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  1. shcerion

    any MOD/MODS for improving game performance?

    Are you using Intel Graphic hardware? Cuz that sucks.
  2. shcerion

    Mission wants to remove unnecessary functions.

    Try use it one, you might addict to it. Trust me.
  3. shcerion

    new jap premium battleship bugged?

    Its armor is quite poor though, also penetration.
  4. After 3 days of suffer. I've made a conclusion. There are 3 things infinite. _____The Universe _____Human 's Curiosity _____And the Amount of American Fighter Squadrons. Can't hold me tear when 3 enemy squadrons (Langley and Bouge) toasted the **** out of 8 strikers squadrons. Should i quit Japanese Carrier
  5. Then there much be someway else to use the anchors, i feel sad for him
  6. I'm thinking about if the developers added the emergency break for ships, by dropping anchors of it down then cut it like in the movie "Battleship". This physically help the ship stopped fast or decrease inertia as much as possible or maybe ship could drift like car too ) , A useful skill to avoid surprise torpedoes attack. Beside, Anchor are the game symbol and it kinda sad if it is never used
  7. i sent 2 squadron of fighter (Zuiho). They both died when only took down 2 planes of 1 American fighter squadron. This is kinda unfair for Japanese Carrier
  8. If WG neft the auto like that i think i should remove it because it better than keep that useless auto when no one is gonna use it anyway. What a waste :'(
  9. Is now much harder to hit the target, Planes drop torpedoes too early and this sucks