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  1. An English speaker response: A Chinese response: Rumors stated that who pay more money to the game or certain people will have better MM, so unicums must have spent xxx of money. Common people response: It's all about luck. My response: if you can't win then you lose, sometimes life just does not goes as you wish, everyone thinks they are the best and they should be unicum, but some of them just aren't. Learn to take it and make it as part of your life. This life is full of RNG and unfair MM after all.
  2. Lets debate: Stats matter

    Stats is a metric that measure your usual performance in a game. You can analyze it, and think/evaluates what you can do to improve per game. Just don't take it emotionally and kill yourself.
  3. The Unsung Brave Fool Heroes

    Things sometime works, and sometimes doesn't - sometime it went beyond calculation. If it works, breaks through defense and sunk - unsung hero. If it does not work, failed, and opponent runs over team - Fools. And people cries out and witch hunt for the fools - just like OP because it costs their games.
  4. Perhaps it is one of those Jekyll and Hyde example How many potion you have next to your PC.
  5. For low tier that is (I have random battles that only have one player on both side and filled the rest with bots), I am not sure about high tier.
  6. World of Battleships - Random

    Yeah, same goes to me. World is full of RNG itself sometimes.
  7. Worst Luck

    when your opponent have about 8 Radar ships and gun boat DD, and your team have none of those. *let me find the replay*
  8. I consumed too much of them in the past, so now I can even sleep well after drinking them when I am absolute dead tired.
  9. We should have some fun before it eventually does.
  10. philo♂sophy

    *opens pic, reads chat window* + 114514 points *saw angles and body position - is he 'penetrates ♂' his belly button!? that looks like belly button* - 114514 points because that's somewhat wrong ♂ *looked at mini-map, start brainstorming what will happen 100 sec later, and poor lonely Rouan* *start to think why this is in General♂Discussion* Anyway, OP how is your se.. ship♂ life.
  11. *rises above water* -My POV- Well DMM - the one that runs KC - is also running that other "so-called" realistic War game in Japan. So perhaps now you have a big hint on which game they will collaborate with KC first... *submerges down again*
  12. I believe racism (other server) has a bigger problem in this game..... even some MMORPG games can beat this game in regards to elitism. (like that 14th generation of the game begins with Final)
  13. Drunken Shark.... New Genre.
  14. He should have made a blog and gather his "patriotic" friends to cry at a corner instead (Seriously if you want it to happen do it, work on it other than whining and making 'possible' biased polls in a forum.) Anyway goodbye part timer, whiner, and loser.
  15. WELL CV need to go back in time

    Op should get a job at building walls instead