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  1. conquisador21

    ARP Captains

    I just noticed that I have ARP captains Kirishima and Iona. Do they come with their repective ships ? (Arp Kirishima) if so, why I don't have it? (except Iona, she's a sub).
  2. conquisador21

    Soviet Battleship trailer (USSR CVs confirmed?!)

    Might also be Tu-1 carrying 4 of these
  3. Sure the potential damage of the squadron will be reduced but those pre-drop planes can go back unscathed and can be used again.
  4. It's not that I'm moving fast, my speed is slow to begin with. I'm getting dragged by the turning ship I should be able to reverse to free myself but my ship wont reverse.
  5. So basically my ship (A) is slowly inching forward then a ship (B) turns in front of me (so he got rammed). Of course immediately go on full reverse but my ship is stuck 5 knts forward (I double cheked my speed control is on Full reverse). Why is that?
  6. conquisador21

    Already Dead Asashio

    Sorry for potato quality...
  7. conquisador21

    Public shaming of the support system

    Are you using wine or some Windows virtual environment emu? Probably something is injected into the game to make it run and the game doesn't like that, probably detected an injection. Why not just dual boot?
  8. conquisador21

    UI elements unresponsive - 8.1.0

    Heck why WG won't make the UI solid and not transparent just like WOT. WOT's UI is magnitudes better than this.
  9. conquisador21

    Is WG learning yet?

    Weird... AA spec'ed CA/CL/BB doesn't complain... hmm...
  10. conquisador21

    What's up with U-Boot Crew and Plaid Shirt?

    Maybe those shirts were from one manufacturer. The manufacturer will use what ever fabrics they can get their hands on. Pretty sure there's less fabric producer at that time because manpower is focused on tanks/ammunition manufacturing.
  11. I have Jack Dunkirk as my Edinburgh commander. I noticed that the skill bonuses are not show in the commander skills. I think this is a UI bug since when I pop a smoke in a battle, it's quite large and my consumables reload fast. My client is not modded. Jack of All Trades 5% instead of 10% SSE: 20% instead of 30% Also EM but I'm not using it.
  12. conquisador21

    Check my recruits?

    I mean Friend Invites (just like WOT's Refer-a-Friend), where can I see the people I invited?
  13. conquisador21

    Check my recruits?

    Is there a page where I can see the list of recruits? WOT has one(but I think they're renewing it) but I can't find one for WOWs.
  14. conquisador21

    Special Cashback Doubloon Offer

    I though it will be credited on Feb. 18th? But why I already have 2250d on my account?