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  1. spixys

    Signs of a noob team

    when a DD player rush to cap in 1-2 mins, stand inside it's own smoke and get sunk by one random torp 30 secs later inside their own smoke, and then have their soya sauce filled tear spilling over many forums and social media platform, that causes the platform itself corroded by their "tear".
  2. spixys

    PQs Anti-CV Vid [Merged Thread]

    iirc less than 100 of my own games where DD can actually do that, some of the DD I had met in my games before I quit repeat the followings for the 1st 2 mins of the game regardless of tier and CV - like an endless waltz Rush to a cap => get smoke up and stay => set of torp soup in the smoke => DD back to port. These players are more frustrating then having CVs in a game imo.
  3. spixys

    In Freedom Server...

    It is the trend these days, you are a dictator lover unless you agree with them. It is funny to see who are the actual Nazis in these cases.
  4. spixys

    PQs Anti-CV Vid [Merged Thread]

    95% of the people didn't do these. They: Just Whine. Just Cry. Just Protest. But no one throws Molotov's cocktail into their office.
  5. spixys

    PQs Anti-CV Vid [Merged Thread]

    iirc Tier X CV used to have around 80-100 planes before rework. CV don't have much risk (but causes menace) in the battlefield unless being pinned down by multiple enemy or mid to end game where lack of team mate to cover it. having a limit on plane numbers, and allow players to have fighter squadrons to fight air target will stop the mindset of "yoloing planes into enemy ships at the first 2 mins, because even if it has been taken down can regenerate back." - when that squadron is gone, it is better be gone for the match. Having a fighting squad can actually stop continuous spotting on the ship via air without changing the mechanics of spotting and AA (AA is where WG had constantly failed all the time), as well as a stopping bomb/torp squadrons half ways (f*ck rockets, they are worse than arty).
  6. spixys

    PQs Anti-CV Vid [Merged Thread]

    One thing is, despite he only played 30+ games in tier X CV, I find that he has a point, not some random 4x%er saying "I hate CV because my unicum Idol hate CV, and somewhat I must have the fi**ing sensation to feel the same somewhere".
  7. spixys

    PQs Anti-CV Vid [Merged Thread]

    watched the video again. As an ex-player who was always on the receive side of the CV, I think it can fit into the game as long as they receive a bigger consequence from their mistakes than what they are now, which are: unlimited planes for them to do anything they like, and the game lacks a way to stop them effectively, sure they do have a gap of not able to do anything if all their squadron had wiped out, but ultimately they can attack continuously without a lot of risk. too many ways of damaging surface ships, implement of rockets is an absolute unnecessary addition, they should have just dumped the rocket and fire the idiot who suggested the idea, and kept the air fighter squadron (not a consumable) instead. So in the past I did think that bring back the limit of planes (maybe 200+ planes limit for Tier X CV), and replace rockets with fighter squadrons (gives CV players ability to stop air spotting) are the solution to this CV rework. End of my not-so-worthy 2 cent. P.S. CV and Arty in WoT are not that similar - except the point PQ made in the video that arties need the frontline team-mates to spot the target (except some Premium tank that has the ability to spot for themselves due to higher view range). Arty has a lower concealment in WoT than CV here (I believe) - it is 1 shot-able as well as 95% of the tank in that game can out maneuver it and kill it easily, finally Arty shots are almost pure RNG that can misses its target while CV can fix that with how the squadrons approaches the ship.
  8. spixys

    PQs Anti-CV Vid [Merged Thread]

    You have misunderstood my point. I never asked to remove CV, in fact I liked playing RTS CV (despite I mainly played them in co-op) and liked to play against it before the rework, I was merely trying to refer to your statement about: to me CV was in a good place, it is because WG had listened to the majority of "great ideas" to change it, hence the rework, I was only trying to refer that it was such attitude that led us to what we are now, it is funny how you had assumed that I am promoting removal of CV. I do agree with most of the point you stated in your original post except that quote, please be reminded. In fact I was the person who rather quit the game over removal of CV - if you don't like where the game is going - just quit it. Sure things had changed and can't be reverted, and WG is yet to find a balancing factor that pleases everybody onto their million dollars "investment"
  9. spixys

    PQs Anti-CV Vid [Merged Thread]

    Then please rethink why do this game needs a CV rework to begin with....? It is like saying why bosses bother read the resume and should employ a 5 years old instead? cos in 1 out of zillionth time they could have a good idea. Or it is like we should listen to people who had a license, but never driven a car, about their opinion on car handling and on corners, and traction control issues? Yes, the second half of this statement can happen, just not here, and not in many other places as well. They can speak all they want, but should it be taken into account is another issue.
  10. spixys

    In Freedom Server...

    On a second read I think it is inspired by Confucius, but well.
  11. spixys

    In Freedom Server...

    ok, I admit it was me. I just want to test are the mods still running this forum. And it turns out it is! Thank you! My faith to the mod has been saved for once. You can say anything you want under a guideline, its freedom of speech. It's just that if you use the right by say something not nice/abusive, we serve the right to do the same to you.
  12. spixys

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    strongly advise to get a pair, it's sheer fire power is very handy for doing the quests (well except for this occasion....) also it is because they are limiting the drop of Nelson, and Colorado are event drops only (yeah right I am not gonna play E4-3 boss again).
  13. spixys

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    please go ahead, I am putting out the link for sharing purpose. I was a bit too frustrated to use Nagato and Mutsu again that few time.
  14. spixys

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    those are bad either. (remember what W node did to those planes - hint: Look at my avatar!)
  15. spixys

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    It has been a long time. Finished E-4 Hard on Christmas night - it can be one of my Christmas present (the other one is a rtx 3070 which is waiting to be assembled) My setup Thoughts: 1. I like how SS friendly fleet is more useful than nagato + Mutsu 2. Thank you Shigure for your right choice of doing 700 damage onto the last boss (out of 5 living targets) - ending this big pile of Russian Roulette game. 3. I hate node Y3, W, and X2 (in this order) more than the boss node (Z). 4. a 2 days old Merry Christmas and happy (safe) new year everyone. P.S. a dirty secret is in my setup.... Which I think most people know by now. P.S.2. I wasted more food than the resources. P.S.3. what an utopian forum it has become!! You can only rate cool, Funny, haha, and thx to a post!! Finally, the prove(s)