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  1. spixys

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    Some shipgirls deal extra damage (125% to 200% more) than others due to historical accuracy and with green T + night battle bonus it can pretty much heavily damage last boss. I find this new quest is more annoying than the whole event which have just went pass. - calling that change a nerf to boss node 5-5 is like what WG nerf Stalingrad by reducing 0.5% of its Damage control party and nothing else.
  2. your secret admirer....maybe. Back on topic, nope I don't see anything wrong with that. on the other hand, perhaps you might feel a bit of achievement if you can beat that 19pt captain player with your 0-10 point captain.
  3. spixys

    Waiting for Christmas was bad enough...

    I bought it because i couldn’t played the game all the way for my Christmas and new year.
  4. spixys

    NA Salt Thread

    Might as well put the WoWs reddit link here. There are enough salt to turn ocean on earth as salty as dead sea
  5. spixys

    NA Worst Server of the Year (Salty CV Rework)

    This team don't need to look at other game publishers, because that's too far for them, they can just look at where her next door sister (WoT) has ended up is enough to tell the story.
  6. spixys

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Qing Dynasty costume....Did they watched too much TV drama about Chinese emperor and his concubines before designing this.
  7. especially that arsehole can be your boss. We don't have boss in botes, just people bossing around.
  8. There are 3 types of rotten tomoto reviewers The one who genuinely review The one who pay to review And those who join others like a cult to review. And me, I referenced the dialogues from an opening. ..nearly worked.
  9. I have been out to work 5 days per week so decide to stay at home today..... doing my spreadsheet and have a check at the books with numbers. Going out and get burned by sunlight with DE and IFHE is my idea of hell. with a bit of rest, I was surprised how fast my day had consumed and gone. Did I missed something about warships?? I do that 5 nights a week alongside with it's girl imitation so I am taking a break now.
  10. Hallucination. sun had risen from west. 2nd inner character. brainwashed. Been taken over. Make your own assumption
  11. It's a very rare occasion that this poll has some depth. I must be dreaming or drunk. I rather have this than the whole CV rework.
  12. spixys

    Thanks, Santa

    I was trying to hide that I got 4 ships from 40 mega boxes (was intend to buy 20, but eventually bought 2 sets so..) - one of them is tier 9. looks like I shouldn't need to.
  13. spixys

    Server Connectivity

    guess I have been blessed by them before I sacrifaced any.
  14. spixys

    Server Connectivity

    70-104 ms when I am in Aust because I run alongside with some other things that use my internet connection. now always 37 because I am overseas. So I think someone else's connection issue are just case by case perhaps, since I rarely have spikes.