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  1. maybe there's a reason why I did that..... oh wait yes I had you in my team and with in the first 2 min of the battle, you had already started to abuse other players in the team
  2. maybe if you where nicer to your fellow players in battle and just not abuse them every time you play a rank battle, then maybe just maybe you might get more wins. oh and yes I had won 5 in a row in my Yamanto before I got stuck in a battle with you. so every time I see you on my team in rank battles, I will do my best to make sure you lose, until you learn to be nice to other players and not abuse them every battle
  3. yobbo1972

    Royal Navy Capt. Dasha.

    so no point getting any of them if they don't have any special skills then
  4. yobbo1972

    Royal Navy Capt. Dasha.

    does she have any special skills as a commander then?
  5. yobbo1972

    [PSA] Dunkirk on Netflix

    didn't think much of that movie at all was not impressed at all in how they did it
  6. the standard rank player is totally crap they have no idea at all. In fact random battles has a better standard player than what rank does. players have no idea or clue at all in how to play rank, or how to position their ships, or how to defend a cap, or how to stay alive, or how to, or when to push, when they out number the enemy in a sector of the damn map if you players have no idea wtf you are doing then just don't play rank as you are making your self look bad as a noob player. the players who have no idea in how to play rank, you are only embarrassing your self by playing rank, just give up on rank pls and let those who know how to play do it
  7. I know what you mean I am playing DDs as well and getting middle of the pack XP
  8. im not saying you do it every map its only a few maps where u can do it on
  9. yobbo1972

    Useless kharma system

    so they tell me
  10. 2 on each team and no its not best to send them apart always, as it depends on the map being played. on some maps 1 cap you can easily get without needing to send 1 DD to each cap . some maps you only need the BB or CA to get the cap where 2 DD can easily kill a single enemy DD and thus put your team up in ships and gives you the advantage.
  11. but stuff it ill rant about rank on here anyways Ok this goes out to all the idiots and moron rank players, who report players on your own team. all you are doing is making yourself look bad, just because you are a inept player and don't understand how rank works. just because players don't do as u command them to do, doesn't give you the right to go and report them for no reason what so ever. ( makes you look like a fool and a noob player) If you report players in rank then you need to grow up and get a brain because in the end you are only making yourself look bad. each map plays a certain way and if you don't understand that 2 DDs going to the same cap is better than 1 DD going to 2 different caps, when one cap is out of reach for the enemy ships in the first place, makes u a total noob as a player (yeah you know who im talking about) also the game is controlled by RNG and you will lose because RNG says you will lose, so remember that you cant win every battle and when its your 50% day or the ship you are using is on its losing run then you will lose, so no point having a sook about it and reporting other players when the game is programed to lose anyways. grow up and stop reporting players because as I said it only makes you look like the fool and noob player as they say karma doesn't do anything anyways so no point in reporting players when it does nothing.
  12. oh bugga you beat me to the rant about rank battles
  13. yobbo1972

    Useless kharma system

    hell yeah
  14. yobbo1972

    Thank WG for deleting my tokens

    well it suxs when life comes first
  15. yobbo1972

    Useless kharma system

    BUT I love ranting about karma...…….. I see my post has had most replies tho hahaha