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  1. piaya

    BB Banzai Charge

    how many of your solo charges have resulted to victory versus standard BB line battle?
  2. piaya

    Drop Anchor as an Active Skill

    so how do you explain massive fire burning the entire bridge/flight deck put out in less than 3 seconds in ww1 / ww2
  3. piaya

    Drop Anchor as an Active Skill

    Battleships are the main selling point of a naval game. Have you seen all the comments in youtube and facebook all those people are asking for the the Yamato, Bismarck, HooD, Washington, Iowa. Sadly getting on a battleship is like being a torpedo magnet which will ire most of players. WoWS have already broken alot of physics, what else is there to be broken. As many WoWS critics say there are better naval games out there but WoWS can make it more fun if we disregard a bit of realism. Im simply talking not what happens in reality im talking simply in codes that when press the ability then the ship slows down quicker than pulling reverse but since its an ability or consumable ability you cant abuse it by spamming it since its on cool down. BB as OP is kinda understatement considering the sheer amount of rage people get from CVs beyond this forum and all over WoWS fansite, facebook, youtube. anchor strength line chain durability time to drop number speed trajectory angle depth of watter. Cant the programmers just simply implement drop anchor then speed lowers. Damage moduel ability repairs damages.(even that take hours to control flooding and take out fires on a real ship especially in ww2) So thus achor lowers speed to a stop. im not asking for an iowa to drift (yet). why must it all be complicated by realism?
  4. piaya

    BB Banzai Charge

    I call it the Nelson Approach named after the great admiral nelson of the royal navy which he lead the charge of the british fleet unto the guns of the enemy and died achieving victory. That is if were only talking about gunnery battle and coordination. And always you will have no coordination with the fleet. And no one will follow your orders imply because who are these people giving orders to have the authority to give orders anyway. A Nelson approach is most of the time a free kill and lower the morale of your team and boost the morale of the enemy. A DD can bait the shells more than a BB could. It the same mindset of first time on a Kawachi thinking your invincible and chargin strait unto the jaws of death. Look if it was that game with the points thingi instead of domination? killing BB are a must since it sets the score to whom ever team kill the most BB usually wins.
  5. piaya

    Drop Anchor as an Active Skill

    ------------- well you dont have to use it if you dont want to. Ships may also benefit from it from immediately stopping to hide behind either to cap or preventing a torpedo/cannon salvo ambush on the other side of an island.
  6. piaya

    Drop Anchor as an Active Skill

    why not? if it makes the game more fun for better or worse then might aswell apply it. the primary use of it is to stop oneself from the path of an initial torpedo salvo from TB/DD/CL, since its much safer to be hit by cannons than torpedos. cannon fire from a long distance is totally RNG based anyway. besides everyone pretty much suspects russian ships will outclass every other nations despite the opposite of the actual historical accounts.
  7. piaya

    Drop Anchor as an Active Skill

    um there are so many physics breaking moments in WoWS aside from that
  8. Drop Anchors as an ability to quickly lose speed and stop. Available to all ship like damage control thingi.
  9. piaya

    What happens later ?

    the Murmansk is basically an Omaha but better stats with just -2 main guns. In fact if this continues, the Arkhangelsk may have better stats than the actual Revenge Class British BB despite being the same ship. The same would apply if there was an italian navy the russian Novorossiysk will be better than the actual Conte di Cavour class italian BB (aka Giulio Cesare).
  10. Sovetsky Soyuz is project 23 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sovetsky_Soyuz-class_battleship
  11. piaya

    What happens later ?

    the russian navy will finally have their revenge from the battle of tsushima with far more advance naval technology.
  12. what about unintentional TK from secondary guns which you have no control off? and given their inaccuracy aswell.
  13. what happens on unintentional TK due to torpedo drops that usually happens at lower tier with new players? and unintentional secondary TK? because AI is the one shooting the secondaries.
  14. piaya

    people play the one ship all the time

    Kongou will become a staple in BB line it the fastest BB there at low tier. given that the low tier US BB are going to be utterly slow and have lower range below 15km.