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  1. AntifoulAwl

    Game problems & Bans

    Hypothetical scenario #1 Player dies after launching torps. Player exits game, torps go on to kill team mate without player being aware of outcome. Player does not see battle report and turns pink without knowing why. Hypothetical scenario #2 Player presses 'battle' button and game crashes, player unable to reboot. Ship then goes into game and of course player is afk. Once again player gets penalized without knowing why. Im not saying either of these things happened to you, OP. But it does show how our puny human brains are no match for the might of massive computers that crunch numbers with broken algorithms.
  2. AntifoulAwl

    We shall remember them.

    One hundred years ago today the armistice came into effect to end the First World War. 16 million people died in what was termed 'The War to end all Wars'. The war was so horrific it was thought no more wars would ever be fought. Sadly, that never came to pass. "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them." Lest we forget.
  3. AntifoulAwl

    Back to normal Ops please

    I'm tired of American Cultural Imperialism. Next year, can we have a Melbourne Cup event instead? The Cup has just as much to do with ships as halloween has.
  4. AntifoulAwl

    Well that's some Fair Dinkum BS right there...

    Fifth Column?
  5. AntifoulAwl

    We Were All Noobs Once

    You're in a good clan, Bex and his mates will teach you well. If anyone sends you abusive PMs report it to the moderators, they will deal with it. But honestly, who cares what some unknown player sitting in his basement, 4000 km away thinks?
  6. AntifoulAwl

    We Were All Noobs Once

    Noob and Newb are two different entities. A newb is a new guy, one who is still learning..... A noob is someone who can't quite grasp how to play, even after countless battles, usually they are a detriment to their team Yes, everyone was once a newb. But only some of us are noobs now..
  7. AntifoulAwl

    Thai's commander should to be unique commander

    His special ability of always keeping a pack of Winny Blues in his pocket allows him to increase fire chance. Yeah Nah
  8. AntifoulAwl

    Kronstadt or Musashi?

    Like Fonzie said when he had a date with the Hoopla Twins- Heyyyy, Twice the fun.
  9. AntifoulAwl

    Kronstadt or Musashi?

    Kronstadt or Musashi?
  10. AntifoulAwl

    [CODE] The UK code seems to work for us.

    On a ship, it's called tack.
  11. AntifoulAwl


    As a DD player, I would rather they didn't use it.... If I can, I use it wherever possible on most ships. IMHO, having that extra warning time can make a lot of difference, especially with fast torps.
  12. AntifoulAwl

    [CODE] Free stuff

    Disappointing that the Halloween camo doesn't feature Jason Voorhees.
  13. AntifoulAwl

    What's Russian for "John Doe"?

    No what i mean is I'm hoping for Skippy to be next Face Of Wows after hockey guy. and Ivan Ivanov is John Doe.