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  1. unnamedx

    Remove Air superiority(Captain Skill lvl 5)

    actually I agree with you OP, I haven't really play CV yet but from what I see, Air Superiority is simply must have skill for CV, just like Situation Awareness for DD in CBT, Situation Awareness is T3 skill, later WG move it to T1 because player with Situation Awareness simply outperform player without it, same case apply to Air Superiority, this skill make the balance between USN and IJN weird, take a look at this: 6 vs 4, USN outnumber IJN counterpart by 1.5x, normal matchup 7 (AS) vs 5 (AS), USN outnumber IJN by 1.4x, this is acceptable matchup, the difference is still manageable, win-win for both USN and IJN 7 (AS) vs 4, USN outnumber IJN by 1.75x, this matchup simply mean: F**K YOU for playing IJN with no AS 6 vs 5 (AS), USN outnumber IJN by 1.2x, suddenly IJN can engage and expect to cripple USN squadron severely, USN now have lesser squadron and unable to overpower its counterpart I don't know about you but from above I concluded I must have AS to stay competitive in occasional CV vs CV fight, personally I think it's very bad design to make certain skill so dominant against player that doesn't have it, I think WG should rework this skill or simply down-tier this skill to T3, to be honest, I think WG should rework entire CV skill tree because everything else except AS is so... situational
  2. Issue: Invisible Wall Screenshots: see attachmentShip: ClevelandMap: HotspotOccurrences: Tried once, Didn't have another chance to retestTested: Once, Didn't have another chance to retestSeverity: ModerateDetails: my speed suddenly drops to 0kts when I trying to cross highlighted spot (shown at shot-15.11.24_23.51.25-0812.jpg), then my ship stuck in that area, I can't get off after 1-2 minutes of turning left/right/reverse/forward, thing doesn't going too well afterward sorry that I only have screen cap, I forgot the enable replay after I reinstall WOWS, hope this will do, thanks shot-15.11.25_00.19.25-0339.jpg - match report, not sure if this will help but I added it anyway, the match is at 24.11.2015 23:43 shot-15.11.24_23.51.25-0812.jpg - show exactly where the invisible wall, somewhere beside the island, just in front of my sunked Cleveland, you can see the exact location from minimap, hope this help
  3. unnamedx

    How much can I get from selling Arkansas in OBT ?

    if you going to sell it anyway why would you care? 3, 30, 300k, 3000m, doesn't matter why bother open new topic and spread your "managed hatred"? I don't like IJ in real life but I enjoy playing IJN BB in world of warships, and consider getting IJN CV to T10 in OBT peace bro.