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  1. LtZetarn

    Submarines: Questions and Answers

    I still don't know if the game have only 1 sub from each team left , how they gonna fight each other?
  2. LtZetarn

    Migrating ships from another server

    You can accepted some Invite from Play together program , Doesn't need to start fresh You can use this link to accepted my invite :: https://playtogether.worldofwarships.asia/invite/vVZ5AQ1 First Battle Reward - Tier II Diana Upon reached Tier 6 tech tree ship Reward - Tier V Texas - 3,000,000 credits - 80,000 Free EXP - 25 x all type flags - 25 x Damage Control Party II - 25 x Type 5 Camo - 1 Slot - Veteran Flag
  3. From Russian Dev Team "Haven’t abused the invisi-firing before? Haven’t abused the ability to spam shells while sitting in the smoke before? Better do it quick before something which is going to happen soon."
  4. LtZetarn

    WoWs Crash (post-0.5.16)

    Are you Using AMD?
  5. LtZetarn

    Akizuki-Overhyped DD. Review+Simple guide

    The Over-Hyped came from stats when it still pre-nerfed in test After the test , WG nerfed it and now it was bad as we can see.
  6. LtZetarn

    ban without knowing which mod is illegal

    Direction Indicator are mostly ban-able also... Aslain's Modpack do not get supported by WG , so use at your own risk.
  7. Torps plane need to display correctly. (fly close to the water surface to drop the loads) So the target ship can comfirm that those plane are gonna hit him and can focus fire before it was too late.
  8. LtZetarn

    And so a Waifu is reborn

    Fan Arts! "Kaga" (DDH-184)
  9. LtZetarn

    I don't blame CV too op but MM. LOL :3

    It's not the CV fault. It's the division fault. CV usually got drag uptier by their division mate.
  10. It's "Improve Torpedo Belt" Improve Medium Torpedo Belt - Price : 1,250,000 - Only Light Cruiser - Decrease damage done by torpedoes 25% Improve Heavy Torpedo Belt - Price : 1,500,000 - Only Heavy Cruiser and Aircraft Carrier - Decrease damage done by torpedoes 30% Improve Super Heavy Torpedo Belt - Price : 2,000,000 - Only Battleship & Tier VIII+ Aircraft Carrier - Decrease damage done by torpedoes 35% Only Destroyer class cannot install Improve Torpedo Belt All of this equipment will have it downside by make the ship turn slower about 3/4/5 deg/s due to the increase weight of the ship. It will act like "Spall Liner" from World of Tanks that make some ship with slow speed for have more chance from CV's Torps Run
  11. LtZetarn

    nerf yamato and others japanese bb plz

    Wait till majority of player reach the Yamato. He will came back to the forum asking to buff The Yamato's armor due to it's Mediocre gameplay in no time.
  12. LtZetarn

    Next world of warships game

    If WG gonna make another "World of Warships" Games? It will be a Card Games named "World of Warships : Admirals"
  13. LtZetarn

    Got Tk'ed during the first few minutes

    Name of the culprit are on that Tenryu at the right side. Edited : nvm , OP already censored it.
  14. LtZetarn

    Got Tk'ed during the first few minutes

    Do not post "name and shame" in the forum. I still see his name clearly. Please remove the picture and contact support directly. Before mod came to lock and ban hammer comes.