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  1. Best exhibit for internet romance as many people had said.
  2. Warships Warriors - Coming soon. In Shark Bait's dream
  3. Have IQ's dropped sharply?

    LF> people who ask to remove them - a.k.a. whiners who have too much time and not "playing"
  4. CB times for AUS and NZ

    EA has enough pocket money to play with (thanks to kids that just wants to blow each others heads off). You just have not seen how many games had closed their Oceanic server because it cost an [redacted] to run, and it does not give great return, thanks to Austrlian/NZ population are less than 50% of 2 major cities combined in the world. Meanwhile, a lot more game companies are better off without an Oceanic market.
  5. CB times for AUS and NZ

    Pay my outgoings then I will do so
  6. CB times for AUS and NZ

    Actually, WoT never have such problem IIRC (as far as when I left back in 2015, pls let me know if I am wrong), I don't know why they have to be stingy with time zones here.
  7. Potato famine?

    It's school holiday coming soon..
  8. Supercontainer Drop Rate

    Does Super Container exists? I thought it is a myth because I don't even have 10 of them since it had introduced.
  9. main gun reload booster...

    Maybe over technology ships that regenerate hp without damage control consumable.
  10. should I be worried?

    "Hardcore" predators and "hardcore" preys.
  11. They have the right to do so, and I used to wonder why they wouldn't do it. Now I had heard the incidence happened to WoT, and know what can and will happen if you "balance" a premium ship meanwhile mishandled your customers who bought it long time ago.
  12. "Legendary" Upgrades

    Hope this is not true .
  13. The next step is changed the title back to WoB - World of Belfast.