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  1. Spawnylicious

    Completely rigged, WR is completely out of our control.

    @yobbo....think the sarcasm went over your head....lol
  2. Spawnylicious

    Ended up buying doubloons on wrong server

    Dear Elastic_Little_Brother! Thank you for your purchase in the the Wargaming.net Premium Shop. The items you purchased have been transferred to the account Elastic_Little_Brother and are available in the game. Purchase information: Bundle you purchased: "1250 Doubloons" Bundle cost: 6.69 USD Order number: a540eebc28d211e5af1cd89d671569 c8 Transaction ID: 1061561 Payment method: CreditCard(Pensio) Date and time of purchase: 2015-07-12 20:15:20 UTC Best regards, Wargaming.net Premium Shop Teamhttps://na.wargaming.net/shop/
  3. Spawnylicious

    Ended up buying doubloons on wrong server

    Pretty sure i used this account to post and i never logged off at all. automatic login
  4. Man i was like wtf the doubloons dont come. Was the website drunk? Anyways submitted a ticket. How disasterous. The HORROR ™
  5. Spawnylicious

    Warspite being removed

    know what? your the type that could easily be suckered into buying cause instead of wanting to buy something useful you buy something on impulse. For how many months i sold beats and bose stuff, I know. The *floods* when my stuff starts to get limited stocks, or out of stocks. It's marketing
  6. Spawnylicious

    Do you know Yi sun sin ?

    He's just a super unicum heck if we only lived in the past.
  7. Spawnylicious

    WOWS is rigged

    I dong* the translation and eats *dong already
  8. Spawnylicious

    WOWS is rigged

    fret not, ghost torps and peanut shells will come eventually. Get hit by one of those and it's certainly.....not painful. Join the tin foil hats club today. Slight membership fee required.
  9. Spawnylicious

    WOWS is rigged

    First tin foil hat in the sea oh yeah it floats, surprisingly