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  1. hardnut

    Server Lag

    So just for the record - The cable must have been fixed OR the node must have been fixed OR some other "constructive" reason must have been fixed. Because I'm a stable 100ms now - with the same connection, the same computer and the same undersea cable (I can only assume!). So from what I can see Dantes_Inferno & davud1537 it was indeed WG service and your suggestions were not helpful. Thanks anyway.
  2. hardnut

    Server Lag

    Inform my self? I am Wrong? I do not understand what you base these statements on? You offer no facts - just uneducated poorly articulated dribble and assumptions. People from multiple regions have reported the same issue in this thread - Australia, New Zealand & Japan just on this page. Although they appear similar, they are or may not be because running WOT now produces no lag on my machine. Running WOW produces lag. Same connection, same computer, same game developer. Do you get what I am explaining to you? Or your comprehensive ability are abit slow? Well it's the last time I'm explaining it to you. Lastly, I did not request any suggestions from you. Nor do I believe you are qualified to provide them. And based on your passive-aggressive atitude they are not welcome, at least by me. As I said, please go away.
  3. hardnut

    Server Lag

    I dont mean to be rude - but can you go away. I really do not care about your country, nor have I blamed it. This thread was to report the problem and try to address it. Not to defend something - that doesn't need defending. If you do not have the problem and cannot help - please refrain from posting - it is not helpful. In regards to PingPlotter - as I said, I will run it tonight once I get home from the office. However, being in the industry I am aware of instances where a single diagnostic may not be enough to say "there is no lag".
  4. hardnut

    Server Lag

    I don't get the people who say it's not a WG issue. How can you be so sure? Like I said - I had no lag spikes in beta. Nor did I have spikes in WOT. So I am unsure how much value your or help your statements are... I will use ping plotter once I get home today.
  5. hardnut

    Server Lag

    +1 to 100 to 180 ping jerkiness. TBH I don't mind if its a constant 180 ping - at least it would be playable. But when your aim jerks all the time - it is kind of hard. Mind you I wasn't having this issue during the beta... So something has changed today.