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  1. Biggusdoggus

    Feedback thread for CV rework test round 2

    TBH, I found this round of testing far less enjoyable than the first round. Hard to pin point exactly why, but some of the things I really didn't like: AA fire - I just kept getting wiped out. And this was reinforced when I was playing as a DD - in one battle with (I think) a T8, I completely destroyed two flights of torpedo aircraft in just a few seconds. On my own - in a destroyer. And as previously mentioned, with the Japanese CV, after lining up my torpedo aircraft on a battleship, while getting massacred, only two of my planes actually launched torpedoes???? So around I went again, lost more planes, launched two more, rinse and repeat. And even after scoring a number of hits I had maybe taken half his HP - probably not even that. I'm afraid it was hard to find improvements - the negatives just made me sad. Especially since you still can't manually control your CV while you have aircraft up.
  2. Biggusdoggus

    Can't connect to CV TST server

    Thanks for that. It wouldn't have hurt for them to actually say that we wouldn't be able to log on until after that update. Implying it isn't enough, clearly!!! Lol.
  3. Biggusdoggus

    When a bundle doesn't include what it says it does

    I agree. I went back to them saying I completely disagreed with their argument, making the point that "Earn two permanent camos..." is nothing like "You MAY earn two permanent camos...". I got the stock "Sorry for the disappointment...." and, you have to laugh at this, "we can only hope that despite any negative experiences you have had that you continue to enjoy playing World of Tanks Blitz..." So I closed the ticket and have moved on with my life (my therapist is confident I can do so, at least) as I am clearly not going to make any impact on them.
  4. Biggusdoggus

    When a bundle doesn't include what it says it does

    Thanks guys. That makes me feel a little better, at least. In the end, they're not budging, I'm not getting any permanent camos. Will make me think twice about any future packages I may buy, that's for sure!
  5. Biggusdoggus

    When a bundle doesn't include what it says it does

    Hold on - read what you have just posted. You have highlighted the word "random", which is fine, but immediately after that it says "collectible". So, it still says earn two perm camos with a Big Container holding a random collectible...!
  6. Hi all I'm after a consensus please. I bought a "Return of the Collection Bundle", primarily because I wanted the two permanent camos it says it includes. The specific wording of it (which you can see in the premium shop yourselves in the special offers) is "Earn two permanent camos with a Big Collection Container...". I spent my money, and received a bunch of random flags and a couple of temporary camos. No permanent camos. So I logged a ticket. The first response I got was that I can't trade what I receive in random packages. Since they had clearly missed the point, I responded saying I didn't want to trade, I just wanted what I had paid for. Their latest (and, most likely, final) response was "The Return of the Collection bundle is consists of 5 Bismarck boxes. It does not include 2 permanent camos as you claimed. It says "Earn two permanent camos with a Big Collection Container.." As description indicated, you may earn two permanent camos from those containers. It does not indicate that the bundle includes two permanent camos." So..... Am I completely off base here? I would like to think I have a pretty good grasp of the english language - when a description says "Earn" something, I expect to get it. And their final response reinforces that - saying that "earning" something means that you "MAY earn something" completely contradicts itself. In my view, "earning" something DOES indicate that it includes something. Begin...