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  1. yobbo1972

    MM like this

    don't forget you have to play 20 battles at tier 8 before the new MM kicks in these 20 battles get reset every time the sever gets reset. so every week you will have to play the 20 battles before the new Mm kicks in. just remember that
  2. yobbo1972

    15 game losing streak

    don't forget 2 days out of 7 you wont get above 50% win rate anyways
  3. yobbo1972

    Chance of French destroyer containers

    isnt it good that other companies are talking about banning loot boxes as it is a form of gambling and the chance to win is so very low.
  4. yobbo1972

    WG Buff CV plz

    CV are ok as they are now leave CV alone
  5. yobbo1972

    French Event currencies and rewards

    the best way to do this is to use CO-OP battles as it is quicker and best chance to win the battle to be able get the tokens but if you haven't got all the ships then you not going to get enough tokens to get all the bundles.
  6. yobbo1972

    demount all flags and cammo

    makes it easier to keep track off all the flags and camos one has instead of going and looking at each ship when you have 200-300+ ships
  7. yobbo1972

    demount all flags and cammo

    hello is there anyway you could add to the game a way that allows players to demount all flags and camo on all ships and then break it up into tiers and classes etc basically its the same system that you use for the ship carousel but it allows players to do it for the flags and camos instead. thanks
  8. yobbo1972

    Improvements NEEDED to be made

    yes the standard of player in this game is really poor compared to what it use to be. something needs to be done to improve the standard of player because most of the good players have left the game
  9. yobbo1972

    An unusual Sunday

    yep but maybe yours is a little different? as you had a above 50% win day in between the 2 bad days ? mine is always 2 days in a row that is under 50% win rate.
  10. yobbo1972

    OCD question

    prob better off just getting a new captain and starting again, once you have all the 19 point captains that you require for the tech tree ships for that class of ship.
  11. yobbo1972

    Early Release Ship Excess XP

    yeah ,what they said
  12. yobbo1972

    Why is this mission even a thing?

    yeah its a sill mode but it still counts towards your win rate does it not?
  13. why haven't I got this collection in my account???
  14. at lest you have the motherland collection it hasn't even shown up on my account???
  15. yobbo1972

    An unusual Sunday

    2 days out of 7 you wont be able to get a win rate above 50% this is why the game is rigged and I will never spend money on this game ever again in the 4 years I have been playing this game the same thing happens every week, its always 2 days in a row but always different days each week the server gets a reset every Thursday and some time during the 7 days, 2 of those days will be the "no win above 50% days". I am experiencing my first day of no wins above 50% today and it will be the same tomorrow for me