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  1. KeiTa12

    Santa Claus boxes. Random giveaway. Today only.

    KeiTa12 Gibe santa box plox ( b0ss )
  2. Since we don't have a specific thread for sharing our creations here in SEA so i'd like to start out one everybody to share their work here. Here's my entry as a starter. Don't hesitate to showcase your work. Remember all participants will receive early access to the missions to earn this unique camouflage.
  3. KeiTa12

    "killme" file extension

    12.8 GB whole ?! Jesus ! Why didn't they just delete it during the updating process ?
  4. KeiTa12

    IJN Mutsu

    She's a keeper alright
  5. KeiTa12

    what is everyone's fun ship?

    Clemson mayhem
  6. KeiTa12

    New CV player requirement

    Or having a brain - because seeing them in games nowadays counts as a burden.
  7. KeiTa12

    Reporting CV bot

    If you were happen to record that battle you can file it up to support and let the staffs investigate his behavior - i auto report him whenever i see him in a battle -because you know "that" guy is good as dead for the team from the get go.
  8. KeiTa12

    Reporting CV bot

    Yeah i know that name , that is one hell of a scrub - see 'em a few times in some of my games as well.
  9. F stands for "fish" :hue: Teach me on how to operate the freedom gunboat Nguyen !!
  10. KeiTa12

    Minekaze Rebuff Suggestion

    -8km torpedo range and Increased RoF- ( because some men just want to watch the world burn ) Jks , I actually starts with the minekaze after it was nerf and i find it already grossly OP as it is - "unless you want to nerf it more?"
  11. KeiTa12

    Karma points

    Decoration: I wonder if anyone has -negative- karma points , or does it just remains at 0 ?
  12. KeiTa12

    The Battering Ram

    Dont mind if i do. Player Disqualified - You need to survive the battle ~lengxv6
  13. KeiTa12

    WoWs x Arpeggio Stage II

    Even if it just a place holder sub sitting in my dock, i'd be happy
  14. KeiTa12

    USN Bogue...

    Reminiscing the days when pre nerf zuiho used to eat Bogue for lunch
  15. KeiTa12

    Premium Port BGM

    Oh Snap !! I was unaware of using the Hawaii port when i'm still using my prem account.Doh !!