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  1. This will get your brain revolving...an emoji that means 'froupie talk will not have any influence on me'.
  2. Dammit, they got rid of the 'angry' face that I was going to give this.
  3. "You are not a game designer, please don't think that playing a game turns you into one." An emoji that reflects this statement would be handy.
  4. AntifoulAwl

    Big Girls Don't Cry.

    After taking her on a few battle dates I've drawn my conclusions... Definitely built for comfort, not for speed. And so, after some input, she gets the standard build. No bells and whistles for this old girl. But still an enjoyable ride... I was satisfied after ALL that grinding....
  5. AntifoulAwl

    Big Girls Don't Cry.

    Now that I have my phat-wings, I'm stumped as to what upgrades to put on her. What sort of set up are others using on their Kansarse™?
  6. AntifoulAwl

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    I did mention it could be a play on words. Aweigh doesn't translate into away in any language. Root word weigh. When you lift the anchor, you take it's weight. You are 'aweighing it'. Remember it's very old English. I have never served on a ship where you would report or give the order 'Anchor away'.. It would be 'Anchor deployed' or such similar... Lol, I don't hate WG, but if they're going to make a serious game revolving around ships, plz get the detail right. What's next?.. calling the bows the bowels?? EDIT; I was tired and grumpy when I posted these nit-picking pieces. It's not an excuse, but at the time i was blowing steam, cos reasons. WG can use whatever headline they feel fit.
  7. AntifoulAwl

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    Only just found out about this. I'm keen. Looks like the Vampire thing is still good. BTW, it's actually anchors aweigh, not 'anchors away' To "weigh anchor" is to bring it aboard a vessel in preparation for departure. The phrase "anchors aweigh" is a report that the anchors are clear of the sea bottom and, therefore, the ship is officially under way. This is another disconnect between WG and the real world of boats. Another example that makes me think that people who run this game don't have ships in their blood. I notice they also got some of the names' of ship parts wrong in the Dockyard. Maybe I'm just too pedantic. (or could it be a pun and 'away' meaning that for once, players get away from their PC?)
  8. AntifoulAwl

    Unspoken secret of match making

    Members of The Illuminati who play this only use premium ships. So it stands to reason that they get better MM. What more proof do you need? Oh, and WG are heavy invested in the Aluminum Foil Industry. Money makes money.
  9. AntifoulAwl


    No wonder there are submarines coming. Look at all those kegs of beer being thrown overboard...shame...... The subs'll hear this from miles away and using superior homing skills, rush in to secure the bounty being thrown away by those reckless Aussies. ~or is this part of a devious plan to lure them in and them trap them like the sardines they are?? They do say the way to a submariners' heart is through his drinking hole.
  10. AntifoulAwl

    Remove Bay

    Bote Tetris?
  11. AntifoulAwl

    sekrit mission chain

    Larf, I got the easy/hard virus too. Triggered irate incoming WG hater in 5,4,3.......
  12. AntifoulAwl

    Shes Back

    Would that be a Tritago?
  13. AntifoulAwl


    Lucky for you she wasn't into the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
  14. AntifoulAwl

    Stupid Halloween rubbish again

    You're on to something here. Do modern pop-culture fans outnumber naval history buffs? Especially where it matters?? i.e the Devs? I think the answer will determine why I have a cat called Isoruku who Skippers one of my WWII ships, but I can never refight the Battle of the Coral Sea. In a game whose core is all about Naval Battles. ofc, it's all about the $$$
  15. AntifoulAwl

    Max vs Skynet even when allies

    Then this happened on my team..