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  1. How much to buy your soul? Too late, I reckon anyone with more than 5k battles have already sold theirs. Yeah yeah, mines gone.
  2. AntifoulAwl

    MVR needs nerfing

    Well yes, it has. In case you have forgotten, we were able to chose our own titles. See, I'm a Powder Monkey..... This slots in well, cos this is a naval game. If you dunno what it is, google it. Some peeps went for 'poi' related things ( this was back when poi and nanu desu was everywhere), some went for game related stuff. Good. And you chose the 'Voice of Reason'. You gave yourself that tag. You didn't earn it, nor was it awarded to you. You decided that that name was what you wanted the forum to see you as. Of all the things you could have chosen, you went for that... Instantly 'making' yourself some sort of knowledgeable expert on everything. You forced it upon us. Bravo. And now you have used it as some sort of qualifier to prove that your point is untouchable. Can't disagree with the voice of reason. Double bravo. The irony is ironic. Now, I'm not here to make friends or enemies. This is a forum. A place were we can all have a say on what's on our mind. Some people here call me snarky, some call me a w, one or two think I'm amusing. Great. But I think I've just discovered that maybe I'm one of the 'more observant'. And I've just seen that the Emperor has no clothes.
  3. AntifoulAwl

    MVR needs nerfing

    I don't know what constitutes the knowledge base of 'normal players', but I think what we have here is just one of the many differing thoughts of players. What was posted was more of an opinion than any fact based statement...and he said it was too, in his penultimate sentence. IDK how many peeps ply this..(50K??.. 75k??), but each individual has their own viewpoint on how things are. Gotta remember, opinions are like faces- we all have them, but some are uglier than others.
  4. AntifoulAwl

    MVR needs nerfing

    Nah, us alphas did practically SFA. All we did was have the luck to get invited to play early. Sure, we provided a little feedback, but most of what we did was just play normally and then the devs looked at heatmaps, datasheets etc and then made up their own minds as to what needs tweaking. Blaming us is like blaming the stokers for a ship collision.
  5. AntifoulAwl

    Which T10 should I go for next? [DONE... for now]

    Relieved gratitude. And the bragging rights to be able to that you had a hand in the manipulation of Paladinum. A worthy prize.
  6. AntifoulAwl

    Commonwealth Tech Tree

    Did you know that a vampire can't enter your home unless invited? Welcome Mr. Alucard, please come in.
  7. AntifoulAwl

    Kitakaze will be Nerfed, At last!

    I am grinding my way towards one. They scare me. That's why I want one. And now this...
  8. This. I have been considering creating a thread expanding on this issue. A closely related topic is people with little knowledge of game design thinking they know better than professionals in their field.
  9. Lol, I wonder if this what some esteemed members of the IJN thought in 1945?
  10. AntifoulAwl

    Look like I did

    Invite him? I can be him.. But first I need about a kilo of $2 coins.
  11. AntifoulAwl

    Look like I did

    Well then, the path is set.. RELEASE THE CARBON !! and finally put an end to those 'land humps' that block our way.
  12. AntifoulAwl

    Look like I did

    Just as the world begins to turn to renewables, a massive consumption of dirty ol' coal sends the sea levels rising... > All maps turn to Ocean.