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  1. pbhawkin

    download of patches time

    Ok will try this. Many thanks. Peter
  2. Hi, Why does the download of patches, especially the "updating localization package: receiving updates..." take so long in comparison to the actual download? Mine shows 25-30Kb/s!! despite having ADSL2+. Peter
  3. pbhawkin

    Targeting aircraft after 0.5.3 update

    Thanks Amade that did the job.
  4. Hi again, Can you link to where Autospy has his mod, I haven't been able to find it on this server or NA one. I am interested to know what some of the numbers mean and here is no explanation in your description. Thanks.
  5. pbhawkin

    Targeting aircraft after 0.5.3 update

    Stupid forum or iPad won't let me correct! It should say prioritise.
  6. Hi, I do not have the new skill of manual targeting as yet. But, I seem to have lost the pressing Ctrl key to get the cursor to appear and selecting an enemy squadron to priori Is that correct with this update or have I mucked up something in my control settings? thanks
  7. pbhawkin

    Ocean of Storms Comic

    Ahhh, my eyes, my eyes! Actually, for someone her age (what is it, 110 or something :-) ) she looks fine!
  8. hi, What are the numbers in the icons from Aurospy mean? I understand the detection ranges and torpedo ones as well as speed but what does the one (top right) near the guns mean and the one besides the range of the main guns mean (both on the far right side of the icon)? thanks
  9. pbhawkin

    crashes after 0.5.3 update

    I concur Lengxv6. I am also running vanilla with the above issues.
  10. pbhawkin

    crashes after 0.5.3 update

    Well, rather than putting a reply into someone's thread (there are quite a few on this matter) it would have be more appropriate and obvious (I think) to make a announcement for ALL to see in the announcements or even official "Patch notes" description (oh wait, there isn't an official 'patch notes" topic, like there is on NA forum for example ( http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/forum/133-patch-notes/ ).
  11. pbhawkin

    crashes after 0.5.3 update

    Hmmm, 24 hours later and no official response or message about not being able to even look at tier 1 or 2 ships let alone the issue others are having. ..... ... ..
  12. pbhawkin

    crashes after 0.5.3 update

    Just read a fix that works on the NA forums. As soon as the port screen loads switch the ship to tier3 or above (NOT tiers 1 or 2) and the game won't crash!!
  13. Game was working normally this morning and then after update completed it seemed fine (showed me some new achievements and allowed me to look at a tech tree) and then when I went to the port it crashed. Now each time it gets to where the game zooms in on the ship in port and then a window pops up stating the game stopped working and was closed. Any one else with this issue? Is there an integrity check I can do? I don't really want to download the whole game again. Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. Hmmm, I wonder if the WoT Radial menu mod would work also for WoWs?
  15. pbhawkin

    Looking for NSW players

    hi all, new here too less than 100 battles and still learning. watched a bunch of videos "captain's academy" and just starting to increase to tier 3-4 in the Japanese tree.