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  1. I have the commander Haruna but not the ship wat do i do to get it ??
  2. KiwiSniper

    USS Arizona

    i love the ship Overall Results Battles 32 Victories 22 (69%) Battles survived 19 Damage caused 1,765,531 Warships destroyed 28 Aircraft destroyed 17 Average Score per Battle Experience 1,519.66 Damage caused 55,172.84 Warships destroyed 0.88 Aircraft destroyed 0.53 Main battery hit ratio 21%
  3. KiwiSniper

    about the safe range of aircraft torpedo

    yeah i k now wat your saying but the game dont work that way
  4. KiwiSniper

    about the safe range of aircraft torpedo

    Torpedoes are armed 1 km after launched ,,,, yeah right i have been hit and sunk from torps at 600 meters when they have been done Manually
  5. the thing that pees me off with torps from planes is they can be droped from 600 meters away and theres no way you can get away from them as for the AA they not that good as for the damage the torps do now that op to me every one that hit does full damage every time . and yes i know ppl well just dont go in st8t line and so on and so on but in the game when your being shot at by 4 or 5 ships and shoting back you can do all at once and ships are slow to react not like plans in the game that turn on the dime . that my vent ova time tio play moer games