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  1. Well, another lack of communication from the staff. Theres a current comp to win a free t-shirt, great if you dont want to buy your own shirts and save a quid or two, and to show off your support at WG events, and even at PAX. Entry Period: 1 May 12.00pm to 15 May 12.00pm (UTC+8) Voting Period: 15 May 1:00pm to 21 May 1.00pm (UTC+8) Winners Announcment: 22 May 5.00pm (UTC+8) Enter here Good luck guys and girls.
  2. FPfr0sty

    Language Barriers

    start making friends, join them in a group, it seems the only way to find people whom speak the same language as your own. the plus side to doing that, is you guys can start to co-ordinate your moves and plan on what to do.
  3. so its true then ;) #LoL
  4. FPfr0sty

    Who do you target first

    First one to have all my barrels lined up on, with correction in distance and time to hit.... then I forget I had loaded HE, and not AP...
  5. FPfr0sty


    See it, is what I used im sure of it, like when you pre-order say, diablo 3; did you get access to the beta when you pre-orded, no, you still had to wait for the release date (what a horrid release it was) It was used as a lighter way of giving access to players to play world of warships, and not get too grammatical about such things due to a number of people who's first tongue isn't that of English, and to simplify things. (And you get to keep the 3 items, that the free-to-play people don't get)
  6. FPfr0sty

    Looking for codes

    All four of your posts are asking for codes, and you have been told No, at the going rate, im sure someone high up will notice you, but not to give you a code, but for something else.
  7. FPfr0sty

    Why I Dont Get Cbt code

    Well, I got my code out of randomness, I would like to think anyways, as I never saw myself above other people in wanting codes, as we ALL have been waiting for codes, and wanting to give it a try.And I know is, read up on the dev blogs, get some stats, plan out tactics, heck if you got something in you head that you dont know if its possible, ask on the forums for a current TESTER to try for you, and give you the results, it aint that hard a thing .
  8. FPfr0sty

    Public Release Of World Of Warships

    All games will have bugs and such, this is due to new engines being used, new staff, new concepts, larger worlds, more complex mechanics. Heck, I even got to update Baldurs Gate 1 (I havnt, as I dont play that anymore) Bugs and glitches will be there, and found, as what the creators may think of only how they play, they really cant see how the rest of the community may play, or where and what they may do.
  9. I hate torps, but sometimes my ships just wants to give them a huge hug and let me spectate the rest of the game :|
  10. Yes the codes from back then have been given out and sorted with.. Any moderators or Admins.. I know im not the OP; but may I suggest lock this topic, as it was relating to a comp ages ago, and all winners have their codes,and all in use, rather then have new forum users think this is for the most recent comp... just a #Suggestion
  11. FPfr0sty


    If you buy the pre-orders, you will get a code, see it as buying a game, and get bonuses. (Another topic on wanting to get in :S )
  12. FPfr0sty

    Difference between alpha and beta

    Well, we all tested on the weekend .. (Also I just noticed, am I the only knob who has his picture as his profile pic .. and that was taken this year )
  13. FPfr0sty

    Torpedo nets

    So thats why we got fishing regulations now, not because of the over fishing after the war, but during as well
  14. FPfr0sty

    Wow Forum becoming like WOT forum?

    Lols, I didn't say successful, I was just saying growing up and maturating, just because one is "successful" wouldn't put them in line of growing up oh no, not at all.
  15. Some more info on your laptop maybe of more use, have you tried to get a DxDiag, that gives us more info, ie, driver updates and bios updates that you have, and what year you last updated. from there im sure we can point you to your more current driver downloads. and even bios download.