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  1. AntifoulAwl

    Made My Day a Bit Better

    Wait till you play Neufert.
  2. Was the cam hidden in the bottle?
  3. AntifoulAwl

    What is that ?

    Yes. This is me..
  4. AntifoulAwl

    What is that ?

    We all know you don't have time for being a psychologist.
  5. AntifoulAwl

    What is that ?

    Tell that to my wife A'ha - thus proving the paradox it is. Balance says otherwise.....
  6. AntifoulAwl

    What is that ?

    Tell that to my wife.
  7. AntifoulAwl

    What is that ?

    Pity. I feel pity. This whale is floundering around and hungry predators are circling. And the outcome will not be pretty. Never is. Some call it research, some call it cuisine.
  8. AntifoulAwl

    What is that ?

    Thar she blows lads.. Lower long boats and harpoons to the ready.
  9. AntifoulAwl


  10. AntifoulAwl

    Return Of Submarines - Estimated Date?

    I do believe they have migrated to warmer waters up north to mate and spawn. Once their eggs have hatched, the young shall return led by the now-stronger adults. When this is - who knows? It all depends on weather patterns, horoscopes and investment levels. In the meantime you can prepare yourself by hitting your shins with a hammer. Why? Because it feels good when you stop.
  11. AntifoulAwl

    We have U-Boats lets get S-Boats and PT-Boats

    IMHO, this will happen, for better or worse. Not in months, but years. Maybe many years. There are a lot of navy games in the market that are as good as, if not better than this one.. And as the years pass, new ideas are needed to keep the game fresh and competitive..to keep players, and lure players from other games, cos players means money for WG. Not just average concepts either, like new prem ships or line splits. But real game changing innovations to keep WoWs ahead or at least abreast of its' competitors... Small fast craft have been used successfully here before. Even though they were AI controlled, the E boats (or Schnellboots) in the Dunkirk Op proved a hit with many players. I'm sure not many would disagree that they were fun to kill (isn't everything?), and I certainly wanted to drive one. I can't speculate on how player controlled boats could be utilized, but there would be a workable way™ It was only a few years ago that people swore black and blue that subs will never be able to integrate into WoWs, and WoT will never have wheeled vehicles for similar reasons.. TL/DR....
  12. AntifoulAwl

    Well now I just HATE myself...

  13. AntifoulAwl

    Well now I just HATE myself...

    Grit blaster will do it.
  14. AntifoulAwl

    So i missed the Reddit Chaos few days ago...

    What's a reddit?
  15. AntifoulAwl


    I dunno about that, but a picture of it would make a great series of album covers for an English 70s rock/blues band.