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  1. 3LIT3_5NIP3R

    1 on 1 Carrier fights.

    Bogue underpowered in terms of damage output? Because every Bogue I see in Zuiho runs 2/0/1, so they shit on me instead, but then he himself won't be able to shit on my team I guess.
  2. 3LIT3_5NIP3R

    Get rid of manual torpedo release

    Don't talk so much about realism in a game with hit point pools. Tbh, CVs are kinda tough to balance, and removing manual drops would make CVs rather useless against anyone with a clue of the A or D key. Which brings to a new point, once you see TBs or even DBs closing in towards you, turn away from them and keep turning (just not into anything) so that the area exposed to torps/bombs is reduced. TLDR press and hold A or D key and only eat one torp instead of 4.
  3. 3LIT3_5NIP3R

    Whoever designed the carrier balance can [content removed]

    555+ xaxaxaxaxa go play IJN CVs then
  4. 3LIT3_5NIP3R

    HOLY...UPDATE 0.4.1 is going to be EPIC

    RIP my Minekaze, was barely getting started with it.
  5. 3LIT3_5NIP3R

    The Minekaze detectability range must be nerfed

    Hur dur DDs OP, I keep driving in a straight line, hur dur then torps hit me, torps OP confirmed.
  6. 3LIT3_5NIP3R

    Buff tier 6 and 7 U.S. CV

    FFS stop whining about everything, a grand total of 0 of your topics/posts have been constructive to any extent.
  7. Kawachi: Damn CVs and their TBs..
  8. 3LIT3_5NIP3R

    Which ships have potential for tournaments

    Imo this game for its 'genre' is bit too slow paced for esports, if people want a slow paced but still entertaining game they would watch Starcraft. Alot of things are also quite RNGesus based, much more so than WoT, which kinda makes it less suitable for esports.
  9. 3LIT3_5NIP3R

    Furutaka, a basic guide

    I would also like to add that it is rather important to know citadel locations in general, as well as AP/HE on various targets. AP is absolutely devastating towards things like Omahas and other CAs with citadel hits; HE is useful on DDs, BBs and CVs, and you deserve to die in a flaming wreck if you fire HE at other HE spamming CAs, etc.
  10. 3LIT3_5NIP3R

    commander skill Warspite

    Diff torps get detected at different range.
  11. 3LIT3_5NIP3R


    Do I go broadside with other ships or maintain an angle towards them with my bow? In another training battle this time with Wyoming bot, I got citadeled when exposing broadside, but I was able to put more shots in. I wasn't doing enough damage however, my AP hit for 1.5k per shell at best. It was at 12km+, and plunging fire seemed to pen but not citadel the Wyoming. Update: Fought an Omaha bot, decided to just keep broadside to him for max damage while staying at 9km range min. Took him down while only losing 10k or so health, got 3 nice citadels in as well. Seem to starting to get hang of it.
  12. 3LIT3_5NIP3R


    How to play Furuktaka? It feels so different from Kuma, which is rather spray and pray. I took it in a training battle, but as the mod seems bugged with adding bots I had to settle for a Bogue as enemy. The AP seems to overpen the Bogue, but with HE I managed 3 citadels in one salvo. I took it out for a real match, and was facing problems fighting a Kuma at rather close range. AP was doing 1450 damage at best, if they could hit with my rather poor aiming.. The reload of 22s with main battery modification is still punishing if you miss, since every other non BB at your tier is pew pew.
  13. 3LIT3_5NIP3R

    Two Brothers? More Like The Only Brothers

    It's like they reworked Prok/Malinovka in WoT to suit arty, but for WOWS instead. Tadaa, a 100% open no cover map. Found it hellish so far.
  14. 3LIT3_5NIP3R

    Low tier BBs

    They seem really trashy. I have been able to get good results in my Umikaze, Wakatake, Tenryu, Kuma but not the Kawachi. It just seems so trashy. Inaccurate guns that can hit hard in single salvo, but then 30 second reload. Anything non BB can and will out damage you, it seems. The low range is awful, closing in takes centuries and may mean gg against HE spam CAs etc. Torps.. don't even want to talk abt it. My friend went through the South Carolina, and found it hell to play. For all I know he could be a trashy player, but the ship does seem to suck from experience fighting them. He found the Wyoming much better to play though. Can the same be said for Myogi? I'm playing it mainly to get the CV as I wanna try every class, and I can safely say I'm rather put off from playing BBs by the Kawachi.