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  1. WolfmanX

    soo why bother with Battleships?

    haha yea, and this is with the NY poor poor tirpitz
  2. WolfmanX

    Australia Day

    do a mission on australia day where we get to a chance to get the HMAS Australia or the Stropshire
  3. WolfmanX

    How bad is the match making?

    doesnt hurt to type as well! like for instance telling the carriers to get off spawn spots. ive lost count how many times ive seen carriers stay in 1 spot and not do a single thing about itif you see them not moving tell them to move from that spot
  4. WolfmanX

    How bad is the match making?

    from 51% to 54% lowest ive ever been was 49%
  5. WolfmanX

    How bad is the match making?

    perhaps converse with your team. tell them what youre going to do and where you want them to go etc etc. ive done all that and a bit more and it has worked out well. these kind of games ive played have resulted in mostly wins. i get loses now and then but im not worried about it
  6. WolfmanX

    soo why bother with Battleships?

    Bb player here. It gets better once you get past the t3 bb Why do I play bb? It's for that potential one shot otherwise I'm happy with getting at least 10k per salvo Now before you say otherwise, you have to have good situation awareness and know what may come your way especially torp bombers. I have evaded most of the torps being fired my way with relative ease. Playing a Bb isn't a walk in a park so it's not for everyone. Don't expect to kill anything in a single salvo coz it's not like that. And forget what you've watched in tv shows and films depicting bb firing and seeing the ship explode or whatever.
  7. WolfmanX

    Ever feel useless?...

    no it shouldnt.as a dd you can still scout, as a cv can still escort and use aa as a bb well i suppose ramming speed?
  8. WolfmanX

    Kamikaze R is here!

    well there is the option of selling her for over 3million and a free slothow i see it, money making and captain training for IJN for everyone else
  9. coz people have other priorities then answer posts all day. so many people feeling entitled these days
  10. and they do have this with co op
  11. WolfmanX

    SO this happened

    pfft i cant see anyone getting offended over the image of the rising sun unless he or she is japanese and theyre quite chill about it. had a janese family seeing the j imports. one of them had the rising sun on the bonnet. the father commended the owner for the bonnet artwork
  12. WolfmanX

    Arpeggio ships

    if theres a collab with kancolle then perhaps. it be nice but dont expect it
  13. WolfmanX

    SO this happened

    let him have his say. if he knows about the imported car culture he would know its fine especially when its done on a j import as ive mentioned before
  14. WolfmanX

    Whats the point of having AA?

    your doctrine means nothing here. its a game, not a sim nor realisticplus i bet youre playing the BB wrong
  15. WolfmanX

    Arpeggio ships