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    I'm a fan of submarine warfare (my favourite naval vessel ever is the Japanese I-400 aircraft carrying submarine)

    I also speak some 日本語
  1. fastfishy2

    I-400 1/350 Tamiya- model build

    Nice! maybe send me pics when finished Tamiya models are pretty nice, aren't they. 1:350 ships are good because they're big and detailed.
  2. fastfishy2

    I-400 1/350 Tamiya- model build

    Also have a Tamiya 1/350 Musashi battleship on the way.
  3. (Not sure if this is in the right place) So about a week ago I started building this I-400 from tamiya, it is 1/350 scale (but not the special edition one) Don't have any pics of the (rather hectic) build, sorry. I-400 class was a class of submarines developed by the Imperial Japanese navy, 2 were built with another serving as a oil tanker sub. None saw any combat, I-400 and I-401 were halfway on their first mission when the war ended. They carried 3 floatplane bombers each, folded into a ~3m diameter watertight hangar on the deck. each of the aircraft, called the 'Seiran' (storm on a clear day, reference to their ability to be deployed off the US coast out of nowhere), could carry a 800kg bomb or 850 kg torpedo. top speed of 444km/h. The I-400 class had the range to circle the globe 1 1/2 times. they had a internal horizontal figure-eight cross section in the middle, basically they were 2 cylinders stuck together by the sides. they also had 8 533mm torpedo tubes in the front, none in the rear, and fired type 95 oxygen torpedoes. These subs were planned to carry out attacks on US coastal cities and the panama canal, and were likely candidates to carry Japanese Biological weapons to US coastal cities. Find out more on google if you want. Here are some pics below.
  4. fastfishy2

    Is this happening?

    Buy the torpedo wand while you can (I can't, I'm stone broke from the pre order packs) EDIT: and by torpedo wand I mean the KRITakami
  5. fastfishy2

    CBT-OBT wipe

    Alright thanks all for the help. Glad my stats are going to be wiped because they're atrocious right now.
  6. fastfishy2

    Type 93 Torpedo only has 6km range?

    I hope you don't mind me using your screenshot in the bug report, server was down when I tried to take my own Screenshot.
  7. fastfishy2

    Type 93 Torpedo only has 6km range?

    yamato could shoot up to 50km but hitting something, you'd have to curl your toes in for that.
  8. fastfishy2

    Type 93 Torpedo only has 6km range?

    I will make a separate topic about this in the bug reports section
  9. fastfishy2

    Type 93 Torpedo only has 6km range?

    EDIT: post deleted
  10. fastfishy2

    Type 93 Torpedo only has 6km range?

    Oh right sorry, I misread it. I thought the Mount was type 8 and the actual torps were type 93's. Yeah, This should be moved to the bug section
  11. fastfishy2

    CBT-OBT wipe

    Ok so forgive me if these questions have been already asked, but I would just like to clear up: -Do we or do we not lose our ships, credits, Xp (free and stored) and all creds and XP used to acquire our ships (the non premium ones) -Do we / Do we not get our stats wiped (hopefully) -Do our levels get wiped as well Thanks
  12. fastfishy2

    Type 93 Torpedo only has 6km range?

    It's just, Type 93 torpedo with 7km range seems like.... IDK, a wee bit of a joke.
  13. fastfishy2

    whats everyone win rate

    Please tell me that image isn't doctored because it will make me feel so much better about myself...
  14. fastfishy2

    whats everyone win rate

    35%. and if the current trend continues, expect it to be half that by next thursday IF i can bear to keep playing. Of course if winrate didn't matter I'd find it more enjoyable but anyone who claims winrate doesn't matter is autolabeled a Noob. So I won't.
  15. Ok so I was looking at the torpedo mounts on my Yubari today and sure enough, they're firing type 93 torpedoes. Now, historically these things had a maximum range of over 20km, I understand that implementing that would completely screw the balance but ~7km range?? 10 would be better for accuracy reasons.