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  1. Hi there Sir, Can I ask for a little donation? please?  I just bought the Tier 8 battleship Bismarck and I sold my two tier 7 ships just to buy it and I still need 5 million worth of credits to purchase the rest of the ships modules. But every time I play I only earned 80k credits or less and I couldn't able to save up because the ships consumables resupply is worth 90k credits, so If your A kind hearted person Im knocking on your chest to ask for a little help for 5 million worth of credits. It would really be such an Honor if you'll grant my small request.

    I'm hoping for your kind consideration ☺️

    I only have one ship now :(


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    2. heavy_metal_42


      I only have one ship :(



    3. AntifoulAwl


      start grinding another line then

    4. heavy_metal_42


      I'll just repurchase all the tier one's then :(