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  1. 你听不懂中文吗?看不懂中文吗?这人是演示外挂的恶劣性并实锤他人开挂的!你觉得谁会傻到开着外挂录视频呢?!难道所有人都和你一样智障吗???怪不得那些开挂的人会如此猖狂 因为总有像你这样黑白不分的玩家拥护他们!

    German T10 battleship nerfed?!

    Especially after this update!
  3. Hi guys, Does anyone tried German t10 bb Groser Kurfust, I feel it has been nerfed for the penetration and armor protection as well. Thanks!
  4. Hi there, Just a quick question about the container of End of Year Achievement Marathon event. For now all the achievements have reached the target and turns in gold! I have done all of them before the goal. However, I haven`t got the new year special container for up to 3 days already, which I am really expect it! Also the last achievement just turns gold, An Epic Journey. But I haven't got that container as well... So do you guys have any idea when that one will add in to the game? Thank you very much! Happy New Year! Good Work for the last year! Cheers! Michael

    More Fair on TK system!

    Hi all, I just finished a battle with mogami in a t10 match. in the game, a Fletcher comes in my torp way when i tried to torp enemy dd in the fog! and of cause, he doomed! this definitely not my fault! because he jump into the way! and i said sry after that, without any compliant! then why I still because a TK player?! WHY??????? This is totally not Fair!!!! Also, another game, I was play dd, and set smokes behind bb. Then the aoba push me away from smoke and i tried to run away backwards to the smoke and torp the enemy bb in short range! suddenly that aoba also backwards and hit the torp, just 1 hit, he doomed! After game I because a TK PINK PLAYER! So do you call this TK?!!?!?!?! Please fix this to be more FAIR! it just like I have to be punish because others mistake?! so can i always go after team and always set myself ready to be hit by friendly make them in PINK!? SERIOUSLY?! FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!

    Bug reporting, rewards issue with campaigns

    All right, Thanks for replies! I will take a look!
  7. Hi there, I just finished a game with BB Dunkerque, in the game, i finish a ca with a reward close quarter expert. However, I didn't receive the flags which comes from that achievement. And I have a mission No.5 from campaigns, science of victory, Get two achievements from personal and heroes of honor. But that also doesn't count in the mission. Just a wonder, is that a bug? or It is a BUG! The shots are come attached. Please have a look! And I will waiting for answers. Thank you very much!
  8. Hi Developers, Like the question, could Nikolai be open sale again in the future? I really would like to buy one! Thank you very much for answer!
  9. Hi Developers, just a quick question about the new reward cargo, which will replace the daily mission. In the preview, the cargo will has a chance to win a premium ship, so just a wonder, is it works for all premium ships that are available currently in the game? how about imperator Nikolai I, is is also a chance to win? Thank you very much!
  10. sorry i was using Chinese interface.... I am living in Australia BTW~
  11. Hi there, After these days battled in rank since the new experience and credit system updated. I found it is really hard to keep myself to get the mvp in the team, to keep the stars by playing bb and ca. I dont like to fire at very back of the team and try to keep alive firstly, instead, I like CQC mostly. Which means most time I will get very high damage and damage received. After a tough battle, in the game, I achieved dreadnought, High caliber and cqc achievements. However, after battle, I found myself lost a star! The mvp was granted by the dd with no any achievements at all! so how the new system do the calculation for the experience to be the mvp in the game?! damage? spot? achievements? ribbons? For so many times, I thought i could get the mvp but not! mostly by dds! so could you please explain this to me clearly? Thank you very much! PS: The photos attached are one of the game with kutuzov, which granted with 3 achievements and high damage. But the mvp belongs to dds?!
  12. I just finish a battle with rank 10 players, at beginning, we never know what the rank for other side; in the end,we lose the game. However, when I check the team information at the result section. I find that all my member in our team are rank 10, but other side are randomly from 10 and higher! Is it fair?! Why my team are new to 10, and others are higher than that?! I feel like I have to battle with higher players to earn the star! Not play with same level! Seriously?!