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  1. jnhchan

    We want to block Chinese access!!!

    Spread the true fact in the real world in the game which is censored by China government. Then the China government will help you to block the China player forever. Copy and paste what happen in 04/06/1986 and what happen in the Hong Kong distract council election result.
  2. jnhchan

    WeChat pay

    I think you can only use wechat payment in china and you only can recharge wechat account in china as well. As this server main target location is not china, not much people will use it. Moreover, it is hard to get money out from china through the bank system.
  3. jnhchan

    WeChat pay

    I though the china had a dedicated server for World of warships..
  4. jnhchan

    Australia - World of Lagships

    I do not know why people are complaining about the lag of the game. We are talking about 0.1 to 0.2 second delay here and your HDMI monitor have more delay then the internet connection. When I play WOWS in Melbourne, i have around 100ms lag. Everything is perfectly fine. If you are playing fighting game, maybe you have a problem. But you are playing games which may need to wait 10 second to see did the shot is hit or not. Who cares. I play WOT in NA server with 250 to 300ms lag without any problem. I can still kill a tank at 400m away when they are moving around.
  5. jnhchan

    is this guy serious?

    The reason is the test account is open for player in the game gathering . When WG have a game gathering, they have several computer in the location and let people try different ship with the lagging of 999. What do you expect when a beginner went to the event and try out a tier 10 ship.
  6. jnhchan

    season 6 = game of smoke and camp

    The rank battle is who have more Belfast . If you have two of them and other team have none, You win. When i see Belfast on the other team and we don't, I know the result already.
  7. jnhchan

    Begininers' Guide To BattleShips Part 2

    I believe the target prioritizing should be Cruisers, BB and DD. (If DD is very very close or very low health in short distance, You should kill it first.) The reasons is you cannot kill DD in short period of time due to the damage (Pretty sure you will over penetrate it) and missing shots. You can kill Cruisers (One shot kill is possible), and BB faster than chasing the DD. For me let DD and cruisers to deal with DD problem. I only shoot it when 1. They are too close (i mean 5 to 6Km). 2. It is the only target. 3. Very low health. Else, i will target other ship.
  8. jnhchan


    I will see you after next month.
  9. jnhchan

    How to get the USS Missouri

    Extended the holloween special event for another three weeks, and people can play like a team.
  10. I am base on Melbourne and usually play after the SBS night news. I hope you are online near mid night.
  11. jnhchan

    any aussies playing?

    Melbourne based. Have ship from Tier 1 to Tier 8. Normally, free between 8:00pm to 12:00am.
  12. jnhchan

    any aussies playing?

    Aussie from Melbourne. Have tier 1 to 8 ships so i can play any battle you like. Send me a message if you are interested.
  13. jnhchan

    Game hacks

    I think Aimbot is totally useless in the WOWS. If you play WOT, yes, aimbot helps a lot. But in WOWS, except in close range, the aimbot is totally useless and the shot spray so far away in the long distance that you are aiming an area, not a point. You can do a lot of damage with HE alone with Cleveland. It is often to me to do a 3000 damage per sideboard shot with maximum range. Three shots and you lost 1/3 of your hp (if i am lucky) Angling help little bit in long range but not much at all. You are not playing tanks here. It is just like to say people is cheating when an arty hit your maus in long range and you complain that you have angled your tank and with 250mm front armor, no one can penetrate you.