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  1. sudoku135

    [Mod] - KanColle Rank icons

    || v1.2 ( 09-07-2016 ): - Compatible tiwh v0.5.8.0. - Modified icons to work with the new in-battle Tab info gui.
  2. For more mods from our Pravda Team, please visit https://pravdateam.wordpress.com/

  3. sudoku135

    [Mod] - KanColle Rank icons

    || v1.0.1.1 rev ( 05-08-2015): - Compatible with v0.4.0.5
  4. sudoku135

    Reporting lag issues

    I can't even login to the game
  5. sudoku135


    Got my free ship slot (edited) and 375k . Much wow, many generous, thank WG (:3)刀乙
  6. sudoku135

    [Mod] - KanColle Rank icons

    || v1.0.1.1 ( 28-07-2015 11:48 AM): - Compatible with v0.4.0.4
  7. sudoku135

    How high is your ping ?

    I don't mind lol, I just want to see how lag somebody could be . In my case, everything stopped moving and I was disconnected right after taking that screenshot.
  8. sudoku135

    How high is your ping ?

    Let's have a little contest for fun, mine is 2,004,247 ms.
  9. sudoku135

    [Mod] - KanColle Rank icons

    Mod - Changelog: Compatible with v0.5.8.0 Download link ( v1.2 ): http://www.mediafire.com/download/8t1eiic3ktc8bsc/%5BPravda_Team%5D%5Bsudoku135%5D%5Bv1.2%5DKC_RankIconsMod.rar Extract to WoWs folder, confirm any overwrite message. * If mods can't be loaded after the new version of the game:1. Try reinstall the mods.OR2. Edit the file paths.xml using Notepad in WOWS installation folder to be like this: Then save the file. Open res_mods folder inside WOWS installation folder and make sure that mods are in the a.b.c.d folder.After all of that, just play.
  10. sudoku135

    How much can I get from selling Arkansas in OBT ?

    I'm doing what I want to, thank you. Please point out exactly where I said "the US is evil". It was you who is the first one to say "How Evil US is" in this topic ( feel free to check ). And also, it was you - the first one who brought the real world matter here directly including (your?) national anthem: and then said: I don't know what to say but "You bited your own bait". I have nothing to do with that matter. And I already asked to close this topic days ago. ----------------------- I just want to have an idea about how much of starter-money I will have.And for your accusation of "spread your managed hatred". You'll have to read this topic from the begin again. I just simply stated the reason is for starter-money and answer the question, clarify with minimum "damage" as I could. Now if you want to ask "but why?" to my clarification, I'd say it was to asnwer to people who wasted time telling me not to sell instead of answering my question or simply let other people do that.
  11. sudoku135

    How much can I get from selling Arkansas in OBT ?

    1.a) It's a US ship. 1.b) For starter pocket money, free up ship slot. 1.c) And of course, for Satan's glory. 2.a) I don't even want to see any US ship taking my ship slot so It's obvious that I won't use it. And use a reward ship just to brag about the tester title sound awkward to me. 2.b) As a "weird" beta tester, I just simply enjoy the game (play and mod), find bugs and ... "suggest". That's a casual "contract" with WG. Beta tester's "pride" and "fame" are not in my list, I only feel lucky to get a cbt code. I'm not the type of person who brag about that in game. You won't see me talking much in forum either, I prefer action over lip-service. Being a figurehead is not my goal but to help making the game better ( a bit ) for my own future gaming experience and others. Simply put, I can't lose a thing I don't have. 3. Because of the constant 1.a, I'll sell it anw even if it worth 0 silver, so I just curious about how much I can get. I want to utilize my "resources" efficiently for my casual needs. I appreciate the gift from WG but it's not worth to take up a ship slot imho. 4. As I said, I already made similar decisions years ago in WoT with no regret and I'm 200% sure about this time. In fact, I'm annoyed that my bro's T29 took my reserved slot ( yes, my WoT account is shared). P/s: You can take a screenshot of this reply of mine and wait for me to regret ( which will not happen at any chance).
  12. sudoku135

    How much can I get from selling Arkansas in OBT ?

    Not a single one US ship. I plan to reserve 1 slot for motherland's cruiser, dear tovarisch. And about "that" matter, I answered vaguely to stay in the "gray zone". It's like this: You understand my idea and I know the rules, but you can't accuse me directly and I can express my opinion. WG banned the fascist flag but they can't ban you for just simply saying "hakenkreuz" only. ggwp. P/s: We're late for the PublicTest server lol Just tried and I'm in PT server atm. However, I can't see Arkansas and obviously not Iwaki so I can't test for both of us. . Selling tier IV premium battleship can get 375000, Iwaki is a tier IV premium cruiser so it could be around 300000 I guess.
  13. Just like other modders, I tried to work with WOWS source files but can only extract *.wwise file from *.bnk file and convert them to *.ogg playable sound files. I can't open those *.wwise files even though I'm using the latest version (v2015.1 build 5263). The program said that WOWS *.wwise files were created by ... a newer version. Let aside the question if it's possible or not to mod sound files without the original sound project from WG. What I want to ask WOWS Developers are: 1. Does WG staffs plan/want to support modders in this matter on this Asia server? If the answer were a yes, then how would they support us ? 2. What actually is the version of WWISE the WOWS sound-dev team is using ? or the name and version of the program they are using. ( I think it's a non-confidential info, right ?). 3. I'm interest in modding "Sound of Personels" files which are inside WOWS_SP.bnk file. My last question is : Does the WOWS sound-dev team plan to change the content of that file in the near future ? I'm know someone asked about sound modding before and I read those topics but I still want to ask.
  14. sudoku135

    How much can I get from selling Arkansas in OBT ?

    Finally, I got the answer. Thank you very much. It's ok now if you want to close this topic.
  15. sudoku135

    How much can I get from selling Arkansas in OBT ?

    I found the notice, thank you. It said "19-21 June" for the PT, I was working with my mod at that time so I didn't check the news. I think I missed that chance but gonna download the client anw. At least I can datamine resources from it for my mod.