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  1. gundala_pp

    NerfedBerg (Nurnberg) buff

    more than 10 wrecked engine and steer in ONE game is just horrible ... at least fix this for Nurnberg
  2. gundala_pp

    Newb & Campers. Follow this basic formation !

    Beeeep ... I saw so many DDs playing behind the team mates nowadays lol
  3. gundala_pp

    Maintaning WR In WOWS.

    the split and team balancing really bigger factor than a skill for WR in this game lol
  4. dunno why, it show only 1 shot but 3 citadel from my Nagato ... and boom that myoko gone from full DP
  5. gundala_pp

    I want the Tirpitz

    My best damage record (137k if I'm not forget), create by Tirpitz too, but doesn't mean it FUN to play ... yes it can achieve a good things but just not nice to play with IMHO
  6. gundala_pp

    Need help in the Karlsruhe

    yes sorry dd ... so far i skip that ship without any free xp to tier 5, with winrate above 50%
  7. gundala_pp

    Amagi is too weak in tier 8 BB?

    so far my Amagi got best kill ratio per game, and most planes kill between along all my boat in docks ... so I doubt it really weak
  8. gundala_pp

    I want the Tirpitz

    I will sell mine to you half price if I could too .... never enjoy to play that lousy ship
  9. gundala_pp

    Need help in the Karlsruhe

    dont fight bb's ... be a ss hunter, use your advantage with that gun on all side to zigzag and keep shooting
  10. gundala_pp

    Atago - Grossley Overpowered - Pay to Win Indeed!

    yes Atago totally OP ~ paper armor ~ useless aa ~ big hit box ~ cool balance all the time! (most of the game having weaker CV against higher tier) enjoy it
  11. gundala_pp

    How to increase the winrate?

    some tips: play with division play CV (IJN in mid tier) dont: play DD
  12. gundala_pp

    this is so sad =(

    me too, no matter my Fuso got good result, and consistently make high damage but most of the result keep repeating ... DEFEAT
  13. gundala_pp

    Are CVs Really OP...........?

    CVs OP? maybe can take a look at this game's result Still don't understand what went wrong in this battle actually, or just the match making not balance yet?