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  1. Aeseir

    Bayern not what it seems?

    @icy_phoenix Thanks dude. Yea I am learning to use the mass and effective angling. I guess this will take time to learn. Thanks for the tips
  2. Aeseir

    Bayern not what it seems?

    Hmm interesting, different points. @icy_phoenix - i don't know how you get to 70k but at anything greater than 12km the shells miss majority of time, even when perfectly lined up. I figured since he can only hit close range, every fight is last resort. By the time i get close enough, i've 50% of hp. If there is a DD near, then most of it. Looking at other players they either stay very far range and deal even less damage or they go full throttle and get in close. Best i wouldn't say, they are tankiest though. When I play with Normandie, i can usually pick the bayern off relatively quickly enough for them to run. Anyways, gotta keep grinding.
  3. Aeseir

    Bayern not what it seems?

    So been trying my hardest to climb the german BB tree, but I have to admit the novelty is starting to wear out. I am aware that german BB have ridiculous dispersion and that they are generally tanks (armoured giants). Aim is to get close enough to see the whites in their eyes then blast them to oblivion. Sadly I am not seeing any of the blasting from my end. I've played probably dozen Bayern battles in a row where i have been wiped out in moments, and have not been able to even penetrate CV. Usually I will be within 10km of target, and at 45+ degree angle to them (they usually go full bowside). Every other ship has been able to penetrate me easy, from a massive range with most shells hitting, yet even with perfect aiming at 8km (fighting a fuso) i am getting bounces or nothing in fact. It has really killed my mood for this game to be honest. Is anyone experiencing similar problems?
  4. Aeseir

    German Konig query

    Yea knew most of that other than the nerf. Finding with konig that its a great cruiser killer but not so good against BB. Doesn't penetrate almost any T5+ unless you are in close combat, which is very rare.
  5. Aeseir

    German Konig query

    Thanks for the input guys, the videos were less than year old (oldest was 6 months). At least i can now play knowing its not only my lack of skill but also ship changes.
  6. Aeseir

    German Konig query

    Hi all, Been learning a lot about different ships (through play, videos & forums). One of the things that i read frequently is Konigs sigma 2 ratio which enables it to be one of the most precise BB for its tier. Having watched videos too about it, I recently upgraded to one but not seeing the same accuracy as everyone is claiming. Has something changed recently? I been able to get a lot more citadel hits with Kaiser then Konig (aiming just above water line in between stacks), as the vertical spread is substantially lower (horizontal is another thing). Just a query.
  7. Aeseir

    Looking for Clan

    I love the activity here. Awesome. Great encouragement to keep on sinking ships.
  8. Aeseir

    Looking for Clan

    Thanks mate. It would be good idea if WoW enabled clans to put in pre-requirements for joining, would make life easier. Yea I'm pushing hard to get to tier X asap, just time is factor (also good team). Will keep you in mind for future, thanks.
  9. Aeseir

    Looking for Clan

    Not taken wrong way. I used to play WoT, stopped for a while due to work then started up again with WoW as a change of pace. Will be a while before I'm Tier X but will be lot easier to get there with clans than having randoms. Plus more fun.
  10. Aeseir

    Looking for Clan

    Active player, focusing on german and jap line. Looking for a active clan that plays after 7pm AEST (pereferablly an ANZ clan)