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  1. Minion__

    Come Div with us. We have TS and cookies...

    paindude RevengeIsSweet Funky_chicken Minion__ PM them and me when in client, and we'll discuss our TS details with you. Alternatively, you can send me a PM here. EDIT: This thread is a way of to publicise the availability of our TS channel for folk that want something more than just playing solo, which can sometimes feel less like 15 v 15, and more like 1 v 29. We are not trying to recruit folk, and membership of our WoT clan is not a prerequisite of the availability of this service. We don't care if you're already in a clan, or if you're new to all this, and are a bit intimdated by the whole clan thang. Be you a newbie, wanting to learn (my stats and skill levels in dinghies are nothing to write home about), or someone looking for folk with which to do some mid tier grinding, come look us up in game. We do this as a social activity, and we are offering to share this with those of you that have yet to experience the fun which is added by hanging out in TS with friends. Our only requirements are that you are over 18. We do allow teenagers on our TS server, but they have to be related to one of our clan members. We're a diverse bunch of men and women, and we don't agree on everything. But we will not condone harassment or personal abuse, especially if it is regarding ethnicity, gender, or sexuality. I can swing a ban hammer if needs be. So, to sum up, don't be a stranger, come check us out. Oh, and you can download the Teamspeak (TS) client software here.
  2. Minion__

    Come Div with us. We have TS and cookies...

    Non-Constructive Posting. User Warned. ~dead_man_walking
  3. Minion__

    Come Div with us. We have TS and cookies...

    ...and grind.
  4. Minion__

    Come Div with us. We have TS and cookies...

    Whilst we're on the subject of Maori words, this is what a Maori poi is... (The white fluffy things on the ends of bits of string). Historically, they used to be lumps of wood with a hole carved through the middle. Sort of a Maori version of the nunchaku.
  5. Minion__

    Come Div with us. We have TS and cookies...

    'Pungapunga' means pumice in Maori. So you're in the right linguistic group Tonks CR/D seems to be in a coma and on life support, so I may as well use my powers for good, as opposed for trolling.
  6. Minion__

    Come Div with us. We have TS and cookies...

    Thanks Dazz! paindude, on 13 October 2015 - 12:59 PM, said: But yea, as a social group, get on board the party boat
  7. Minion__

    Come Div with us. We have TS and cookies...

    He was a fixture of the WoT ASIA community. Bit of a Definitely a character. Doesn't play much now, that I know of...
  8. Minion__

    Come Div with us. We have TS and cookies...

    LOL. Noice pic by the way. Thinking I should have said bikkies, not cookies... Because, Antipodean linguistic bias.
  9. For more information on TS details (address, password), PM the following if you see them in client. Don't PM them here, but when you're in client paindude RevengeIsSweet Funky_chicken Please Note: You don't have to join a clan to use our TS, but we'd prefer you div up with one of us. We have folk from a number of clans popping in to play with us. That's the way we roll, hey.
  10. I think we even have a token Kiwi. Just saying...
  11. LOL Oh, yea... It might be good if you read our "About us" page, and then once you've done that, you could consider filling out an application form.
  12. Minion__

    How far away is clan wars?

    There's your problem. Also, allies / alt account clans. Just saying. However, despite the above, I thought there was a push for involving more players in CWs associated activities, rather than merely consolidating the gold farming opportunities of a few? BTW, why do we have to jump straight to CWs for WoWs? Why not something similar to Tank Companies in WoT? <sheds a tear for the memory of Medium and Champion TCs> I'm, not trying to be contrary, merely trying to suggest that there's an opportunity to expand the variety of cooperative gameplay, rather than just replicating what we have in tonks in dingies.
  13. Yeah, but even PHJ, with a paltry 24,000+ subscribers got a swag of codes. Might be a opportunity for someone with a half decent microphone
  14. Exactly. Got me thinking that there's an opportunity for someone there...
  15. As part of the promotion of the launch of WoWs, community contributers on th EU and NA servers are holding competitions, Q&A sessions with devs etc. Is anyone doing something similar on our server?