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    ID: winghk86
  2. WG: I don’t care about AU & NZ players since most of our players (profit) come from East Asia. WG: We don’t care about small groups of player. Hey Aussies! Just learn from CV player who doesn’t have a chance to speak because the other players don’t like them LOL. WG: I don’t care about clan wars, it’s just part of the event, the only purpose of it is to show those players who have already reached T10 that the game is still improving=D For example we have the collection mission, how about that? WG: you guys have no bargaining power at all =], LOL Please Please learn from the Public Test, how dare you to report our premium ship is too overpower! We are going to BUFF it! Lastly: want to know which country has been most taken care of? Look at the main page of the forum, on your right hand side, and look at the WG Staff Posts. What? U want posts in your language updated as fast as the others? Don’t worry about that because we don’t care =D
  3. winghk86

    Anyone play Tier 10 CV's here?

    I have both US & JP T10 CVs Anyway I haven't play anymore since the update of captai's skill tree. Economy is terrible. AA is too powerful in T10 Have to wait for their ship leave the group...mostly DD.. The whole game is waiting & scouting & push pull with the other CV's FT....just too boring to me
  4. 孤注一擲 船艦每損失 1% 血量, -0.2% 裝填時間 CV有用嗎?
  5. 0.2% to reload time of all types of armament for each 1% HP lost does it affect CV?
  6. winghk86


    有點好奇, 在哪找的?
  7. winghk86

    Strafing fighters bug come back again?

    have the same problem...
  8. winghk86


    我見過會移動, 但砲塔不會轉和不會攻擊的 wwww
  9. winghk86


    T10 應該會有 10 0 0 or 0 10 0 的出現吧 wwwww
  10. winghk86

    Weaboo challenges

    Its too boring.......Myoko and Fuso X 99999999
  11. winghk86

    Need someone cv helps

    add me~
  12. winghk86

    CV ships XP earning too little.

    so... 150K DMG 35xx EXP is normal?
  13. winghk86


    新人路過~~ 我的百場勝率過不了50%.................
  14. It is 3:21 pm Sunday CVs player never able to reach Rank 1 LOL~~~
  15. 現在星期日,下午3點, 我等了 1小時了, 只有我一個CV 星期1-4基本上不會開wows了,因為不知道要等多久. 星期6,日 打算多一點人的時候可以不用等. 現在星期日,下午3點, 我等了1小時了, 只有我一個CV 星期6 晚上只有8-12 平均等候時間大約 5分鐘, CV玩家現在一個星期裹,只有星期6,日 晚上的幾個小時嗎? 你們可以想一下怎樣可以增加一下CV 玩家嗎?