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  1. Sulwind

    Server Down?

    Anyone know when the server will be up?
  2. Sulwind

    Can't connect to server

    Is the server up or not???......I cant login!!!
  3. Sulwind

    Critical Error!!

    Hi Guys , need some help when I launch into battles, game freezes/locks up and then I get this error message. Anyone got any idea on how to fix this?? Cheers Sulwind
  4. Sulwind

    Yamato - K117 Camo

    aahhh! got it, thxs :)
  5. Sulwind

    Yamato - K117 Camo

    Hi Guys, I have recently completed HS fleet collection and was looking for the K117 camo which is the reward for completion, it appears in my inventory, but its not available for selection on my Yamato, any ideas??
  6. how is this possible 2 x first bloods in the one game...?? were approx. 10 sec apart
  7. Sulwind

    Aftvent Calendar

    How do I know which Days I haven't completed???.....currently on 14/15 having completed Day 20?
  8. yeah I saw something similar today!
  9. Sulwind

    Help Please - Critical Error Message

    hey Mattercore, Thxs, have followed your instruction etc....now unfortunately I get the following [see image]. I have run repair and still have problem.....running out of ideas :(
  10. Sulwind

    Help Please - Critical Error Message

    Here is pix of folder, as you can see I don't have this file to delete, I have completely reinstalled game (x3) yet this file doesn't seem to exist?? I install game on an older laptop not suited to playing WoWs and the file is there!? I'm running Windows 10 (recently updated), Nvidia 930, i7, 2.6Ghz, 8 Gig RAM etc.
  11. Sulwind

    Help Please - Critical Error Message

    I have searched for this file with extensions enabled and still cant find it! I have all file/folder as shown in your attachment except 'preference.xml'
  12. Sulwind

    Help Please - Critical Error Message

    I've search entire comp HD and this file cant be found anywhere, I've reinstall complete game so not sure what problem is, I've never had this before! so so frustrating!!!
  13. Sulwind

    Help Please - Critical Error Message

    Hi, Thanks, I have searched for file 'preference.xml' its doesn't exist in any folder, also tried >>> check >>> repair etc... still no joy Are there any other things to try to fix this??
  14. After a recent Windows 10 update, WoWs launcher is failing to load game, I get the attached critical error message instead, does anyone know what this is and how to fix it. Thinking it was a game related problem I uninstalled WoWs and reinstalled it, same problem still exist. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Cheers Sulwind.
  15. Sulwind

    Type 18 Camo not working

    oh, ok thxs !