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  1. oldbloke

    ASIA Server crashing ?

    posted on other topic of same issue ..... basically , can we expect to get a days premium re-credited due to this issue ... prime time here in Australia.
  2. oldbloke

    Login Issue

    So can we expect to get a days premium re-credited, as this has happened during prime time, evening here, in Australia. Cheers.
  3. oldbloke

    French Cruisers worth playing?

    Well, they would be a change, so yeh, i'll give them a go.
  4. Why bother, That really spoiled the event. Shame, Shame, Shame.
  5. oldbloke

    USS Idianapolis

    So. my inital question to wargamming was..... would you be looking to introduce this ship in the same way as you did the fury in WOT's ?
  6. oldbloke

    USS Idianapolis

    To wargaming staff, i would like to inquire, if the staff at wargamming - warships would be likely to do to warships as they did for WOT's with the Fury. the movie is set for release 30 May 2016, starring Nicholas Cage. I hope that WOW's could offer this ship .... USS Indianapolis ... in the same manner as they did for the Fury in WOT's. please consider guys. Thank you, great game ... keep the good stuff comming.
  7. oldbloke

    Command Rank Structure

    Thnx Everyone. It was the Ships Officer Ranks and skill points i was interested to know.
  8. oldbloke

    Command Rank Structure

    Sorry for asking...checked forums...cant find the rank structure..you start at what rank and finish at what rank. also how many stages all up. Was wondering for the mods that you can put on your ship.
  9. oldbloke

    WoWS is a great game, however...

    Good point about trying to solo CV's , not easy to take out when they send all their planes to stop you. OK you may get lucky... but chances are your going to loose out or take a heap of damage trying.
  10. that's all good for those that use twitter..shame that some of us still use the email system.. ..
  11. oldbloke


    Subs were used by both Japaneese and Americans in the pacific..still it would make game play a shoot fest for torpedoes..bad enough dodging torpedoe bommbers right on top of you...just cant manouver away fast enough..just watch as they hit. should make the bombers strike at a further distance to allow evasion.