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  1. Welcome. Enjoy your CBT. I also tried few rounds yesterday night
  2. If you have already bought the selected package with CBT access. The just go world of warships main page and log in your account. They won't give you key. In fact, you are transferred to beta tester. Just log in and download game client
  3. Just log in your account at WOWS website. Then you will see a download button
  4. I bought pre-order 3 in 1 at 9 Apr. just now log in WOWS website and can download the game. still downloading. Will update to your guys later whether i can get in to game or not. PS: Try to log out and log in again if you still cannot "Member Page" Tab at right top of WOWS home page. Latest Update: finally get into WOWS
  5. Now the question is when can get the access key for those people per order
  6. AprJack

    April Fools

    Lol. Still nothing happened for April fools?
  7. AprJack

    News on what next on WOWs

    Yes. Quite sad if it is not a regular ship. Well, that means I need spend more cash on WOWS in future. I already speeded quite some cash ON WOT in past 2 years
  8. AprJack

    April Fools

    So how will they celebrate my birthday (April fools day)? HAHA
  9. AprJack


    據我所知,還沒有確實的公測時間. 預料封測至少也會有3個月吧
  10. AprJack

    When is WOWs Coming out LIVE?!?!?!

    I don't think OBT will come soon. At least 3 months later.
  11. AprJack

    What are you reason's playing WOW'S?

    Reason? Because WOWS like awesome. I already play WOT more than 2 years. Tried WOWP before but don't like it's play style and dynamic. Watched a lot video of WOWS and seem it is the play style I want
  12. AprJack

    Battleship Guide

    Ok.note down. Good job
  13. AprJack

    Super/over powered Torpedo's

    Sound torpedo is very dangerous. Wish I can get closed beta code before my birthday so that I can try it. Hehe
  14. AprJack

    Wargaming must fix this error

    Current is closed beta stage. Just report to wargaming