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  1. I think this good for the game and new player. It make people play low tier more.
  2. RX83

    Ranked Battles Tier 10 with cv's

    yes camping is bad. now it's worse. because Hakuryu's AP dive bomber like camper
  3. 1. do a lot damage or top XP as CV doesn't mean you are good in CV 2. watch minimap more than your plane 3. disable enemy DD first because everyone hate being spotted and torpedo 4. hugged island and lonely ship is your good target even it's Minotaur or Worcester 5. may be next post....
  4. RX83

    aircraft carrier are brutal

    at your position and if it's before rework you will dead in 2 minutes by CV if your AA not good enough just use AA from other team mate's ship
  5. RX83

    Pobeda. why this thing exist?

    not only have best gun AA may best too.
  6. RX83


    from your stat you are not trash mate but you need to get out T7 fast as possible at T5-6 we will get how to yolo, race killing contest everything are not logical here T7 is nightmare when you are not TOP tier because T7 and T8 ship has huge performance different due upgrade slot T8-9 real WOWS start at this tierT10 may worse than T8-9 because many player convert XP to get T10 and suggest you focus on 1 tech line you will lag silver when buy higher tier ship if you are not focus only 1 line join all event, campaign, mission if possible that help you so much join a clan that speak same language with you is also help
  7. RX83

    Asia Or NA

    I suggest NA if you want communicate with other player
  8. if it's before rework Zao will dead in stead of Gearing
  9. RX83

    Best tier for learning gameplay fundamentals

    T5-6 yolo, aiming contest (everything are not logical here) T8-9 how to survive from CV, more team play T10 how to camp (many players use free XP research to T10 but they are play like T5-6) im not suggest to play T7 because T7 and T8 ship has huge performance different cause upgrade slot
  10. This is tell us if we want to know how to play against CV just play CV. and who complain about "CV to strong" they are never CV.
  11. RX83

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 4

    3 last missions are easy in CO-OP
  12. RX83

    about the battleship?

    if all BB players are same skill level. nobody can beat German BB with brawl. so German BB is't good in Asia server's random mode because most player like to camp
  13. RX83

    Premium Time

    WG pick downtime when we're sleeping.
  14. RX83

    Well thought out stage requirement

    how did you shoot the planes in COOP when CV bot isn't available?