_burn

    Anyone get fps buff after WIN10?

    the privacy does not work. THere is a news in hardocp mentioning it.
  4. Yo_burn_baby_burn

    Frame Rates Very Poor in WoWS.....

    I am running at 1920 x 1080 and I am just averaging 60fps.......I can't even image what frame rates will one get if he/she is running at 4K..... Btw, I am running a pair of Fury X and 5820K. I think WG need to optimise their game engine. I can get 80-100fps in WOT but WOWS is so low.
  5. Yo_burn_baby_burn

    Off-topic posts

    [Content removed]. So thats not offensive? Never learn in school that the first 3 letters is a slur or offensive. Perhaps you can show me where you learn that from. Which school you came from, I can go email MOE to ask. Having said that, this forum belongs to WG so they have the right to so whatever they want. Social/Political/Controversial. Post edited, off-topic posts split. ~Syanda
  6. Yo_burn_baby_burn

    Losing motivation to keep grinding credits...

    Well, why do you think they made the game free and sell gold to you? If you only play the game for free how are they going to make money?
  7. Yo_burn_baby_burn

    Yep, I think I am bloddy done with this game......

    PVE is quite ok but very few ships. I would prefer them to have 15 v 15 PVE and same XP as PVP. So casual players can play PVE and hardcore ones PVP.
  8. Yo_burn_baby_burn

    Yep, I think I am bloddy done with this game......

    JP is only 2 letters but its pleasing??? SIN is only 3 letters but ok? SG only 2 letters.
  9. Yo_burn_baby_burn

    Yep, I think I am bloddy done with this game......

    The only thing I can say is that this game is not for everyone, team work is really lacking in this game. Don't think WG can go anything about it since human players are the ones who control team work. Hopefully, it will be more fun in the future. Right now I just go play other games till WG polish up this one (its still in beta afterall).
  10. Yo_burn_baby_burn

    Yep, I think I am bloddy done with this game......

    I live in Singapore for so many years and I never knew that the shortening Japan to first 3 letters is a problem.... Now WG who is based in Russia I think? decides that its a problem...... Oh well, WG owns this forum so I can't argue.
  11. Yo_burn_baby_burn

    Yep, I think I am bloddy done with this game......

    Well, just stop playing and play other games instead. Maybe when you feel like it next time then come back to play. [Redacted] JP low tier BBs are so useless right now and coupled with the extremely poor MM, I just gave up (trying to get the Yamato, maybe its impossible). Maybe next time I will come back when German like is out since I like Bismark alot. Or maybe this game is too complex for me, at least WOT is simple enough...lol.... Inappropriate abbreviation. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda Players are reminded of the current ruling on abbreviating Japan/Japanese, as per this announcement.
  12. Yo_burn_baby_burn

    New Windows 10 Problem

    You are not alone, I can't run my game full screen without graphical errors. Need to run in window mode.
  13. Yo_burn_baby_burn

    Torpedoes are Overpowered.... Unbalanced Game

    I played mostly PVE matches,
  14. Yo_burn_baby_burn

    Why Can't WoW Support SLI or CF?

    Nope, I am running a pair of Fury X. Many not so much for WoWS but WOT is an issue. I believe both are using same game engine.
  15. Torpedoes are really overpowered and I feel its unbalanced. Destroyers also reload torpedoes as fast as battleships reload their guns...... I think something needs to be done to balancing.