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  1. LegendarySpecies

    [Guide] Step by Step access to Rock-Paper-Scissors Weekend!

    When does the Weekend officially start? I thought it would start tomorrow (Weekend, duuh) but some people have been saying that it starts today, some clarification please mods?
  2. LegendarySpecies

    What are you doing to get ready for WoWs

    It's not like is being used in WoT - and (assuming there is a tech tree like WoT) I'll use it to free exp up modules and skip the stock grinds once I get to the mid-high tiers. I can't use too much of it... can I? :P
  3. LegendarySpecies

    HMAS Arunta & HMNZS Te Kaha at "Anzac Albany"

    Wow, she looks nice
  4. LegendarySpecies

    Another test thread

    Few months later still only 38 posts.. doesn't matter what game but you will always by scrub0ssus1
  5. LegendarySpecies

    Forum Titles

    And then some people like me and the inevitable PBKAC influx will live by them
  6. LegendarySpecies

    New Face on Asian Forum

    Greetings Admiral, (OMG so formal o.o) Could you give us any information on the clan implementation into the game? Thanks, LS
  7. LegendarySpecies

    WoWs 360 degree screen shot (WoWs blog)

    I can confirm that the hype is building up
  8. LegendarySpecies

    Overwolf and 1000 gold give away

    Please don't have something like that in WoWS lol. I'm sure AALG can fill you in on the Pz2J anyway ;)
  9. LegendarySpecies

    Tech tree for US carriers is up

    Do I see an Essex?
  10. LegendarySpecies

    PC Requirements

    Oh no, AALG is here? Inb4 mod hax
  11. LegendarySpecies

    What are you doing to get ready for WoWs

    Would the free exp built up on WoT/WoWP be available in the beta (or alpha, but I'm not sure telling me that would be NDA), or do we have to wait for the official release of the game? I may or may not have 500k exp waiting to be converted into free exp on WoT
  12. LegendarySpecies

    Common Clans Coming to World of Warplanes

    The worst thing that could happen is require soldiers from a clan to download all 3 games in one big campaign. But that's way off, lets let the game get released first, let alone getting out of alpha
  13. LegendarySpecies

    WOT style horizontal

    Wasn't the original 'WoT Style' vertical?