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    now i really hate baltimore

    Everything I'm about to say is about to become obsolete, but anyway. The Cleveland is an outstanding T6 cruiser with obscene AA and a decent rate of fire. The next 3 cruisers are nothing like the Cleveland. They're heavy enough to be slow but not heavy enough to withstand any sort of pounding. Their 204mm guns aren't bad but the slow rate of fire makes them less than ideal for hunting fast DDs and their guns don't make up for the lack of torps, which really hurts in brawls, especially against BBs. With the impending USN split, I presume the various boats will have to be balanced for their new tier, though I'm of the opinion the Pensacola and Baltimore could drop one tier as-is and no one would really notice the difference. That said, they're really not that bad. With good aim and good positioning they can be very decent boats to play. The trouble is, while they are okay at their own tier, they suffer immensely when up-tiered, and worse when it's tier X. Suddenly the humble New Orleans is in a match with Hindenburgs, Zaos and Des Moines, and it is a bloodbath. NoZoupforyou made a video reviewing the USN cruiser line before the impending split and he mentioned he used free xp to reach Tier X. The fact that a content creator like him couldn't even stomach the grind, and the fact that 90% of people I speak to hate the pre-DesMoines grind, convinced me to use free xp as well and skip the agony (even though he specifically says not to. Oh, the irony)
  2. Hanger556

    operation narai is back

    It's actually hard to get a really really good score on Narai. The operation is easy enough that failure is rare and most players are racing amongst themselves to score the most damage and most kills. Hell, one time we pushed all the way to the end and cleared all the enemy ships before troops ships were even half way through unloading. My score below is a personal best but it was only achievable because the other team members dropped the ball a little (but not so much that the mission fails) so there was an opportunity for me to pick up the slack. Also, it's like this mission was designed with the Atlanta in mind, it is almost the perfect boat to run this mission in. Operations are great for (somewhat) reliable XP and a viable alternative to Co-op or Random, especially if you're grinding through a shit boat. Narai is the far and away the easiest and best XP farming mission out of all of them, I can't strongly recommend enough that you spend your camo and xp flags here. (Before WG decides to 'balance' Narai and fix the xp rate or something)
  3. Do you have any premium ships you regret purchasing? When I first started WOWS a friend bought me the Arizona, and to this day it remains one of my favourite ships to use. I bought the Atlanta while it was on sale, and while it's a crazy boat to play, I don't regret buying her. I waited for the Tirptiz to go on sale and she's handles almost exactly how I'd imagine she'd play. I even bought the Scharnhorst, and while her playstyle isn't really my thing I do take her out every now and then for a spin. One ship I do regret is the Alabama. I waited and waited for her to come back on sale and finally snapped her up just before Xmas in 2017. And since then...it's been a little disappointing. It's mainly been her firepower: I'm used to the bullshit accurate guns on the Arizona and Missouri which are capable of landing a shell or two even at near-max range and I've struggled to adjust to the horizontal-shotgun that is her gunnery. To be fair, this is more my inability to adapt to her rather than a criticism of the Alabama; I know in the hands of other captains she's capable of wrecking havoc. And I did earned the last few thousand XP for the Missouri while using the Alabama, so I guess it's good that I got her. Havine said that, since the Missouri arrived I haven't used Alabama once. The Missouri (for all intents and purposes) is a bigger badder Alabama/NC and handles the kick up into tier X games better than Alabama. So there Alabama sits, mothballed in port. If I could refund or exchange her for a different ship I would. Which is sad, really. She's a nice boat, just not to my liking. What ships do you regret purchasing? Was it because it wasn't OP like you hoped, or it just didn't suit your style?
  4. I hope for that too, but past history suggests it's an easy content for players. Personally, it wasn't so much the grind as the time limit which really detracted from teh campaign. Grinds are a fact of gaming life, but usually you'll get there in the end. The deadline turned it into a sprint and the time-gate delay meant you could only run this race in the busy part of the new year, not during the holidays. I think WG wanted to force players to buy the DoY, and as I've said, I'd rather they entice me to buy something nice rather than force my hand. In some ways it's similar to the removal of the Missouri; if you can't grind up the free xp the only other option is the use dubloons to convert ship XP. But that's a different cause for salt discussion.
  5. As the dull glow of 2017 slowly fades along with the agony and the esctasy that was the DoY/NYE campaigns, I felt it was time to put some thoughts to virtual paper. Turns out, many others have already voiced their feelings; mine isn't dissimilar. Others have written about their analysis and experience of the campaign in greater detail, but the gist of it (mine included) goes something like this: The Campaign was really really hard, almost unreasonably so, but not just because of the missions themselves but because of the artificial time limit placed on them. This lead to some weird and desperate behaviour, like UK ships on suicidal spotting or torpedo runs. The alternative was to grind A LOT of xp. Normally a viable not-too-painful alternative, but the time limit made this task a chore and more often than not, because the XP target was so high, it was still faster to score torpedo hits or ram BBs or whatever was necessary. The difficulty of some tasks depended on what ships (and what tier) were in your fleet. For an experienced DD captain, 90k torp damage in a tier X DD was apparantly not difficult. If you did not have a tier X DD captain, achieving this required a small miracle. To be fair, some people still managed to do this in a Gallant and I take my hat of to these captains, but this is the exception rather than the norm. For skilled captains with a large diverse fleet of ships and (more importantly) the free time to play, this campaign was difficult but doable, the tasks made shorter by their skill and the best ships for the task. For people who had to juggle families, a job and other video games, the time limit was added pressure they didn't need. For people without the right high tier ships, the missions bordered on impossible. The Duke of York is underwhelming. It's not the garbage ship some people make it out to be, in fact it's not even that bad a ship, but compared to its KGV sibling it's distinctly inferior. There's an argument that we shouldn't complain because it's a free ship, though I find that idea flawed for 3 reasons 1) For the people that paid for it, this is clearly not true 2) The notion that cost has some bearing on quality begins to feel like pay-to-win, something WG has (mostly) been wise to avoid 3) Given the amount of work it took to get this boat, the blood, sweat and tears, I almost resent the idea that this was a free boat It's been said that people are just salty and ungrateful, we should just "git gud" and stop whinging about getting a free boat and free stuff, if we didn't want it we didn't have to play for it. My response is the idea of this game, or any game for that matter, is to have fun. Playing WOWS is fun. Working towards targets, even difficult ones, is fun. Achieving difficult tasks and being rewarded, especially with interesting ships, is fun. Being told a task is too hard for you so just don't play, isn't fun. (and as I mentioned above, it wasn't the tasks as much as the short time to do it in) Having to drop everything to urgently grind for a boat, was not fun. Being forced to play in selfish, suicidal and disruptive ways to earn this boat, was not fun. I also think it is quite telling that (for me at least, and the other accounts I've read) most of the people who completed the DoY/NYE campaign felt relief it was over more than anything else. Not a sense of achievement, not even a 'look at my new boat, envious? You should get one too'. Just relief and exhaustion. What I'd like to see and future suggestions: For now, no more urgent missions with too-good-to-pass-up rewards: Most accounts suggest the people who undertook the DoY/NYE campaign found it a tedious chore and more than a few (myself included) feel burnt out. It feels nice to lower the tempo for a while. A good example is the missions for the the badges and emblems: This is perfectly fine; nothing special required, just play WOWS normally and you'll get them. You have until February, so no hurry. Ten citadel hits a day is hard, but you know what? The rewards aren't that exciting, so I don't feel so bad for missing out. The 4 wins a day mission has a nice camo, and the requirement is low, so I'm happy to jump through that low hoop for now. I don't know what the exact solution is, but it's often been said how great it would be to have mission objectives that encouraged team play. I understand the difficulty in making this a reality and this is really a different discussion topic, but it's worth remarking how much single-minded batshit crazy disruptive play was caused by almost everyone doing this campaign, myself included. My Gallant might as well been named the HMS Leeroy For future tasks that require grinding credits and XP, perhaps including co-op and operations into the allowable missions would be a merciful step. Grinding is grinding, there's no need to make it painful grinding. RNG tasks in a time limit mean finishing it a lottery. Knocking out modules and setting fires happens on a regular basis, so they're not to hard. Disabling the main gun? Devastating Strike? These are much harder to achieve. Asking for citadel strikes on a boat noted for its HE and weak AP means RNGeesus gets involved. Tasks you can progress towards are infinitely preferable to rare achievements. If it was Wargaming's intention that only a handful of elite players finish the campaign, raise the requirements up to tier IX-X so it's clearer that only a few people were meant to achieve this. The Santa boxes were fun (I spent far too much money on those 'macro' transactions). Buying ships is fun, and TBH if I could've paid for the KGV instead of the DoY I would have. Instead, once I realised the DoY was a 'meh' boat, I was really turned off spending dubloons or cash for her, especially when there was a campaign to get her for 'free', forcing me down the DoY campaign trail. What I'm suggesting is more value for our consumer dollars, make me want to spend it because of something nice at the end. Making me pay so I can end the pain makes me inclined to stop playing overall. Lol, just joking. I'm an addict. But seriously though, I'd pay the asking price for a Belfast or a Kutusov, noted 'gud botes' I'm desperately hoping will come on sale again. The DoY? Forget about it. Even if there was no campaign I wouldn't pay for it, I'd rather convert free XP for the KGV, or buy the Scharnhorst instead. Finally, the time limit was the biggest complaint this season. I'm not exactly sure what the staggered release of the campaign was meant to achieve (force them to buy the DoY?? See above), but it did mean that even if the working adults amongst us did have free time over the holidays, they couldn't use it to complete the campaign. The short time span really favoured players who could grind for hours endlessly in the post new-year period instead. This was the single biggest frustration that caused the feeling of not-having-fun. If I could have changed one thing about the campaign it would have been this. Overall, I'm glad to have gotten the DoY 'for free' and earned 5 other tier VI boats in the process as well. Without the time limit, I don't think the campaign was all that hard, just a bit tedious, and in the end I had more fun than not, but only barely. I think this campaign could've done with some balancing and tweaking and it would've been great.
  6. Hanger556

    I love co-op

    I enjoy doing Operation/Scenarios the most (team mate dependant, of course. Sometimes random players are pretty useless or inexperienced). They are especially useful for grinding through tier VI (and now VII) and also great for farming free xp. I hesitate to use premium camo and flags, and it's especially frustrating to load a ship up with premium gear only to get blasted off the map for one mistake, essentially wasting it. Sometimes you don't even do anything wrong, the other team is just really skilled. I should probably mention I'm just an average player, so while I do occasionally have good matches, really good matches are rare and mediocre and below matches are common. With Operations, there's at least a better than 50/50 chance we'll have a good op and everyone will come away with some decent xp and coin. Not always, but more often than not. 4 out of 5 stars still yields decent rewards. Co-op is very enjoyable as well, though the simple suicidal-lemmings AI and the low rewards dilute the enjoyment a little. These days, Co-op tends to be for slow-grinding new stock-fit boats or finishing up mission requirements (eg: win one match where you kill 1 BB. Just ram your AI counterpart and be done with it) where they are allowed. In December and January you couldn't do a Co-op without seeing a Duke of York. Random games can vary wildly, though as an average player my ability to overcome a lousy team is limited so overall it tends towards the less enjoyable side of the spectrum. But random games are where the rewards are at, so I'm forced to grind there if I ever want to see higher tier boats in my lifetime. Actually, my biggest complaint for PVP is the entirely random nature of the match making; there are days where I'm actually playing well, my positioning is good and all my shots are landing on target, but we're all going to lose anyway because teammates are retarded and we're getting decimated. Some people are god-like good and can turn that around; I can't. Sometimes, PVP players mock the PVE guys but I find this attitude retarded. Being toxic to PVE players makes it even less likely they'll want to jump into the PVP pool. And I do think the OP is right, it would be nice if there was more PVE content for the casual players; there has to be a better way to balance PVE with forcing them to be canon fodder for PVPers.