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  1. Just an update, I received a reply for the ticket I've created few months ago. Yeah, I'm done. This is beyond laughable. Looks like they won't even attempt to fix this problem unless more players experience it.
  2. So it's still not fixed ey? I just came here to check if things actually progressed though looks like I was living in a pipe dream. Steeltrap, if you're there I just want to let you know that I've just upgraded my GPU from HD7950 to R9 390. De-synch is still present with this card.
  3. Again I'm seeing bunch of people with different ISPs having this de-synch issue. Further proof that other ISPs experiences this as well. So enough with "only TPG has this problem!" shenanigans.
  4. Really? Of all these months of waiting, that's your response as a moderator? What about delayed inputs? What about ships/tanks are not where they're suppose to be (wrong position)? Both WoT and WoWS share the same symptoms when you're experiencing de-synch problem so why aren't they visible on WoT as well? Does this fall under your "more dataload" reasoning as well? I tried contacting TPG though like I've said in my previous post, I lacked motivations to raise the case even further because you didn't address this problem at all. You never gave a single reply to our previous thread on beta forum nor acknowledged the problem. You took no action (as a moderator) nor made an announcement regarding to this problem. Again, why should we the player have the go all the way to find solution which you're not even interested in cooperating with us players and trying to solve the problem together? Also, don't forget this whole de-synch problem happened after certain updates/patches released by WG. It didn't happened out of nowhere and I highly doubt TPG made any changes from their end at the same time. Just to be clear, I'm more than happy to go further by raising the case to TPG. But the fact that you neglected our reports and not showing any interests in this problem for months just doesn't motivate me to do so. And your reason is "not enough people reported this particular problem"? Please... With that being said, I've created a thread on whirlpool regarding to this issue. I hope to hear back from Conan with an update.
  5. I've just sent a PM to you with tracert result and other info. That being said, I wouldn't complain if I had the same issue on WoT as well. However, I'm not experiencing such problem on that game. Not at all. Correct me if I'm wrong but the whole network routing and client communication works same for both WoT and WoWS right? Then how come only WoWS suffers from this particular de-synch issue? More so, I've tried ringing TPG support which they were miserable at detecting the problem. Maybe because I didn't raise it to technician but still, I was pretty demotivated due to lack of response from you guys for months. Why should I try to solve something by myself if the problem was caused from your end in the first place? Call me selfish however the way you guys left this issue "untoched" simply because not enough people are experiencing it, is just bad taste. I'll make a thread on whirlpool and see how it goes.
  6. Unfortunately the patch did not fix the de-sync issue.
  7. kanade_

    everything seems delayed

    De-sync problem. Check the link posted by dead_man_walking. And no, it's definitely not caused by our ISPs. Various reports and tests as well as contacting ISPs directly yielded no solutions/fixes. This is good. More people should report this particular bug for awareness and maybe the devs might finally do something about it.
  8. Constant but time to time there are matches with no de-synch issue at all (i.e no delayed steering and shells/torps actually hitting the spots where I aimed at). I say 1 in every 50 matches or so results in "clean" gameplay. But for the rest, it's an de-synch galore. HD7950 3GB, i7 4770K, 8GB RAM, Windows 7 64bit... ADSL2+ Sydney, TPG My third support ticket is still waiting for a reply and so far their answers are either "we're investigating the issue..." or "please provide these information...". On the related note, I remember calling TPG on the very first day when I encountered this problem. Unfortunately one of their representatives had no idea what I'm talking about nor understanding the whole de-synch issue. I gave up on asking help from them which I eagerly waited for an reply from mods and support on the forum and ticket respectively instead. Hopefully this will be the last thread for reporting de-synch issue as I pray for a permanent fix to be released by WG.
  9. kanade_

    desync battle

    I've finally received a reply from the support team (same member who replied to my previous ticket) and... They're "still investigating this issue". He/she also listed few simple troubleshooting for me to try though as always the solutions didn't work. I've attached all the necessary documents/infos for them to look at though God knows when he/she'll reply back again. So all in all, nothing is done at this point. Using VPN works for some people though I can't really confirm if it actually does or not. The free VPN services I've tried made no differences and I'm not motivated to try paid services "yet". Despite how not many players are reporting this particular problem, it's still an ongoing issue on all regions and it must be fixed by WG. It's not our responsibility to find detours to bypass the problem. This isn't your usual "high ping due to distance" or ISP problem but, a game-breaking bug created by WG themselves. That being said, most of the players who are experiencing this problem are either: - Tired of waiting for the fix hence quitting or being on hiatus - Just got used to the delayed inputs and extra leading for targets I'm suspecting the latter applies for majority of the players considering there are not much reporting going on. I find that quite sad and disappointing to be honest. Not to mention this has been going on for months... I repeat, months.
  10. kanade_

    desync battle

    I'm starting to see some players using paid VPN service to "bypass" the de-sync issue which I find it very sad. Very disappointing.
  11. kanade_

    desync battle

    Any updates? Support ticket being silence as always, no updates from mods, no acknowledgement from the devs... Sigh.
  12. kanade_

    JPN DD worth it

    The satisfaction you get from firing torps from three quintuple tubes is just irresistible. Then you somehow acquire multiple hits and kills are icing on the cake.
  13. kanade_

    Do you know Yi sun sin ?

    I'm having a hard time trying to understand your reasons for posting such topic OP. Are you trying to stir up the whole "Japan vs Korea" shenanigans? Did Japanese warships some how turns your "nationalistic" senses on and decided to post about such admiral? Or are you just trolling?
  14. kanade_

    desync battle

    Still no replies from my ticket that was created two weeks ago while my prem days ticks away... What a load of BS.
  15. kanade_


    Again they decided to releases fixes for minor bugs. Just when they'll release a fix for de-sync problem?