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  1. Saw this guy in the Benson launching sekrit ww2 guided missiles
  2. jerson_comia

    the Mogami cruiser

    My keks man, never knew that being prone to capsize in storms is an advantage
  3. jerson_comia

    Missing Ishizuchi

    Ah soo that was what was missing when i checked the shop earlier. Yeah weird, I've checked NA prem shop and its still there
  4. jerson_comia

    Ship Naming

    Hmm. wasnt this answered in a really old Devblog? IIRC you would be able to pick from a list of proper names (i.e US states for US BBs) when you buy a ship or some thing like that
  5. jerson_comia

    Don't you just hate it when people don't listen to you?

    It would depend if theres gonna be a CN publisher that picks it up. Hopefully theres gonna be one SoonTM.
  6. this happened to me too. no exp/creds added, but the loss was listed on muh stats T_T.
  7. jerson_comia

    Don't you just hate it when people don't listen to you?

    Happen alot, I suppose its really the language barrier, I had times when I was the only one who spoke/understood English in my team. It sucks. And that's why (no racism involved) I kinda want the Chinese to get their own server already, SEA language barriers are hard enough, then you add the Chinese lot. Or WG gives us free Chinese language lessons
  8. jerson_comia

    about FPS and japannese ship balanced

    Running a Pentium K + 550 Ti 50-70 FPS at High. Must be a PC problem
  9. jerson_comia

    Question about Atago Class

    You can always mount the older hull by clicking it then clicking MOUNT. But yeah, I kinda like having more main guns on my ships
  10. jerson_comia

    Question about Atago Class

    Eh, really? Interesting, may mount it on for some games then.
  11. jerson_comia

    Question about Atago Class

    You should atleast try to get the Cleveland before switching lines again. Also, dont mount the the last hull of the Omaha as it takes away 2 main guns in exchange of a little bit more AA.
  12. So I was having a bit of an iffy afternoon with my internet connection then this happened. I went on to a random battle with my omaha, but as i was loading it de-synched me. Fortunately I was able to re-login in time. Played the battle and had a bit of fun even though we lost. After the battle ended, there was no review screen, it just went straight to the port screen, the little notification tab doesnt show the battle stats and there were no credits and exp added. The defeat, however, was added to my stats (im a bit of a stat-whore so i noticed). I checked the replay folder and the replay was there.
  13. jerson_comia

    where'd the bug report section go?

    where'd the bug report section? not that I have found any other bugs except for the omaha's aa guns
  14. jerson_comia

    Omaha showing wrong aa stats or something

    will do
  15. jerson_comia

    Omaha showing wrong aa stats or something

    but I counted~~ refer to shitty jpg pics with shitty paint