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  1. spixys

    Unequal spawns

    look at the mini map.... close to bottom right hand corner.
  2. spixys

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    Because I found most browser and app games are so stupid that eventually I had a go on KC + semi quitting Azur Lane. Sorry for being very late to the party.
  3. spixys

    You gotta be trolling me WG!

    They are jealous and pixxed
  4. spixys

    Why tier 8 often involved in tier 10 matches?

    You can made dropbox or some storage service on the internet so people can download it, because I think a lot more people are interested to your data.
  5. spixys

    Why tier 8 often involved in tier 10 matches?

    more data sample = more accurate. more diversity and less biased. it's like asking 1000 people for an answer should provide a better direction than asking 200 people only. Perhaps next 200 games can have a much different outcome than the 200 games you claimed. More of me being bs, I won't delete it so everyone can see about it.
  6. spixys


    "there will be No submarines~ in~ da game"
  7. spixys

    Why tier 8 often involved in tier 10 matches?

    Not being sarcastic, come up with count of 1,000 battle and we can see, 200 is too small. My apologies, I looked stupid and I will take back what I had said for statistics. But still, what I won't take back is about tier 8 MM, it is still a case by case incidence, and as a constant Tier 8 player I don't feel I had met this much tier X matches.
  8. spixys

    Increase post-battle service fee for T8,9ships

    Oh sorry, I never know there are PC/SJ issues about bots too, perhaps we need to love dead objects more then we do with actual scripted automated player now do we? and by the way, care to explain the obvious difference between your performance against bots and human - I mean those your friend claimed as scripted automated player as majority? especially you state that I had gave a bad name to them, and you had claimed that ingame bots plays better than actual human where the majority of them are scripted automated player described by your friend
  9. spixys

    Increase post-battle service fee for T8,9ships

    I like the irony, it was this community that suggested to reduce their maintenance cost for tier 9-10 because everyone cried that it was too costly to play 2-3 years ago - and high tier games were scarce and deserted back then, but since now a lot more people can have access to tier 9-10 and they only play exclusively those tiers no matter they are good/bad/bot, perhaps it is time for WG to revise the cost again exclusively on random battles. you shouldn't start it at the first place, the majority of them don't want to learn, and if they eventually want to, there are already enough materials for them to work with. Apart from bots - the majority of player base who cbb doing their own research, are people who just want to shoot stuff/enjoy sailing their ships after their abusive work/school hours. The world needs universal standards because your standard does not represents everyone else but only yours (and people who agree with you)
  10. We enjoy taking it. - Cry babies complaining this game should learn from him. Why are you taking it then?
  11. Business as usual isn't it. And who are these A/B/C/D Comment
  12. Mythical: Magic Torps Science: Optical Stealth Torps that even Americans are yet to develop.... It's a glitch.
  13. spixys

    WoWS UI is the worst across the platform

    I heard someone has been taking note of what we are saying in the forum. I do wonder sometimes: where do they goes to. Go figure.
  14. spixys

    When Destroyer says SCREW YOU + 3v3???

    Or the other way, "my enemy team have gods and unicums." day it's like sickness, everyone have it once at some point.
  15. spixys

    When Destroyer says SCREW YOU + 3v3???

    It's the day for your warships.