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  1. You're using an exception to illustrate a general rule. Yes, I can Eurobeat my way out of some impossible spreads too, anticipate the attack, hard rudder, kill the throttle. But in general BB are supposed to get hit by torpedoes fired at them, it's the price of their heavy armor and guns, they don't have the speed to dodge.
  2. Appreciate the responses. And yes, I agree that BB class has the least amount of agency. A CV has the most. But if I wanted to play an RTS, I'd play an RTS. As for DD and CA... not interested cause I just don't really find them all that cool tbh. It just doesn't have that wow factor for me. Playing in a division would definitely improve things for sure, but I don't like to rely on others. That's the beauty of tank games, your performance isn't super dependent on teammate performance. If you're overextended, you can kempbush, if you're ambushed, you can angle armor, if you're being shot by ninja tank, you can take cover. You will never be stuck in a position of 100% helplessness, like you are if you're a BB and there's a IJN DD nearby who knows what he's doing. Unless you have a plane or an ally, you will die, no way to hide, no way to run.
  3. Yeah, of course 100% is an exaggeration, but you have to admit it's close. The point I'm trying to make here is that both scenarios deliver a sense of total helplessness to the player on the receiving side. And it's not just between a BB and a CV. The Rock Paper Scissor mechanic prevails through all the classes. BB sealclub cruisers DD sealclub (ninja torp) BB Cruisers sealclub DD CV sealclub everything at range Everything sealclub CV up close I realize it's not 100% like this, but I think we can generally agree this is the core meta. This is what I mean when I say the player has no agency. If he's forced into an engagement with the rock to his scissor, he's completely, and if he's in the slower ship, he can't even run away.
  4. Very true, very true. And I think WoWS will continue to grow. It's more slow paced than WoT and the community is far less toxic (at least for now). But the reliance on a RPS system makes the player feel helpless when they're on the receiving end of it, which is not what people play games to feel (unless we're talking about survival horror games).
  5. I've tried very hard to like this game as it is a very well made game, far better than War Thunder and even WoT. But after a week I've come to realize why it's not as popular as the tank games: it's pure rock-paper-scissors, and the player has very little agency or independence due to the over-reliance on teamwork. I've only played the BBs so far (I have no interest in playing another class, I'm not all too into ships to begin with) but it's clear to me that engagements have predetermined outcomes. If I catch a CV in the open, he's 100% dead. If a CV catches me out with his torpedo bombers, I am 100% dead. And who catches whom out is determined by the movement of the team, a BB can never survive any distance away from the herd. In other words, I feel no sense of agency in this game. The only times when I feel like I'm in control is when I get to fight other BB or CA on an equal footing without a massive disparity in numbers either way. Apologies if this seems like a rant. I'm not saying this is a bad game, just that it doesn't allow solo players (in BB at least) to feel like they're in control of their fate.
  6. It's 9K XP, it's only 80K XP to the Gneisenau, which is the smexy ship I really want... But I doubt I'll get it to play it the way I want to given how gun shy this server seems to be...
  7. Yeah, as I noted in the OP, the SEA server is quite unique in that players are quite shy about knife-fighting and prefer to snipe while sailing around in circles. I've found the best strategy is simply not to chase them. If they don't want to engage me, I just let them be. It seems like passive play, but I've been caught out of position far too many times already to make that mistake. This is really my biggest gripe about WoWS over WoT and War Thunder so far, the game forces you to herd up, at least if you're in a BB. I suppose the story is different for DD and CV. If there are CVs in play, straying more than a few kilometers from the herd results in you getting massacred by torpedo bombers dropping within 1.5km of you, impossible to dodge even if you anticipate it with full rudder and empty throttle, you always eat one or two.
  8. People pull out their stats when they don't have an actual logical argument. It's the old "yeah... well... you just suck so there!" Anyway, I think a dynamic MM spread to accommodate for player numbers throughout the day and week is the best way to go. But as I said before, it's something only the SEA and NA servers have to worry about, EU and RU populations are huge and can easily do +/- 1 all day long. RU can probably do +/- 0 with no issues.
  9. I'm pretty disappointed with the Bayern. The Konig had impressive accuracy and 2 more guns. It was worth it to upgrade its FKS to squeeze some range out of it. Now I'm wondering if there's any point at all to spending 9K XP on the FKS upgrade when I can't seem to hit the broadside of an iceberg beyond 10km anyway. As far as I can see, FKS doesn't improve accuracy right? It just makes the wild shots go farther, right? Also... unrelated, but does anyone else feel like brawler ships with abysmal accuracy are sub-optimal on this server? SEA players seem shy about closing with the enemy, which always leaves me by my lonesome tanking shots in my bow and trying to get into secondary range...
  10. Exactly. When you consider other popular MOAB games, the idea of fighting higher tiered opponents on a regular basis becomes a little silly. While it's not possible with WoWS smaller population, WoT on the RU and EU servers could easily go to a +/- 0 tier MM spread and still have instantaneous MM with no wait times. Why WG doesn't do this is beyond me really.
  11. Are you for real? Assuming you are, please, do enlighten me as to how widening the MM spread improves the player experience.
  12. I think the better question is why shells aren't relative to the lateral movement of the ship they're fired from. The game isn't meant to be realistic. It's ultimately an arcade game.
  13. I think it's fairly clear from this thread people prefer 1 tier spread over 2 (all else being equal)... which is unsurprising considering basic human sanity. You do too; you won't admit it of course because this is the internet and everyone is super unicum. Thank you for reiterating your stats. I'm partially blind so I didn't see them in your giant e-peen signature.
  14. Because you're not the only person who plays this game. I'm sure every single player of WoWS has things they would like to see changed in the game. If we had a game mode for every single one of these player types so that they're "allowed to play what they like to play", we wouldn't have enough people to form teams. We all have to compromise a little so the MM can form teams quickly. The majority of players play Random Battles, almost exclusively, so narrowing the MM spread to 1 tier benefits the greatest number of players.
  15. I get the low population issue. Easy to way resolve it is to turn off Co-Op mode after a player has exceeded 200 or so battles in any mode. Best solution is simply to make MM flexible. As in making +/- 1 tier when it can, but capable of going +/- 2 tiers when it needs to due to low population.