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  1. 13KDE

    Can't do it

    I have logged in but I'm just sitting here wondering why I logged in? Even my Mikasa or GZ secondary armament isn't cheering me up. I always enjoy the WoWS Xmas event, not this one. I can't even fathom the directives. I was going to try and last 25 days. I think I'm done.
  2. 13KDE

    Farewell, I'm out.

    Happy trails my friend. I'm out in 25 days! As soon as premium time is done so am I!
  3. 13KDE

    State of Community vs wg

    Shame on you WG! I was just in an obviously rigged match. I will be playing for 27 days once that premium time is gone so am I. I walked from WoT/WoWP for 6 years? I only came back because a colleague recommended WoWS. SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!
  4. 13KDE

    WG : Sorry, but no Sorry

    It's hot where I live, can''t do much between 9 and 3. I usually take time off over Xmas and settle down to watch the cricket or play games. I would look forward to seeing what WG put out for the Xmas. Yeh, looks like I have some extra free time to snooze because that event and dockyard can go jump.
  5. 13KDE

    Directives and Other Drama

    Malik can suck a chode!!!
  6. 13KDE

    Puerto Rico, time to abandon ship

    Sooo...do we all go #FreeHongKong on WoWS and not play?
  7. 13KDE

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.11

    My first reaction to the New Year 2020 event and directives was initially that someone had bumped the keyboard and added zeros to everything. Then it was like being 'performance punished' at work, '13KDE is hammering their work load. Let's increase it...' Counter productive type of situation.
  8. 13KDE

    To those who want #PaytoRico

    ...so many memes'....must resist urge to post meme
  9. 13KDE

    One day rental Arizona?

    Well, I had a go. It's like someone strapped guns to an obese whale and went 'Yup, that works!'
  10. One day rental Arizona? Really?
  11. 13KDE

    Any Black Friday Sales?

    Some Black Friday sales have already started. Just checking, no need to get testy.
  12. Any Black Friday sales happening? Are you making me wait until Friday gets here?
  13. 13KDE

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch...which means nothing comes free, there is usually conditions attached. I agree on the bots, but is NA any better/worse? *shrugs*
  14. 13KDE

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    What's WG motive for offering free NA move? Apply TANSTAAFL.
  15. 13KDE

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    That's a nope from me. If WG follows through, I'm done. Not going back to high ping servers.