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  1. yobbo1972

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    haha free ships are always good but just don't want CVs as I don't play them. yeah I will sell it I think or maybe keep it to do co op missions in it only
  2. yobbo1972

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    just got this in ya everyday super container yeah not happy at all about that . but funny how WG are pushing CV that they are even giving them away in a super container that you can get any day of the week and yes I dislike CV a waste of a ship on me for free .
  3. yobbo1972

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    WG know what they are doing. once they make money they will fix it and balance the CVs then the CV players will complain about it all
  4. yobbo1972

    I have a question ...

    yes I know how you feel
  5. Here's the thing about CVs Yes they are OP everyone now knows they are OP, WG knows they are OP, WG wants CVs to be OP, so they can get sales on the premium CVs that are all on sale right now. lets face it, players don't buy rubbish ships ok So WG made CVs OP to get everyone talking about them as they are doing now, so those who like CVs will play them more and see how OP they are and go out and buy the premium CVs that are on sale right now. WG are not dumb, the only thing they care about is making money and they will pull any trick they can to get that money from players. so once they get the sales they want, they will fix the issues with the CVs. it is the player base who has created this problem buy throwing money at WG all the time instead of saying no to WG and not spend cash until the game is fixed and reduce the affect of RNG as well on the battles.
  6. yobbo1972

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    Heres my take on the CVs Yes, they are OP, WG know they are OP, WG want them to be OP, WHY???? so they can sell premium CVs, they are on sale right now as we speak. WG knows players don't buy rubbish ships so make CVs a bit OP wait for the player base to complain about CV being OP, players then start to play more CVs knowing they are OP, then WG brings out premium CVs specials as they have done and once they get the sales they want then they make changes to the CV to keep the player base happy . only thing WG care about is making money and they don't give a damn about the players.
  7. yobbo1972


    But this hot fix isn't going to fix anything anyways, CV will still be broken and still be OP with OP AP bombs etc ships have no counter for planes and yeah they say, stay in a group to defend against planes but that doesn't matter at all, as they will still be able to do damage to you. single ships have no chance against CVs even if fully spec for AA As for DDS lols lols lols what about DDS lols, they cant do a damn thing against CV. if a CV finds you then you are dead, they will just hound you from start to finish until you are dead, even if you are fully spec AA DD it makes no difference at all and doesn't matter what tier you play either. just had 2 battle in a Gremyashchy the enemy had 2 tier 4 CVs in both battles and all the did was hunt me down until I was dead in both battles, in the second battle I fully spec AA my DD with commander skills etc even flags and I shot down 32 planes but still didn't help as both CVS just hunted both of us DDs at A cap and we even had cruisers and a BB at A cap but still didn't help us the CV just kept on attacking us until we was dead and not a damn thing we could do about it. The CV reworked has ruined the game DDs are now not worth playing at all in any tier that has CV in it 2 CVs in any battle at any tier makes DDs redundant. well done WG you are ruining your own game.
  8. yobbo1972


    yep totally agree with you if they cant find a 1 v 1 CV how does increasing it to 2 v 2 going to help??? I think its because MM want to hand pick players and when it cant hand pick players for a battle then it has to increase the numbers per battle to be able to hand pick a team.
  9. yobbo1972

    Should I Instal Back WoWs?

    only in stall the game if u plan on playing co-op only less rage in that game mode.
  10. yobbo1972

    This will be Interesting...

    CV will love the French DDs as they cant hide any where so well done WG
  11. yobbo1972

    Service fee

    reason being that WG want you to buy a premium account so they can make money then you will get more credits, as a premium account gives you more XP and credits so you are able to play tiers 8-10 but you are better off staying at tiers 4-7 to earn credits than playing the higher tiers because ill tell you now tier 10 is not the be all and end all of this game, tier 10s are the worst tier to play as everyone camps and hides behind islands and DDs get screwed over by radar and CVs so don't be in any rush to get to tier 10 so do ya self a favour stay at the lower tiers until you get a heap of credits. as it is I have 338mil in credits
  12. maybe there's a reason why I did that..... oh wait yes I had you in my team and with in the first 2 min of the battle, you had already started to abuse other players in the team
  13. maybe if you where nicer to your fellow players in battle and just not abuse them every time you play a rank battle, then maybe just maybe you might get more wins. oh and yes I had won 5 in a row in my Yamanto before I got stuck in a battle with you. so every time I see you on my team in rank battles, I will do my best to make sure you lose, until you learn to be nice to other players and not abuse them every battle
  14. yobbo1972

    Royal Navy Capt. Dasha.

    so no point getting any of them if they don't have any special skills then