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  1. yobbo1972


    well that's to be expected when noobs and potato players coming back to the game since they gave away 14 days of premium not only that, you then add in the covid-19 and all the bad players jump online who have no idea how to play the game and spoil it for everyone else so well done WG so glad I don't spend money on this game cuz I know I would be pissed spending money on a game that has the worst players, playing it in every battle then u put RNG in the mix and the game isn't worth playing while this BS is going on so screw you WG I will never spend another cent on your game as it is its been 18 months since I last spent anything on your over controlled rigged game.
  2. yobbo1972

    I had fun in ranked

    that's because its your less than 50% win rate day . meaning you wont get above 50% win rate hence why you won 8 and lost 9 battles today and yesterday was my less than 50% win rate days even flambass has days where he cant get above 50% win rate if you don't believe me go and check out his stats on the EU server and u will see days where he cant get above 50%
  3. yobbo1972

    What do we actually want?

    get rid of the 50% days, meaning u wont get above a 50% win for 2 days in a row. improve RNG where it is balance for both teams and not favour one side over the other
  4. yobbo1972

    DDs very frustrating to play now

    yes WG hates DDs and wont be happy until they are all gone
  5. yobbo1972

    Flambass' Live Tutorials

    it is funny how these guys who are bagging out the CCs don't themselves have good win rates and the super tester must be ashamed of his account as it is hidden hmmm wonder why. but the thing is it doesn't matter how good you try to become you will never beat RNG
  6. yobbo1972

    Rental Perth for Australia Day

    hahaha good one yeah I stopped spending money on the game once I worked out how rigged it is with BS RNG, BS MM, BS set up at the start of battle, BS hand pick teams, yes u get hand pick teams, BS less than 50% days when u cant get a win rate above 50% you forget they are Russians and Russians want to be able to control everything within the game and as a player you have very little say in it. if you can not see this and spend money on the game then I really do feel sorry for you. oh and yes I can afford to spend money on the game if I want to as I work in the mining industry and earn good money. but I will never spend money ever again on this game. as it is it has been over 12 month since I last spent anything.
  7. yobbo1972

    Rental Perth for Australia Day

    umm yeah but this is Russia we are talking about here and they only care about themselves
  8. yobbo1972

    Rental Perth for Australia Day

    yeah we get a rental ship for 3 days and only get a chance to win 1 of 15 if 20,000 battles are played in the ships yes we are small compared to china but gee WG could do better even let us win HMAS Sydney as well would be a better effort compared to this. another reason why I don't spend money on this game oh and today and tomorrow are my less than 50% win rate days, so I wont be playing the game and thus wont get a chance to win anything. yes I have the ship already
  9. well no point in me doing this, as today and tomorrow are my less 50% days, meaning, I won't get above 50% win rate. cuz that's how rigged the game is and yes its been like this since the game went live if u don't believe me then go look at the summary page on the 3rd party stats page and u will see it if u play everyday and yes u need to be at lest a 54% player to notice the less than 50% days so screw you WG you really are the biggest bunch of flogs no wonder I will never spend money on this game ever again
  10. yobbo1972

    Puerto Rico Directives

    yeah its a money grab WG don't give a damn about the players at all just like i don't give a damn about WG and will never spend money on this game ever again.
  11. yobbo1972

    Directives and Other Drama

    its cool
  12. yobbo1972

    Directives and Other Drama

    yeah mate still here just went quiet and stopped trying to tell ppl about WG rigged game and and how much of a rip off it is etc but I guess I don't need to say anything now ppl can see it for themselves I hope you are well and life is good for you
  13. might be better off getting the flint but I do understand how you feel on wanting to get a high tier DD but you just don't see many black DDs around in random battles or coops . and as I said when I do play it, I get hit so easy in smoke but yet I don't get that same issue when I play other DDs . I think that, because players screamed out that black is OP with its raider that WG made it so easy to be hit in smoke to counter the radar
  14. think twice about getting the USA Black DD I have the black and don't play it much because out of all the DDs I have played in this game, the black is by far the most easiest DD to hit in smoke and takes max damage when hit. Even when you are moving in smoke or haven't even fired a shot, the enemy always seem to be able to hit you. I once sat in smoke didn't fire a shot wasn't even spotted when I popped the smoke, but yet I still got hit by a BB that was 16km away from me. if you do get the black take notice at how easy the enemy ships hit you while u are in smoke.
  15. yobbo1972

    Directives and Other Drama

    HAHAHAHAHA hahaha this is good about time everyone started to wake up to WG BS