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  1. spixys

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    Despite the fact that I quit that other game because *** reasons - I do agree that this game has not changed for years since it released (I played both games around the same time) I think it is too late to pose any good changes for this game. Anyway, by the huge diversity of services and business opportunities provided from DMM in Japan, I don't think they need to rely on this game to stay alive. Will this game die? Eventually, just not for now - maybe internationally but I doubt locally.
  2. spixys

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    iirc if you bought one before the quest you won't be able to use it until you finish the quest because If my memory is right I used to bought one until I found out I can get my first one for free. (S Rank for 6-3 is not easy if you don't have high level CL/DD) That was at least 2 years ago for me so...
  3. spixys

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    IIRC it's Mikawa Mission (full set) => LBAS mission that gives you a paid item for setting up LBAS for free => setup LBAS then another mission to use them.
  4. spixys

    Starting a fire here.

    Politics occur when there are 3+ people interact together.
  5. spixys

    A guy Intend to kill me Without reason...

    same mindset as some player begins with A (4-8 letters) in that vehicle game?
  6. spixys

    A guy Intend to kill me Without reason...

    WG: We will have legal question to this huge problem, writing the EULA is easy, enforcing them is hard, it is like 95% legal, 5% technical. WG writes EULA is because they have to as a company. OP might as well shoot them back, then go and play a few Co-Op to cleanse your status.
  7. spixys

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    Now I want to get one of those original bisuko biscuit.
  8. spixys

    What a waste

    My 1st tier X was pretty much done by Co-Op, and it was casually playing for a few months.
  9. spixys

    What a waste

    What a waste? one less cannon fodder for everyone to stat pad with? *runs away* before I get
  10. I do think WT now has great potentials to compete against this game, especially if they have the ability to implement capital warships (iirc the biggest ship they can implement now are heavy cruisers?)in game, they can and perhaps divert a lot of players from WoWs. But still, having just one game to compete against is not fierce enough. But for now to make WG change their strategy is to drop the population of each server by a large margin for a long period of time, otherwise I doubt they will do any.
  11. Yeah, especially to those who state playing the game without paying a penny, your existence is the reason why WG won't change a thing, because you are part of the statistic, you are participating part of their spreadsheet data, and hence you are telling WG they have done nothing wrong. Being a window shopper itself is promoting a shop by creating a crowd of attention. If you don't like what WG is doing to you, uninstall the game, and delete any traces about this game. P.S. I think lack of worthy competition is the reason that made WG think they can do what they want.
  12. spixys

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Falkenheyn >> Moltke >> Fegelein..... Oops.... Why am I giving out more names for WG...................
  13. So they might be confirmed case in WoWs!?!? it must be, they are doing everyone (including the enemy) a great service by staying at the corner!? No, please sail next to the opponent..........
  14. I failed to compute the word "noov" even with my brain Running 200% Perhaps I need to over clock it.