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  1. Whitzwolf

    Update 0.6.6 Bug Reports

    1. Description UI bugs out when finished a random battle, buttons do not work, cannot return to port, press ESC or 'Battle on!'. Using the keyboard to press ESC does not work either. 3. Result Have to force the game to close via Task Manager and restart. 4. Expected result Should be able to just return to port...
  2. Whitzwolf

    Mission Abuse by Some Clan

    "5.08. Repetitive and excessive passive play" ... So why does WG listen to baBBies again?
  3. I just had one guy slag me off today saying it was completely my fault for losing the match for the team in a (boring as) tier 9 match on tears of the camping sands (with big race to make it worse). I was the only DD on the team (akatsuki) and the only enemy DD on the team was a Benson...so naturally I really didn't want to contest cap, get spotted and deleted. So I decided to spot north and launch delaying torpedos only to find that my team wasn't shooting at them, not one enemy ship was sunk and most people on my team didnt even make 300 exp (my threshold between you are completely incompetent and a bad game) -_- And I've had a 6 loss streak today
  4. Whitzwolf

    My guess for the new Pan-Asia prem ship

    They could always buff fire rate, fire chance, accuracy etc I do agree though she would be a better fit at Tier 5
  5. Whitzwolf

    IJN DDs And Their Uses..

    IJN DD's are boring, if you get detected you die, you can't shoot back effectively, so you play passive, you play to run away and torpedo. I don't even smoke for my team because that would just be a waste (so many times made a smoke line and they just go right through it or go round the side of it...maybe because they don't have the smoke circles option on either (which it should be on by default but that's another topic)) Yet WG want exactly the opposite of this with the game, they want people to be aggressive and as such IJN DD do not fit the meta, I spend most of my time in my Kamikaze just spotting, trying to area deny and cap if possible but if I see enemy DD I just run, run as fast as I can because there is no way I can fight back evenly.
  6. There needs to be something like Navyfield, some kind of huge reward for people to fight out over once a week.
  7. Whitzwolf

    So ready to rant today...

    PvE needs better bots
  8. Whitzwolf

    World Of Warships Feedback

    Make it very clear to players (both new and old) that there is no repair cost, but a service fee and no matter if you die or not you pay this fee so running away to try save yourself isn't saving any credits and will actually net you more if you fight (as well as gain more exp). People should play more aggressive, those are the best battles. Play to win not play to not lose.
  9. Whitzwolf performance drop?

    After the new 6.4.1 I've noticed a significant FPS performance drop on my machine, note I run the game on as low graphics setting as possible and I've gone from an average 30-50 FPS to average 20-30.
  10. Whitzwolf

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    250 anti detonation flags Because this game really needs less engaging and fun mechanics :^)
  11. Whitzwolf

    The Hatsuharu Experiment

    Isokaze is still best pure torp IJN DD, the only thing the Minekaze does better is speed but then has to face tier 7's
  12. Gonna throw in don't camp the blue line, yeah even in a DD it probably happens
  13. Kongo-Desu is not my lover, she's just a ship who claims I am the one
  14. Whitzwolf

    Torpedo Boats!

    I'd love to see PT boats as a possible special game mode (like World of Tanks winter showdown or the chaffee racing (hey PT boat racing!) or maybe... ...a special submarine mode?
  15. Whitzwolf

    Hybrids CVs

    Probably just end up as tier 8 premium ships...