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  1. CaffeeCat

    AniManga Chat :E

    I'm posting cuz of the CVs :^) Yukachin so cute a.. There are a few more videos like this one that are unlisted iirc. happy hunting w
  2. I am bad at English. Yes, sorry bout that.

  3. CaffeeCat

    AniManga Chat :E

    It got delayed multiple times iirc until it got released this year.
  4. CaffeeCat

    AniManga Chat :E

    The Vita version isn't worth 48 usd imo. Iirc they delayed the release of Kai for 1 year no? IA/VT got delayed as well but look the released version looks soo much better than when it was first shown. Terrible job by the Kai devs. smh
  5. CaffeeCat

    General tips thread for brand new players

    Great Tips +1
  6. CaffeeCat

    Got Tk'ed during the first few minutes

    already censored his name in the picture that i missed a few minutes ago. IF it ain't enough probably will censor his whole name then. okay, thanks again.
  7. CaffeeCat

    Got Tk'ed during the first few minutes

    Can't seem to upload the replay into support. Will probably attached what he said in that FB group but I think WG will just say that it ain't under their jurisdiction again since it was written on a site completely unrelated to them. I will still attach it tho. thx
  8. Totally not cool whoever you are.. though you are probably one of those people who told me in a certain fb group that said he gunna tk everyone with an IJN tag in front of their names (I'm probably assuming too much again since I just got off uni and went straight to ships to have a fun time but nooo this had to happen >_>). Literary died the first few minutes of the game without doing anything to anyone. Seriously dropping your torps on the side of my ship??! I can send the replay to whoever wants them. Edit: edited the name over his ship out.
  9. CaffeeCat

    AniManga Chat :E

    kek i guess everyone did leave the counterpart of this thread in wot.
  10. CaffeeCat

    IJN air dropped torpedo nerf.

    You probably got targeted because you were alone in an open flank with barely any AA support. You should probably start going with other ships if you know you have barely an AA capabilities. Cruisers are there for a reason. As the other forum-goers already said IJN carriers are nothing w/o its bombers, I mean USN carriers are far more superior in terms of air superiority.
  11. CaffeeCat

    AniManga Chat :E

    thread title saks balls imho anyways still playing in your toaster?
  12. didn't you buy a new computer already
  13. CaffeeCat

    Are we seeing bots already?

    Not sure if bots or players with bad connection.