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  1. BlackShark97

    ST, skip-bombers

    Why am I hearing the Dambusters movie theme? 🤔
  2. BlackShark97

    Spot The Difference

    Here's my entry!
  3. BlackShark97

    ST, visual effects update

    Great! I can't wait to see how it'll look.
  4. BlackShark97

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hello MatroseFuchs. I want to point out that the "Splinter" camouflage mod by Mebius_W has an issue where the default Iowa premium camo has its colour palette swapped into an ugly Blue-White-Grey. It's supposed to look like this: I hope this can be corrected soon. Thank you.
  5. BlackShark97

    0.9.7 Bug Report Thread

    Sounds like you have multiple issues. What's your internet speed and quality most of the time? I've been playing WoWs since 2016 with a 1Mbps internet connection through a home router/modem and I get consistent 30ms ping. Lag spikes occur when bandwidth is used up by other parties which sometimes logs out of the game. But that's on my end.
  6. BlackShark97

    [ALL] ModStation

    Thanks for the quick update, MatroseFuchs.
  7. BlackShark97

    German 2nd Camo scheme list (Not all of them)

    Thank you for taking the time to compile these images. Can't wait to get them also on my German BBs.
  8. BlackShark97

    [ALL] ModStation

    Thank you for all the work you put into updating and maintaining the growing list of mods that are being included, MatroseFuchs. Please know that I am very grateful for your (and perhaps team's) work as it made WoWs a lot more enjoyable for me. From a user of Adjustable Panels, Splinter camo pack, Ping light, Detection and Score timer, Advanced HP indicator, Port Admiral, All ships in tree, Modified flags and Replay enable. Thank you again 😁
  9. BlackShark97

    [ALL] ModStation

    I've had trouble downloading simple updates in the past due to spotty connection when using my phone in tethering mode. And unfortunately, if it stops midway during a large ModStation update, it will often resort back to downloading the whole ModStation client again. However, I find this avoidable if I use a stable internet connection like my WiFi, so wait a few hours and try to re-download it again.
  10. BlackShark97

    Public Test 0.9.4 Feedback Thread

    Obviously the PTS submarine test is not good at determining exactly how it would be like in randoms on the live server. The difference between bots and human players is massive, especially when it comes to the ASW with DDs. In randoms a DD can't just rush above a sub and kill it, he would be spotted and shot by the rest of the enemy team. Which brings me to my first problem with subs and their spotting ability. It feels a bit too strong. I had situations, where I was in a DD and was proxy detected by a sub, but the sub was not spotted. Obviously he was close and just dropping water bombs did some damage, but I had no idea where exactly he was and furthermore where he was going. So personally my opinion is, subs should not be able to spot surface ships when they are below 6m. Second problem. Subs spawning in front of the team are not a good design choice. In my opinion, this will just end up in subs sitting outside of caps and spamming torps. They don't have the speed to make big tactical moves, flank the enemy etc. My idea. Let them spawn at the east and west of the maps. This offers two ways of playing a sub. They can go back towards their team and play more of a support role or they can try to attack the enemy team in a kind of lone wolf role. That gives them a bigger chance of damage, but also will put them at a bigger risk to be hunted by an enemy DD or CL as they have little support from their team. Third problem. Subs can stay underwater forever. Reloading your battery underwater is, in my opinion, a bad idea. It just makes it even worse for any ship without ASW capabilities. Basically right now a BB can dance around torpedos from a sub forever and it does not matter, because the sub will just stay hidden. If subs were forced to surface at some point to recharge their battery, a BB then would have a chance to sink it. That would reward the skill of a BB player and would force subs to think ahead so they are in a safe position when they surface. Then, there are a few smaller problems that need fine adjustments. Like the ability to dive, it is just too quick. Make it slower so that a sub player needs to think really hard about fully surfacing or remain submerged. The current setup felt it was giving too much liberty to sub players. Other than that, I'm loving the new visuals and sounds. Diving sirens and underwater pings. Depth charge animations and underwater cameras. Sub play is fun right now, albeit quite hectic due to the nature of bots. Keep up the good work!
  11. BlackShark97

    [ALL] ModStation

    Thanks for the quick action. I was wondering why I couldn't view all the ship's in the Tech trees. Opened up Mod Station again and it patched without problems. Cool beans. 😃
  12. BlackShark97

    [ALL] ModStation

    Try again. Mine updated itself fine.
  13. BlackShark97

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hey Modstation crew, love your work! I've been using the Blue Water mod since the CV rework and I've been loving ALL the camos it adds and replaces. One problem I'd like to bring to your attention is that the Cleveland's Measure 22 camouflage on the port side, it doesn't align properly with the waterline, thus creating this jarring gap. The meeting point also has a gap. I am hoping that the fix would be simple for you. Again, I'd like to say thanks for your work in keeping all the mods updated. - BlackShark97
  14. Sorry chief. Even if it's "compensated" by giving all players premium versions of consumables, thus reducing the gap between new and seasoned players, just adding straight up performance buffs (no matter how little, a better ship is still a better ship) that are locked between long grinds are going to beset the positive effects and I'd argue even widen the gap. Which knowing this doesn't really put happy feelings in my head.
  15. BlackShark97

    What's actually wrong with CVs

    Great post, OP! You've managed to summarize basically all the points I'd like to make when people are discussing about CVs. As a BB, DD and CV main player I honestly didn't feel too frustrated with how CV DD interaction was. Granted I was only at Tier VI on Ranger when the CV REEEEwork rolled out. After taking a break and coming back after WG released a couple of changes (reticle bloom adjustments, spotting tweaks) I found my gameplay in DD to be a pretty much the same, except I only felt CV's being present more in my games (possibly due to hihg population numbers, CVs attacking DD's are viable now). But I don't consider them to be too broke. Then again, I am only at Tier VII on both Lexi and Implacable, and I really do feel strong when being top tier and feels kinda frustrating when bottom tiered, when you have to consider bringing how many squads in a flight to absorb AA damage versus you attack potential. This is because I could only rely on dead reckoning of "I know the Worcester, Des Moines and Minotaur are mobile anti-fun zones, but does this apply to all US Navy ships? What about Marine Nationale ones? They too have Bofors right?". And the frustration of having lost my 2 squad flight because the AA is significantly better than I expected. All in all, I'll be using this as my reference when I'll try to discuss about CVs and how they are placed in the game. Thanks for the well written post!