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  1. um i really need your help can you pls send me the original copy of script_config file pls? i really appreciate your help thank you :)

  2. Oh you are here elite im SILENT_WD world of tanks blitz player the guy that you keep banning XD nice to meet you


  3. Elite911

    Are There Battle Groups?

    Hello, Currently clans are not in WoWS. As the game progresses further there will be clans, but the clans will be unified with WoT. Meaning the clans on WoT will also be on WoWS. On the NA server they have one clan across WoWP and WoT, so judging by that it would be the same for WoWS. Some people may create clans focusing on one title rather than all. I recommend checking the news page on the WoWS every now and then to keep an eye out for any updates if they come. http://worldofwarships.asia/ Regards, Elite911.
  4. Elite911

    How Do You Know You Got Pink Name/Symbol/Status?

    Hello, If you got a replay of that mods can review it and issue a chat ban if necessary to the one who was insulting a player. To enable replays view this guide: http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/6646-how-to-enable-replays-repost-from-beta-section/ To know if you have a pink name, your name will simply turn pink in-game. Just like in WoT (if you've played it) your name goes blue. You should be able to see your name in pink in the port if it happens. Also, if a player team kills, you can send a replay to a mod to pass onto staff for action using the same method as above. Regards, Elite911.
  5. Hello, Please try using another browser, also check with your bank to see if they've put a block on purchasing from asia.wargaming.net. If problems are still persisting, please contact the customer service team at: https://asia.wargaming.net/support/ Regards, Elite911.
  6. Elite911

    When is 5.1.1 hot fix?

    Thread moved to a more appropriate sub-forum. Please note that the bug reports section is for reporting bugs only. ~Elite911.
  7. Elite911

    How am I supposed to read this...

    Moved to a more appropriate sub-forum. ~Elite911.
  8. I have played Battlestations: Midway, I think it is.
  9. Elite911

    Introduction thread

    Elite911 here.