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  1. don't worry. the skill point is not enough for pick RPF. and good CV captain know where DD are.
  2. RX83

    Imperator Nikolai I

    Yes she is OP. feature - CA fire range but CA concealment - 12 guns but T4 - good gun replacement - she can bounce almost all AP shell from T6 BB on the front I was 3 salvos sunk 3 full hp CL/CA in a row by her
  3. Saipan fighters are crap in dog fight. but very good for strafing. (straf and run is my usual tactic) so she is balance compare with other same tier CV. her TB good enough against T9 BB. I lost 2-3 planes when going to torps solo Iowa. (but often come back 0 plane)
  4. RX83

    What's your cursed ship class?

    CV. i can tell. I'm not noob in CV. but often lost 6-9 games in a row. some often quote from my team mate "we just watch CV fight is enough" Yes they just watch and did nothing until I'm ran out off my plane.
  5. i mean there are 3 CAs invisible AA behind that Fletcher because weather if i saw that 3 CAs i will never bring my TB near that Fletcher.
  6. Saipan have T9 planes
  7. CV never has problem with invisible fire. so WG offer invisible AA. to day. i in my Saipan and got T9 battle. i use my fighter to find target. and i found solo Fletcher . i bring my all TB to that solo Fletcher and lost all planes immediately. WTF! WG buff AA for DD?! i thought. i know reason in ~3 minutes later that there are 3 CAs behind her. now . CV spot ability was nerf.
  8. RX83

    HMS Campbeltown

    I think she balance compare with other T3 DD .
  9. RX83

    Last chance perk on Shimakazes

    this perk is easy to use by CV. just tops and bomb yourself at start game.
  10. RX83

    Welcome to World of Cruisers!

    Step 1: queue Midway Step 2: 2 minutes pass.. still queue Step 3: 4 minutes pass.. still queue Step 4: 5 minutes pass.. timeout
  11. RX83

    DD Kamikaze Tactics

    Kamikaze is tier 5 #blur
  12. RX83

    Ars Nova Ship

  13. RX83

    Premium Advice

    repair cost for premium ship is same with other non-premium ship just gain x1.5 credit and gain x.... so much xp
  14. RX83

    Premium Advice

    Atago - can use for train IJN captain - can improve your BB game play by her