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    Can you restrict CV to one each side every game

    1.Keep AA off. (unless youre in a smoke with no radar cruiser around/you re gonna get spotted by a surface ship) 2. Stay near a HIGHER TIERED cruiser/AA BB. The high tier part is important since same tier AA will never shoot down enough planes. Dont need to be hugging them. just stay in 3.5-3 km range. 3. DONT RUSH CAPS ! 4. Dont solo if you dont have smokes. even then avoid it. Though i agree that one cv per team is reasonable.

    CV haku AP bombs

    IJN DDs using the ONLY advantage they have (which btw has tonnes of counters) is breaking concealment.......

    I have 1 question to ask about CV

    THIS. So much this....

    CV haku AP bombs

    WRONG AA is weird. I can laugh at any so called AA cruiser at same tier and kill him in 3 runs MAX without losing much planes using pre-dropping and slingshotting (which honestly isnt too difficult but then american DBs are op so maybe its cause of that). Like i have noticed the gap between tiers in terms of AA is appaling. A lexington is king in a T8 game but hopelessly outgunned in T 10 , and often loses strike packages before even reaching the target. Idk why WG hasnt fixed such a major issue Another thing... DDs are EXTREMELY vulnerable to CVs IF you keep your AA on. Any DD which is not running AA is normally relatively safe, especially if its around friendly cruisers where we cant scout around for long.

    Exposition (You may have already known)

    WG messed up big time with this update When you are in a surface ship you are always being harrased (not killed unless you re really unlucky) by these pesky flies and AA is useless against them ( It is useless... i have successfully attacked freakin baltimores in my cv....) When you are in a CV you are helping one flank and you see the other crumbling...and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop that since you cant deal damage fast enough (unlike before). I feel pissed both when i am in a cv and when i am in my dd....

    Because this is fair isnt it

    Tbh i dont understand why WG only allows T 10 to play ranked.It spoils the experience of both good players who dont get capable team mates or the rental users who either get abused every game or die easy cause they suck in their new ships. I have 5 lines at T 8 and if i am allowed to play in those i am sure that i ll not be the guy who downs the team (though i am not good by any standard). The teams of random are below average to say the least and ranked has much better teams. So now i am stuck with a dilemma ... should i play rentals and risk looking like a potato or suffer through Random knowing Ranked will give me better teams... honestly though why does WG only allow T 10s in ranked? PS : Rentals sucking is understandable because they dont know the ship. But i still found ample straightlining BBs in ranked who supposedly earned those ships. Dont scapegoat us poor rentals 😞

    Because this is fair isnt it

    I dont mind them 😛 Killed 3 today in 2 matches in my RENTED shima !

    Some Ways To Improve The Gameplay Now

    If you cant give constructive feedback, maybe its better to not speak at all? What are your issues with the ops points ?

    World of Warplanes

    Hi I have been playing cvs a lot lately. I disagree with the infinite planes thing. Just go up against a Full AA cleve to verify. HOWEVER I will say that the only matches where i need to worry about deplanning are T 8 games where my poor ranger cant do crap. In all matches in which i am not facing T 8 ships i rarely ever run out and i don't really focus much on plane conservation . i ll admit that my view on CV opness has changed from OP to very strong. But i have noticed that i cant really protect my team with my fighters . This needs to change. Also maybe we can decrease spotting ranges for DDs from planes 🙂
  10. SGTAWE

    [ichase] even he.........

    So maybe next time the so called people who are accused of being in the cult can give a better reply than "Get Gid Nub " ?
  11. SGTAWE

    CV Matchmaking

    What decides whether a torpedo spread will be wide or thin in cvs ? and I seem to randomly get citadels while using my DBs but have no idea where i should aim for them. Any tips ? Also i dont like to face Clevelands every other match. Any chance of the matchmaking being fixed?
  12. SGTAWE

    CV Matchmaking

    Hi As most of you suggested, i have started playing cvs to learn about them . However is it normal for a ranger to be in a T8 game 70% of the time 😛 How do you cv pros handle the uptier AA ? Atm i feel very guilty because the cruisers' dangerous AA forces me to bomb my DD comrades. Only talking about uptier matches. Same tier is fine
  13. SGTAWE

    0.8.0 wtf

    So that F key thing is false then? i was mistaken? Cloak fields? Those cloak fields are the ONLY thing which allows us to be alive to actually do some damage to the enemy. Would you prefer that DDs have a detection range of a cruiser. Also torpedoes??? what sort of argument is that about torpedoes? Arent torpedoes DESIGNED to work that way? Which module regenerates AA ? Also my tone is neutral. You will be wise to get yours down to the same level
  14. SGTAWE

    0.8.0 wtf

    Dude When did i say CVs strength is against DDs? I have played a little in my langley and i know how tough it is to hit a sharply maneuvering target (aka DD). These are my issues with the rework. 1. Infinite aircraft and F key. I understand that WG doesnt want the deplaned situation to come up too often, but right now it seems that there is no punishment for a poorly though out attack as i have noticed that the moment you find your poor planes in a bit of a spot, just pressing the f key ensures their survival. Idk if i am misinterpreting or maybe didnt notice that i infact did lose those planes. It 100% didn't effect my firepower though. 2. Fighters They seem useless in their current state. A squadron can simply dodge them with no consequences. Give the fighters some mobility ! (though i admit as i am still stuck on the langley ,i dont know how exactly fighters play out) 3. AA doesn't regenerate, unlike Aircraft Before the rework, the loss of guns was compensated by the cvs loss of aircraft, so the carrier had to use his planes very judiciously. No such issue now. AA gets progressively weak at a time when its needed the most. 4. Multiple CVs per match.
  15. SGTAWE

    14 day premium account

    Can a MOD pls clarify this. I dont want WG to come to me later accusing me of "exploiting a bug"