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  1. spixys


    You forgot the skill based MM bit. This sums up all MM related topic.
  2. spixys

    CVs made DDs extinct they said

    I thought the SS was years ago until I saw Smolensk, Venezia, Thunderer and Kleber. so how was the torpedo soup (I never thought of using this term in 2020)
  3. I thought they introduce torpedo boats as the same manner as wheel vehicle to WoT!.....
  4. spixys


    Raw bats are cleaner at those days because less people were able to play around with them. Now? even a Uni post-grad can fiddle them around. That's how we eff up.
  5. spixys


  6. spixys

    Stay Safe guys

    WG has been learning it all these time.
  7. spixys

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Well thank you, I am actually think of taking a small trip into the game again after the depressing moment...
  8. Spend more time on this game while your neighbors raiding the supermarket with money.......
  9. spixys

    How to stay calm? [DERAILED]

    yes, it's a mess eating them using knife and fork.
  10. spixys

    How to stay calm? [DERAILED]

    I missed eating them using my bare hands.
  11. spixys

    How to stay calm? [DERAILED]

    the solution to everything, and the beginning of something else.
  12. spixys

    if you get quarantined for 2 weeks...

    get a VPN and find youtube.........
  13. spixys

    Covid mutation and how it affects WG mutation thread.

    well, that's the problem, I doubt he can get on either of those for this moment.........
  14. spixys


    Working at home, online purchase overloaded, so I have to go out. certain sections of supermarket getting emptied. So I purchase stuff that is useful and still not empty yet. TV News so biased and depressing, so I break the TV and play PC/switch games instead.
  15. spixys

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    I got through hard by pure luck where my Nagato + Mutsu one shotted the boss (and as well my first rank S ever on T node for this event). And watched vids from other players they all got similar out come as me..... MINI event...? Yeah right.....