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  1. rufusflywheel

    CV's too OP and broken - Im out

    i would like to get count on how many people have either stop spending or left the game for good seems like WG are not listening to the very people that they rely on for income oh well it is there loss
  2. rufusflywheel

    Death of the destroyers role.

    No they will not do anything until they see if they are losing money then they will do something until then they have ruined a great game
  3. rufusflywheel

    Death of the destroyers role.

    Agree with you no fun anymore
  4. rufusflywheel

    Death of the destroyers role.

    Sry dont believe you end of story
  5. rufusflywheel

    Death of the destroyers role.

    T ell me do you ever get smashed by cv planes in any form of ships that you play, and was this a one off battle win or you do it all the time.
  6. I agree with you 100% the game has been ruined to the point i sold t8 t9 t10 dds because just useless trying to play them, its impossible to play against 2 cvs as you said they pick a target and thats it your gone, this game used to be fun to play now its just frustrating to the point where i have stopped spending money, really sad but i dont think anything will be done, have been looking around at some other games might be the way to go have played this since it came out very disappointing i feel your pain.

    1. coldsteelfury


      Yes. WG is showing itself to be tone deaf to its player base. And it's not the first time either: they had similar issue with World Of Tanks by releasing OP tanks. I have no problem with innovation and with WG making a profit, but when it comes at the expense of the majority of the player base then WG has truly lost its way. I guess they don't care. If WOW blows up, they'll just make another game. Sad.

    2. rufusflywheel


      Yes they are as deaf as a post,  long term players  i think will see that in the long run spending money is to no advantage, except to the idiots that stuffed the game up i also have no problem with innovation but when cvs do not run out of planes and just keep pounding you to you sink whats the use like you said sad.


  7. rufusflywheel

    Death of the destroyers role.

    OH you are so right they have totally ruined a great game, some guy wrote up above dd have a role to play strange how cv planes go straight for dds you could hide at the back and they still find you, the only good thing to come out of this game now i keep my money in my pocket and it will stay there until they do something about the cvs, i also got attacked by three of my own ships for not going into cap when they stayed back or hide behind islands na not much fun anymore.
  8. rufusflywheel

    Thank You

    LOL have listen to this guy you need to take a step back kid and smell the roses what are you going to put on your resume when you get your job at maccas i play world of warships i am important please start me at the top lol your a joke lol
  9. rufusflywheel

    Thank You

    Well for 1 i do not care about my stats and it is pretty sad when people go snooping around because they cannot give answer without it, but that is another story i play on here for fun now that fun is gone, before the changes you had a good chance of beating off cv planes since the rework you now have about 20 percent even less for dds but it seems that you miss the whole point you only see stats pretty sad really you dont play for the fun you must miss out on a lot of things in life stat man but if you like you can mention my stats if that makes you feel better wont change my opinion of the game and yes i am saving quite a chunk of money and dont think i am the only one saving it will not change anything the game has gone backwards but that is my opinion.Oh and by the way you have to get to my age i am yet to find a young wise boy but i have found plenty of wise old men bye bye.
  10. rufusflywheel

    Thank You

    Thank you to the idiots that have completely ruined this game, was great played it from the start spent some money but now i am saving heaps that otherwise would have gone into this game lol, the people that made this game crap i thank you because now i can go and play other games spend my money elsewhere do you people get what i am saying because i do not think i am alone on this subject you idiots are losing money because of what you have done with CVS oh that is your bad(EDITED) luck. Bypassing Censor, Post Edited, User Warned ~lengxv6
  11. rufusflywheel

    Sadly, it still is World of CVs

    Agree the game is not much fun to play anymore, cvs and the people who made this game has ruined it, the only good thing is i am now saving money i did not mind spending money but it wont happen until they do something with cvs and i dont think i am alone with the not spending.
  12. rufusflywheel

    How to motivate team mates to get off the map border?

    It all stems from the CVS you dont have to have them in the game, this is what the OP CVS and there unlimited planes have done to the game, the mentality of the people is so fix on not being smashed by planes has now come into the game even with no CVS, they will not come forward well that is what i am seeing until they do something about the CVS the game is ruined.
  13. rufusflywheel

    the fix

    Are the IDIOTS that changed this game for the worse going to fix it or is this how its going to be played from now on, i would like to know real quick i am sick of being smashed in a battleship that has great AA and i cannot score a hit but i get torped out of the game inside 10 mins, game has gone to sht they need to wake up that they have stuffed this game up and i am pretty certain they would be bleeding money because people are not going to waste money on this now crap game.
  14. rufusflywheel

    CV rework day 1 observations

    Yes game is usless
  15. rufusflywheel

    Tier X DD's now obsolete

    i agree they have ruined the game