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  1. Black Listed

    Blacklisting means you won't see in-game chat messages from them, and you won't receive in-port private messages from them.
  2. There was never any promise of doubloons upon completing the campaign. Perhaps read a little closely? Here, the exact text, from https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/campaign-upcoming-ny2018/ shown below: Before you blame and accuse that "oh, they must have edited the page", no, they didn't. The wording for the paragraph has been the same from the very beginning.
  3. You don't "own" that EXP in the sense that it's something intangibly yours and that you're entitled to it. Say you grinded 3,000,000 elite XP in your Tirpitz. That elite XP is still tied to your Tirpitz, and will never not be tied to your Tirpitz. Of course, unless you purchase a paid service to have it converted into free XP. This service is a source of revenue for WG, and it won't be going away. And while you choose not to pay for this service, plenty of players do, which is why it's profitable for WG. This is an inherent flaw of the English language, and why I roll my eyes whenever someone says that "English is popular because it's easy" (it's popular because the British Empire had a powerful navy), and I'm saying this as a native English speaker. English doesn't distinguish between the Latin concepts of libre ("free" as in freedom, liberty, free will) and gratis ("free" as in free beer), while the majority of human languages on this planet do distinguish between libre and gratis.
  4. For those who haven't been following the recent Intel security debacle, here is a short, summarised summary: Intel screwed up with security on all CPUs it made in the past 20 years, due to a base architecture flaw. Security patch was released for affected CPUs, which fixes the security flaw. Security patch massively downgrades performance. Security patch affects all syscalls. nVidia GPUs heavily rely on syscalls because they don't have their own integrated pipeline to do this, while Radeon has it since GCN 1.1 and up. Basically all nVidia GPUs will have performance downgrade alongside with Intel CPUs if they're used together on patched systems. There will be no performance downgrade only if nVidia GPUs are paired with Ryzen CPUs. Performance downgrade is anywhere from 30% to 61%, based on benchmarks on systems with the security vulnerability patch. Yes. Really. Intel just now cancelled future gen of CPUs. Brian Krzhanich sold a lot of stock and ran away before Intel's shares started falling hard. Since World of Warships heavily relies on CPU calculations, there is almost a guaranteed framerate drop for anyone using an Intel CPU once you've installed the security vulnerability patch, and even more so for anyone using a Intel CPU + nVidia GPU combo due to the syscall issue, including myself. If you choose to not install the security vulnerability patch, you are putting yourself at risk, as the vulnerability allows level 0 access through the CPU. This means that hackers can directly write to your BIOS.
  5. Unfortunately, EXP earned at the end of the battle isn't particularly great of an indicator of performance, because Wargaming's API includes the premium account modifier within a player's average EXP stats. What this means is that players with premium account will have higher average EXP values within websites like Warships.Today and WOWS-numbers.com. Ideally, EXP would be a great way of eyeballing how well someone plays (it juggles direct damage, spotting damage, ship kills, plane kills and capture points very well), however Wargaming screwed up on this one.
  6. Incorrect. Your solo WR in random battles is an excellent measure of your carry potential. If your solo WR is 50%, you are neither significantly assisting nor obstructing your team. If your solo WR is 60%, you are, with strong statistical significance, carrying a meaningful portion of games where your teammates may have failed to perform well. As an example of someone who is able to carry a randomly generated team of 12 people, even if he's unlucky enough to be thrown a ton of terrible teammates, here are Gaishu_Isshoku's solo stats: Overall: 64.28% WR (sample size 5,619) Last 21 days: 78.05% WR (sample size 41) Last 60 days: 72.15% WR (sample size 158) What this means is that he is almost a full quartile above "random RNG chance", which is 50%. Some games you are given good teammates, and other games you are given bad teammates; theoretically this would give you 50% WR if you had no good or bad influence over a game. To have 78% WR, you would need to consistently be able to have a positive impact on the game, regardless of whether or not your allies are good or bad, and whether or not your enemies are good or bad. Division WR, on the other hand, is a more useless measure of skill, since any form of rigid coordination is going to have a positive impact over otherwise randomised teams. This is incorrect, given that there is nothing stopping an extremely dedicated player with mediocre skills from ranking out through sheer brute force. I have seen 42% WR players who have ranked out, simply because they have played over 600 ranked battles. If you play enough battles, eventually the stars will align, and you'll get carried enough matches in a row to reach rank 1.
  7. In my opinion, percentage damage inflicted to the enemy is a more useful metric than raw average damage, when it comes to gauging how well a player contributes to a team's victory. I would consider dealing 85% HP damage to an enemy Gearing more "useful" than dealing 20% HP damage to an enemy Yamato, even though when it comes to raw damage numbers, the 20% HP damage done to the Yamato would be significantly larger. The reasoning behind this logic is that dealing 85% HP damage to the Gearing puts him out of action much faster - the Gearing now has to play super passively and carefully, or risk being knocked out of the game; on the other hand, the 20% HP damage you've done to the Yamato doesn't really mean much at all, and doubly-so if it's merely HE/fire damage that can be repaired back. Not to mention, destroyers have more of an influence over battle outcome compared to battleships, meaning that prioritising enemy destroyer targets increases the likelihood of winning the game. Unfortunately, WG's stats API does not record (or rather, publicly share) percentage damage, and only raw damage, meaning that stats websites don't display such statistics either.
  8. 正常。9級維修再便宜的話: 沒人玩1-8級了 沒人買加值帳號了
  9. Are people not allowed to take pride in something they've accomplished no matter how small it is in the grand scheme of things, within their niche communities? You seem to constantly need to insult people who are better and care about their stats. For the record, before you accuse me of being another no-lifer: I have a full-time job, a girl to pamper, and a home mortgage to work towards.
  10. Is AS fun to play? You're literally dedicating 100 matches to trying to ruin someone's day. You're not doing any meaningful damage to the enemy team, you're not contributing to kills, you're just spending the entire 20 minutes trying to cuck the enemy CV by bruteforcing his planes. Is this fun for the AS player? Is this fun for the CV on the enemy team? Is this fun for the AS player's team? Is this fun for the enemy team?
  11. Pan Asia Flag Poll Results

    The Indonesian/South Korean/Thai/ROC flag should be kept, there is overwhelming consensus among players who play on this server. It should not be censored to protect the feelings for a group of people that aren't even catered to by this server - NA/EU/Asia/RU servers are not supposed to cover mainland China in the first place. If any PRC Chinese player is offended by the Taiwan/ROC flag, they should be the ones who need to use mods to remove the flag from their game client. If a PRC Chinese player chooses to play outside of the CN server run by KongZhong Corporation, they need to accept the consequence that they might see something that offends them.
  12. The primary concern, according to developer Sub_Octavian, was that if clan battles were available 24/7, some clans might attempt to rig matches during low activity hours in an attempt to climb the leaderboard. My suggestion is that they increase the clan battles window to 5 hours on Asia and NA servers, 7 hours on the RU server, and allow clan battles for every day of the week (rather than an arbitrary selection of days like Thursday). This would make the timezone difference between Thailand (UTC+7) and New Zealand (UTC+13:45) less painful on Asia server, the difference between California (UTC-7) and Florida (UTC-5) less painful on NA server, and the difference between Moscow (UTC+3) and Vladivostok (UTC+10) less painful on RU server. EU can stay as it is for battle hour windows, however likewise have clan battles available for all days of the week.
  13. Clan Battle "Prime Time"

    All you need to do is change a few words, and I'm sure you'll realise how ridiculous and silly you sound. Do you get it now? Do you see how much of a dumb statement that is? There is no reason why UTC+8 customers should be considered more important than Australian and New Zealand customers. Your armpits don't magically become fragrant just because you live in a UTC+8 timezone.
  14. I don't see myself playing WoWP on the NA server, because my premium time isn't unified with my WoT/WoWS account on Asia server. If they brought WoWP to this server, I wouldn't mind giving it a try.