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  1. reduce the affect that RNG has on the game i refuse to spend money because RNG. stop with the BS setups at the start of the battles make it balance and fair.
  2. yobbo1972

    The Extinction of T10 DDs

    so one at WG hates DD simple fact
  3. yobbo1972

    A quick Sprint

    Yes, so many players didn't get the memo about which ships are best for tier 9 rank. its not that hard to look on you tube. so many thinking its like a random battle and need to camp at back of map.
  4. yes respect to this young man for doing what he did so other could live
  5. yobbo1972

    Its almost Christmas....

    yep you got that right when they first did the xmas creates you got 50 camos etc last Christmas it was down to 20 lol just like everything WG do over time they reduce everything so that players then start to spend more money on the game but NOPE WRONG WG i havent spent any money on this game in nearly 3 years and im so happy about that and every time i get screwed over with MM and RNG it just makes me not want to spend money every again lol . so keep up the BS work WG cuz im not buying ever again.
  6. yobbo1972


    i havent spent money on this game in nearly 3 years i will never spend any money this game ever again as WG dont deserve to be paid for a rigged game reduce the costs. reduce the affect RNG has on the game game stop MM handing picking teams, yes MM does pick them some of the times
  7. yobbo1972

    When RNGesus says no. CV left with 1 hp

    i know what you mean. its RNG giving that ship a saving roll because its on low HP it happens all the time and it is BS and shouldn't be allowed ,as that time usually gives that ship time to do enough damage to you to make the rest of the battle harder for you. RNG is total BS as it is . Thats why im so happy not to spend money on a over controlling RNG game.
  8. yobbo1972


    get rid of RNG RNG has way to much say in the out come of battles reduce the effect it has with in the game as -/+ 25% is way top much make MM -/+ 1 make the set ups at the start of battles balance and even with same tier on each side of the map, instead of one team having 3 tier 10s and 1 tier 9 while the other side has 3 tier 8s and 1 tier 9 thats is a BS set up these are just a few reason why i don't spend money on the game when RNG and hand picked MM battles are so rigged
  9. yobbo1972

    Loosing in Chung Mu suddenly

    could just your turn to have poor MM and poor RNG remember the game is run by RNG and MM after all, and player skill doesn't mean much in 75% of the battles you play. 25% of the battles RNG is fair and balanced and a players skill makes a difference in the out come
  10. yobbo1972

    What if Perth had a twin...?

    need commentary when you do ya replays other wise they become boring. like to know what you are thinking etc while playing the battle
  11. yobbo1972

    I can't see the logic here...

    when has WG ever used logic??
  12. yobbo1972

    Soviet Directives

    but you all know that EVEREYONE get a chance to get the ships when they come out in the tech tree?????? don't need to spend money to get the ships and the camo please really WG just trying to suck you guys into spending money on crap.
  13. yobbo1972

    Have you Quit Playing World of Warhsips?

    Good to see the noobs and potato players are even in the forums lol the coward players sitting at the back hiding and doing nothing but being "Boring" lol
  14. yobbo1972

    Have you Quit Playing World of Warhsips?

    ha 2 more players using the "Boring" reaction because they got no idea about the game at all and think the devs have made a honest and well-balanced game and these WG fan boys get blinded by WG bling bling because they are so blinded by the WG spin that you believe in the fairy god mother and Easter bunny is real lol
  15. yobbo1972

    quitting the game

    good to see those ppl using the "Boring" reaction because you know being a fan boy like you are and being blinded by WG bling bling. you have no idea or clue about the game at all and think that the devs are the most honest and truthful people in the world