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  1. Sgt_SmokeAlot

    How do you dismiss crew within your reserves

    i normally re-use/assign my commander when i have accumulated enough points for the next tier ship of same class.
  2. Sgt_SmokeAlot

    Domination ticket counter

    Ok, there are 3 different questions in this Poll but they all are about the same issue: There's not enough time to reset caps as it is now. Basically this is due to slow ship speeds(for anything other than a destroyer),or because of rushing in gets you killed <--making the ticket difference worse.
  3. Sgt_SmokeAlot

    Problem with Changing Physical Geographical Location

    Hi Amade. Thanks for answering so quickly. I had been hoping I could just log-in with my existing account ,download and install the client on this (better) machine, and continue where i left off on the new local server.Bummer. Currently downloading the client from the Asia server again and will try apply for EU CBT.
  4. I am a Dutch guy living in Australia and have been accepted into the CGT/CBT while I was there. This means I have been playing and testing this great game on the 'Asia server' for the past few weeks. Currently tho I am back in The Netherlands for a 12 week Family visit and would like to continue testing this game. Now, since I have physically moved from Asia to Europe ,I have been unable to log in to my wargaming.net account on worldofwarships.eu to download and install the 'client' on my computer here in Holland. So the question is: How do I get the game (back) to work after I switched locations and machine???
  5. Sgt_SmokeAlot

    No Mouse Pointer/Icon in Map-mode.

    The only thing pressing control does , is make the pointer invisible outside the grid also :-s
  6. Sgt_SmokeAlot

    No Mouse Pointer/Icon in Map-mode.

    Don't know. Haven't tried that yet, but I will. The only time I can see my mouse pointer in map-mode is when it's actually outside the mapgrid ( outside the a-j /1-9 part) This comp is quite old and under par also, that probably doesn't help. ( Windows Vista, Intel 7400 duo processor,2g ddr3 ram and 512 mb vid) Planning on getting new comp soon, but until then hope i can get this sorted. I'll try your control thingy and report back on results here.
  7. Not sure why but for all ships in map-mode I have no mouse pointer/icon. This makes it impossible to play Carriers..Any ideas what could'v caused this or how to fix it are welcome. Thanks.