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  1. Submarines Are Coming

    ???: "Good idea! Will test it out soon, next April fools event!"
  2. Before: it's an Admiral Hipper with a well known name Now: It's an Admiral Hipper with a well known name and a heal (3 charges or 4 charges?) Difference: Before: you are in an Admiral Hipper. Now: you can now pretend you are in a Roon
  3. Submarines Are Coming

    WG turns impossible to possible. It's a fantasy game in the name of history after all.
  4. what happened to WOWs?

    I kind of expected this game will become like it's current state when it was still in OBT, but what I did not expect is how fast it arrived. because similar issues had been happened with WoT when I quit it 3.5 years ago, (and surprisingly both games are arguing similar things too) and back then I had decided 'lets enjoy this game until it become like WoT'. welcome back btw, detonation still exists. (when your HP is low only).
  5. You just can't tell some people.

    Judging from your SS, your opponent have started capping (which I think BB only?), and your team had almost finished capping = win. Since there are no planes to spot your team mate, the best possible option to reset their cap is to send their CA to the other side (Line 9 -10) and fire with his own spotting, but with such time frame, they would have took a much direct approach. And they have to fire their salvo earlier than the Screenshot suggested because unless opponent CA entered their cap - which did not happened because your team mate did not spot it. Finally, it is normal to meet rude and swearing individuals in any PvP games, sometimes work place irl, both side aren't wrong in that situation, he has his worries of throwing the winnable game away as much as you. in conclusion - for a better judgement we need replay.
  6. Supercontainer nerfed... again?

    "What is SC." (philosophy) I only met 5 (excludes event given) since it had released. And all i got from SC is flags, credits and xp.
  7. Dasha's Pregnancy??? WTF

    only WG office and her fans and/or people who really want to care would care about it anyway.................and of course, their boss perhaps... and for the rest of us... why should we?
  8. More like WG are required to sit there and solve his problem immediately....typical 'customers priority' attitude. I had a crash 2 years ago, and after informing the forum, it was ended up my fault, since then this client never fail badly. (well I did task manager kills sometimes) the only culprit that caused my afk nowadays are mostly from my Jurassic era internet at my overseas working dormitory home that it decides to drop 1-3 times every battle that lasts only 10 seconds, so I can pretty much log straight back in - think about it happens in the middle of cap B in 3 caps domination mode. - I had too many games that had more unplayable problem than this..
  9. Dasha's Pregnancy??? WTF

    Someone had been having a dream.
  10. 3 decades ago it was a bit more than that, but now....
  11. In fact, it does, even for me who had not played the game back then, finds it would had fail badly by reviewing its PV.
  12. [Poll] "Azur Lane" collaboration

    If they implement it, then one day, few uniform Russian policemen will visit WoWs developer studio........ ... where they will ask the developing leader to go to their office for a drink of coffee.... ....Which might take more than 24 hours.
  13. iirc one of the background stories that was well known in GuP is the last 2 episode (tv) was aired few months off their season due to the team and studio could not be able to get it done within time schedule - which is now quite a common practice in anime. The budget is always tight because in their mind, anime is a low risk business in Japan iirc, despite the cost of making them has risen steadily over the years due to market needs. Who would have thought GuP actually gives huge surplus to a city and become its specialties back in the time its first episode aired?
  14. Do you remember......?

    When Zao have optic stealth system..... Torpedo soup.... (I find avoiding them quite fun though.) BFT/AFT works for 155mm guns. 0 CV vs 2 CV in low tier. Cleveland eats Kawachi for fun. Mogami eats a Warspite for own amusement. when HE can citadel.....
  15. So I'm still in confusion

    Then how to BB/CV deals with a Submarine that decided to submerge in water and snipe torps , where you 2 are the only surviving ships in the map