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  1. spixys

    Another reason why MAKRA GUD

    What a job, where to apply, I want to change. Bookkeeping + admin + half ass website designer is boring.
  2. spixys

    georgia is out

    So he is actually an American. P.S. Of course I know that's not true.
  3. spixys

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    You can't stop haters and cry babies. Me? as usual . the misery of WG not listening to them enlightens me.
  4. spixys

    CV haku AP bombs

    That's because you don't have one to start with. Anyway, try harder, maybe WG might listen to you in 10 years time. By the meantime, you can all cry your misery with heaps of support and pats in Reddit.
  5. spixys

    Another reason why MAKRA GUD

    you actually like this thread are you?
  6. This is what's forums are for nowadays. If you think of gathering information, there are better choices
  7. spixys

    1 Game with No CV

    Asia WoWs community on CV. click bait me: Rest of the world: you need one? Turn on the TV news and you can find trillions of them.
  8. spixys

    Clan Battles: "Land of Fire" Season Results

    See, there you go - move to Perth, and support local business over there.
  9. spixys


    AA? I thought you talk about batteries.
  10. spixys

    Is there a way to pause Premium Account ?

    If you can control and stop time then you can stop premium account Does not require much intelligence to figure that out. How to achieve it? Beats me
  11. spixys

    Karma Karpetbombing

    What is karma, is it edible? i only know makra.
  12. spixys

    top 10 anime betrays of all time

    Hot war
  13. spixys

    What a Great Matchmaking

    Oh look it was my win rate 2 weeks ago. my point is, it is like losing money in stock market, everyone will experience more than once, as long as you are in the game.
  14. spixys

    12th Ranked season is so stupid

    Best answer to rental ships. Some rental ships player >>>>>>> walls can’t get over>>>>>> actual tier 10 players
  15. spixys

    Because this is fair isnt it

    Poor Frick. been scolded and hated for being too fast or too slow.